Sun Oven for Solar Cooking

Retail: $349.00
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Sun Oven for Solar Cooking

Sun Oven for Solar Cooking

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Retail: $349.00
Our Price: $298.00
Brand: Sun Ovens International
Product Code: SUN1000
SKU: SUN1000
Shipping Weight: 30.00 pounds
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Product Details

Sun Oven

  • Eco-friendly way to cook your food that is safe and healthy.
  • You don't need to use electricity, gas, charcoal or propane.
  • You retain all the nutrients in your food.
  • Easy transportation with this compact, light portable stove.
  • Cooking is made very easy.
  • You never have to worry about burning your food.
  • Use the power of the sun to cook, bake, dehydrate, or boil foods.
  • Make delicious sun-baked foods and save on fuel and money - all you need is direct sunlight
  • When used correctly it can reach temperatures of 360° to 400° F in as little as 20 minutes.
  • Folds up easily and is easy to carry.
You can use your sun oven in many different ways:
- cook everyday in your backyard,
- use at picnics,
- great to use when out on a camping trip, or
- if need be, during a power failure or any unplanned emergency


You don't need a flame to cook.
There is no risk of burning your food.
You can save money on gas and electricity.
You are prepared in case of an emergency.

Sun Oven features:

  • Totally Safe - No Danger of Fire.
  • As Portable as a Small Suitcase - Only 22 lbs!
  • Slow cook or cook similar to conventional stove tops or ovens.
  • Built in Thermometer
  • Inside is made of Food Grade Fiberglass
  • Reaches Temperatures of 360° to 400° Fahrenheit.
  • Easy sun-track indicators
  • Extra thick Ultra White Transparent Glass
  • Bake, Boil, or Steam Foods - Boil or Pasteurize Water.
  • Dehydrate Fruits, Vegetables, or Jerky.
  • Built sturdy for Years of Trouble Free Use.
  • 20% larger than prior model SUN OVENS
  • American made
Sample Cook Times
Beef Roast, 2.5 lbs = 1 hour, 20 minutes
Baked Chicken, 3 lbs = 1 hour, 30 minutes
Bread = 45 minutes
Rice = 40 minutes
Chocolate Cake = 35 minutes

Sun Oven Uses:
Cook on a daily basis outside
Use for camping, picnics, barbeques and more.
Use in any situation of unplanned emergency

Size and Weight of the Sun Oven
Size: 19"x19" with an average depth of 11"
Weight: Weighs only 22 pound

The Sun Oven folds up for easy carrying.
Ships in one large box, which weighs approximately 30 pounds.

SUN OVENS® can also be used in a variety of other ways including:
  • Sprout foods
  • Make sun tea
  • Boil or pasteurize water
  • Sanitize dishes
  • Naturally dehydrate fruits, vegetables and meats
  • Heat water for a sponge bath
  • Kill infestations in grains or dried foods
  • Dry firewood

Product Reviews

(5.00) 3 raters

We used this to cook vegetables and it was completely effortless. - Anonymous

The sun oven was great to have on our camping trip. - Sheryl

The recipes book that came with the oven really helped me a lot. - Anonymous

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Why is the SUN OVEN® the world’s most widely used solar oven?
People have used the sun to cook their food for centuries. Sun oven has taken a concept that has been around for many generations and combined it with not only using the most effective materials available but also using a design with many features that take the hassle out of solar cooking.

Why do I get the best value for my money with Sun Oven?
SUN OVEN® will reach temperatures which are 75 to 100 degrees hotter than when compared with most homemade cookers and knockoffs.
(Consistently reaches temperatures of 360 to 400 Degrees Fahrenheit)
On a partly cloudy day most solar cookers cannot cook whereas the Sun Oven® can. There only needs to be enough sun to cast a shadow to use a Sun Oven® however, full sunlight is required for the others.

You are able to use a wide variety of pots and pans that you may already own in the Sun Oven®. This includes cast iron Dutch Ovens and stoneware. In other solar cookers you can only use dark enamel pots.
Sun Ovens have been around and on the market since 1986. They are designed to last for 15 years when used daily in developing countries and an impressive 20+ years in the USA. In the past 28 years they have been put to long term tests with daily use in rough environments in more than 130 countries around the world.

Sun Ovens costs less per meal than any other type of solar cooker because of its long life and also becasue you are able to cook on partly cloudy days.
There is no movement of air in a Sun Oven. This permits food to stay moist, tender and full of flavor. Sun-baked roasts are more tasty and more succulent.
You are able to bake bread in a Sun Oven on a partly cloudy day. You will find that most solar cookers don't get hot enough to bake bread, and even if they can, full sun is required. Sun-baked bread has unparalleled taste and texture. The aroma of food sunning itself in a Sun Oven will definitely please your senses.

Sun Ovens are the only solar cooking devices that allows you to cook quickly or cook slowly. Other Solar cookers are only able to cook slowly.
There are two ways to cook in a Sun Oven:
(a) If it is refocused every 25 to 30 minutes, the temperature will remain higher and the cooking time will be less.
(b) If you use the Sun Oven as a slow cooker, a meal can be put in the oven in the morning and the oven can be placed where the sun will be at mid-day and the meal will slow cook throughout the day and be ready whenever you want to have dinner.

Sun Ovens have been proudly made in the United States for the past 28 years. All of the component parts used in the Sun Ovens are made in the USA with the exception of the thermometer.

From every Sun Oven bought in the U.S.A a portion of the proceeds goes to help with work in third world countries all around the world.
Sun Oven may also be used as a solar dryer or dehydrator in addition to cooking.
The SUN OVEN® is very user friendly