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  • Magnify the strength of your probiotics
  • Just add to water - no taste, no odor
  • Reduce inflammation and help repair gut damage
  • Made from PHGG Partially Hydrolyzed Guar Gum that is guaranteed to have no side effects like Inulin & FOS or feed bad bacteria.

Perfect Pass Probiotic 30 caps

Retail: $49.95
Our Price: $44.95
Perfect Pass Probiotic 30 caps

Perfect Pass Probiotic 30 caps

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Retail: $49.95
Our Price: $44.95
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Product Details

Perfect Pass Probiotic ends probiotics' many arguments ... Which strains are best? How much do you need? Do they survive digestion? Do they colonize the intestinal tract? Are they native to your gut? Do they need refrigeration? And are they backed by real science?

Perfect Pass Probiotics contain the three species of Bacillus endospore scientifically proven to:

  • Improve the ratio of good to bad bacteria
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Aid in digestion
  • Helps control SIBO
  • 30% positive shift in good bacteria in a 6 week period
  • 40% increase in short chain fatty acids

In fact, two of the Bacillus endospore species (Bacillus Subtilis and Bacillus Clausii) are prescription probiotics in Europe and Asia and have been for over 60 years!

The vast majority of solid probiotic research has occurred in just the past 3 years with the conclusion of the largest consortium of scientific research on the human gut ecology called Human Microbiome Project

The scientific conclusion is very clear. The health of the human gut and the prevention of disease is dependent on a healthy DIVERSITY of all microbiota not just Lactobacillus or Bifidobacteria species.

Read Why Perfect Pass Probiotics Don't Include Lactobacillus and Bifidus Species.

Bacillus Spore Strains in Perfect Pass Probiotics

In order to correct the dysbiosis (high ratio of bad bacteria in the gut) and heal the inflammation that leads to IBS, crohn's, colitis, pouchitis, SIBO, leaky gut and more you must create a diverse, healthy ratio of good bacteria.

There are between 500 and 1000 strains of microorganisms in the average persons intestinal tract. We now know that typical probiotic supplements that contain Lactobacillus and Bifidobacteria do not create better diversity, do not improve the ratio between good and bad and do not survive stomach acids and digestion in sufficient numbers.

The only beneficial microorganisms proven to do all this and more are the Bacillus endospore species found in Perfect Pass Probiotic.

Suggested Use:

Adults and children over 10 take 1 capsule per day with food (at any time)
Children under 10 take one half capsule per day. Capsule can be opened and added to food or drink.

Advanced Use:

Is suggested for customers with chronic conditions that may require 2 capsules per day.

One capsule of Perfect Pass Probiotic human strain bacillus formula provides a therapeutic amount that exceeds the number of these bacillus strains present in your gut. Therefore, one per day is sufficient to ensure growth that produces short chain fatty acids that encourages diversity.

3 Good Reasons to use Perfect Pass Probiotics

Please Note:
The bacillus strain formula is contained in its own endospore which ensures a 100% survival rate through stomach and bile acid environments.

Perfect Pass Probiotic Ingredients:

*One billion CFUs of each strain
*3 billion cells per capsule
Bacillus subtilis HU58
Bacillus clausii
Bacillus coagulans

Other ingredients: Cellulose
Perfect Pass Probiotic is a vegetable capsule.

Does not contain gluten, milk, wheat, soy, yeast, peanuts, corn or animal products.

If you are pregnant, nursing or have a medical condition, consult your physician before taking this product.

Why Choose Perfect Pass Probiotics?

  • Vibrant Gut Flora
  • Efficient Digestion
  • Healthy Immune Function
  • Gain Energy
  • Optimal Nutrient Absorption
  • Gentle Detox

Product Reviews

(4.91) 11 raters

only found out about the benefits of spore strains recently - this is the way to go! 1 small capsule 1 x daily - its made such a difference to my dige. - Anonymous

This probiotic was recommended by a friend. - Anonymous

Finally, a probiotic that really works. - Anonymous

This a superior healing product! The Customer Service is outstanding! Not just fast shipping, one on one conversions with Tammy! She is kind, professi. - Lizz

This probiotic has been so effective. - Ava

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More about Bacillus Endospore Probiotics

  • Perfect Pass Probiotics are made up of 3 bacillus strains.
  • These strains were chosen because they are most widely studied strains for the best results.
  • The bacillus strains are only in the digestive system for a short while.
  • When they go in they are able to reproduce and colonize. They also police the intestines and then they leave.
  • While they are in the digestive tract they are able to change the pH as well as fight pathogenic infections and as well as that, they produce nutrients.
  • They encourage an environment that promotes the growth of the inborn, endogenous species that are resident in the gut.
  • This it the only probiotic formula that has been able to show a 30% increase in the native population.
  • The bacillus strains come from the environment and are recognized by the body because they are human strain.

I have been taking the Perfect Pass Probiotic and have noticed occasional dark specks like pepper in the capsule's white power. Is this normal?

Yes, that is totally normal. The strains used in Perfect Pass are 100% natural, direct extracts from fermentation with no fillers added and certainly no colorants added. Fermentation powders tend to have variation in color and even odor sometimes and biology is never pure white.
When you see pure white powders they are typically mixed with a filler to homogenize color and even bleached or whitened to give a uniform, white colors.
As you know, there isn't much in nature that is pure white, certainly not anything with bacteria. So those specs are just a natural part of the raw fermentation extract.

Can Perfect Probiotic be used to help detox? and how about heavy metal detox?

The strains in Perfect Pass Probiotics are very important during detox, even heavy metal detox. They improve the barrier function of the gut, which helps minimize heavy metals from leaking into the circulatory system. They support the liver and gall bladder by increasing short chain fatty acids, which is very important during detox. They are not harmed in any way by the detox process, they in fact help the body deal with the stress of detox.

Does Perfect Pass Probiotic End Probiotics' Many Arguments ...

  • Which strains are best? Bacillus Endospore strains
  • How much do you need? A therapuetic dose is just a little more than the 2 billion strains you usually have. There are 3 billion strains in Perfect Pass Probiotics
  • Do they survive digestion? YES they do.
  • Do they colonize the intestinal tract? Yes, they do.
  • Are they native to your gut? Yes, they are!
  • Do they need refrigeration? No, they don't.
  • Are they backed by real science? Yes they are.

Start today to maintain a healthy digestive system, strengthen your immune system and boost your energy.