Dr Mark Hyman in his book, "The Gut Check Plan", advocates the use of Prebiotics and Probiotics to replace good bacteria and feed our natural microbiome.
This is the perfect combination to strengthen our digestive function.

See our blog post when Dr Hyman was interviewed on the Dr Oz Show.

Perfect Pass Prebiotic & Probiotic Combo Pack

Retail: $91.90
Our Price: $78.90
Perfect Pass Prebiotic & Probiotic Combo Pack

Perfect Pass Prebiotic & Probiotic Combo Pack

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Retail: $91.90
Our Price: $78.90
Brand: Perfect Pass
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Product Details

Take Perfect Pass Prebiotics & Perfect Pass Probiotics, together and improve the diversity of your good bacteria daily.

  • These are Bacillus spore probiotics that are easy to take daily.
    You only need to take 1 per day.
    They don't need to be refrigerated.

  • Taking PHGG - Partially Hydrolyzed Guar Gum Prebiotic is easy too.
    It is tasteless and odorless.
    Mix 4 gm in a glass of water everyday.

  • This is the perfect combo to strengthen your digestion function.

Here are more Prefect Pass Prebiotic facts:

  1. PHGG is soluble fiber that selectively feeds the diverse populations of your beneficial bacteria.

  2. PHGG changes the ratio of good to bad microbes in favor of the good.

  3. The negative, inflammatory effect of the bad microbes are controlled when you feed the many populations of good microbes.

  4. PHGG has been extremely well researched and can help with IBS.

Here are more Perfect Pass Probiotic facts:

  1. They’re 100% compatible with the paleo diet

  2. They have a 100% survival rate through stomach acid and bile (no other probiotics can attest to this).

  3. You don't have to refrigerate Bacillus Spore Probiotics

  4. The 3 strains contained in Perfect Pass Probiotics were studied extensively for safety and proper characterization by London University Department of Microbiology. They are the global leaders in bacillus species research.

Product Reviews

(4.67) 3 raters

I have been feeling very good since i started on both of these supplements - I started with only probiotics but since I am taking both, I can feel the. -

My 10 year old son started taking these 6 months ago and has completely turned around his digestion. -

I started taking Prebiotic and then I added in the probiotic and they really work well together. -

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