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A Guide to Happiness by Alan Shein

Retail: $22.95
Our Price: $15.95
A Guide to Happiness by Alan Shein

A Guide to Happiness by Alan Shein

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Retail: $22.95
Our Price: $15.95
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A Guide to Happiness by Alan Shein

For many years, Alan Shein has helped people overcome their issues and achieve their goals. His clients asked him to write a book. He listened, and in his unique style, he combined text with visuals to produce an effective, reader-friendly work.

A GUIDE TO HAPPINESS Offers a Clear and Concise Chapter for Each Specific Topic.

With the warmth and wisdom of a good friend this book is your quick and convenient go-to for help in dealing with:
  • anxiety
  • fears
  • anger
  • stress
  • confidence and motivation
  • and a host of other issues

Read notes from the author, Alan Shein

"A Guide to Happiness" Professionals are saying....

"This to-the-point book has something positive and constructive for everybody looking for help with their personal issues and life in general. Every home will benefit by having a copy of this book."
Dr. David Bortz, M.D., F.A.C.P.
Associate Professor of Medicine
University of California San Diego

"Alan Shein has combined a variety of ideas from various disciplines, and has written a useful self-improvement book designed to help the reader with quick and simple techniques to calm the mind and reduce the stresses associated with modern day living."
Dr. Dana L. Mendel PhD
Licensed Clinical Psychologist
La Jolla, California

"Just as adults need tools for life, so do children. Although this book was written with adults in mind, in it parents will find tools and valuable life lessons to give their children."
Sheila Baghbeh
Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
San Diego, California

"Many useful topics are covered in this book. I'm using some of its techniques to increase calm in my life."

"This book is a gift for everyone. I am already on the road to an improved and happier self."

"Easy-to-read with practical techniques for a happier life. Gems on every page. I loved the illustrations."

Product Reviews

(4.86) 7 raters

A unique book. - Anonymous

An easy read.Effective tools and techniques. - Anonymous

Easy to read and practical suggestions to deal with every day life challenges. - Anonymous

For the way it is presented, and the helpful information it contains, at $15.95, A Guide to Happiness is an absolute bargain! A wonderful self-help an. - Anonymous

A simple book with so many practical suggestions. -

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Read the Foreward by Dr. David Bortz

For those wanting a sensible, effective and efficient approach to dealing with life’s stressors, this is a helpful book that gets to the heart of helping to resolve many of life’s everyday issues.
Light, refreshing and on target, the content in each chapter comes across with clarity and a feeling of genuine care for the reader. For quick and easy reference the author has placed each of the many categories addressed into its own self-contained chapter.
Many chapters have illustrations. The combination of the author’s writings and the visuals he conceptualized and directed is a welcome element to the self-improvement and motivation category; furthermore it is bound to enhance the reading experience and effectiveness of this book.
As a physician, I find that the majority of my patients’ problems are caused or aggravated by anxiety and related disorders. I see this book helping to speed up their progress in dealing with these issues.
People today are often pressed for time and want to make progress as fast as possible — they want easy-to-apply techniques and they want them now!
Alan’s direct, easy to follow tools and techniques can quickly be put into practice. I have recommended him to my patients for years to work through their anxieties, stress, diminished self-confidence, phobias, habits and sleeping difficulties. I have to believe that this book will also contribute to decreasing stress in the workplace leading to higher productivity and calmer spaces.
Finally, I recommend that medical practitioners and allied health professionals have a copy of this book, not just to suggest to patients, but to help themselves in dealing with the stress of running a practice.

Dr. David Bortz
M.D., F.A.C.P.
Associate Professor of Medicine
University Of California, San Diego