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Tanalbit 60 caps Intensive Nutrition

Retail: $29.95
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Tanalbit 60 caps Intensive Nutrition

Tanalbit 60 caps Intensive Nutrition

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Retail: $29.95
Our Price: $24.95
Brand: Intensive Nutrition
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Product Details

Tanalbit 60 caps from Intensive Nutrition

  • Tanalbit is a powerful anti-fungal that restores normal gastro-intestinal function
  • Its unique plant tannin chemistry eliminates harmful yeast, fungus and bacteria in even the hardest to reach places.
  • We recommend choosing Tanalbit as a safe and effective alternative that has shown good results for over 20 years now.

Tanalbit by Intensive Nutrition is a plant tannin formula that treats many gastrointestinal problems.

It normalizes yeast, fungal and bacterial gastrointestinal levels. It also reduces gas, bloating, cramping, and diarrhea at the same time.

These are symptoms that are often associated with pathogenic overgrowth.

Ultimately Tanalbit is able to decrease debilitating fatigue, instances of food intolerance or allergenic responses and also remove toxic substances.

These plant tannins also provides natural antioxidant protection due to the high levels of proanthocyanidins from its condensed plant tannins.

Why is Tanalbit better than other plant tannins?

  • Tanalbit is more effective, compared to other formulas, because it travels deeply into the small intestine and colon and it is able to eliminate deep-rooted pathogenic colonies.
  • Stomach acids sometimes destroy other formulas before they even have a chance to work.
  • Tanalbit does not contribute to Herxheimer reactions or die-off.
  • Fortunately, yeast, fungus and bacterial organisms do not build up a resistance to Tanalbit.

Product Reviews

(5.00) 3 raters

I started taking it but I was very leery. -

Tanalbit has helped my candida symptoms more than any other supplement I have taken - I built up to therapeutic doses slowly and stayed with that fo. -

after my trip to the mountains i catch a virus or something so i started to take tanalbit which is great to restore my intestinal function. -

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