Monthly Pill Organizer & Instant Daily Dispenser

Tab-Tote Classic Large 30 Day

Tab-Tote Classic Large 30 Day

Tab-Tote Classic Large 30 Day

Retail: $39.00
Our Price: $36.00
Brand: Endurance Products
Product Code: TAB1000
Type of purchase:   One-time purchase
Every 30 days
Every 60 days
Every 90 days

Product Details

The Tab-Tote will help you stay organized and keep track of your daily doses.
It holds your medication for up to one month, and has generous compartments labeled 1 through 30 for each day of the month.

Use your Tabtote for your once-a-day dose for 30 days,for your morning & evening dose, filling it twice a month, or use the two sets of 15 compartments for different medications.

Tab-Tote Features:

*1 month (30 days) medication organizer and vitamin dispenser
*Dispenses multiple pills daily in seconds
*Makes traveling with your medicine simple and easy
*Forward only movement for consistent daily dosing
*Compartments can be labeled so you wont risk under/over medicating
*See through lid for easy dose verification
*Child safety lock feature
*UV protection for sensitive pills
*Spill proof opening

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