Use a simple pH paper to generally test & then adjust the acid/alkaline balance of your body to achieve optimal digestive functioning.

Litmus Paper Single Roll Dispenser 15 ft

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Litmus Paper Single Roll Dispenser 15 ft

Litmus Paper Single Roll Dispenser 15 ft

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Retail: $15.95
Our Price: $9.95
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Product Details

Litmus Paper Single Roll Dispenser 15 ft

  • Easy to administer, litmus paper test.
  • Evaluate your first urine in the morning.
  • Monitor your body balance.

You could be missing out on better health. It is important to use litmus paper to find out whether you are acid or alkaline.Most people who eat a typical American diet are overly acid. Many who think they are eating the right kinds of food are also over acid. By using litmus paper you are able to adjust your diet and supplement program on a regular basis to continue to build your health and prevent illness.

Benefits of using this Litmus test daily:

  • An acid condition indicates that you are heading toward illness. Now you can see where you are and correct it.
  • An acid condition shows that your overall mineral level is low. If you are acidic or continue to be, this will give you the ability to know that you need to increase your green vegetables.
  • There is a risk of bone loss when overly acidic. Now you will be able to see if you are in an acid state and adjust your diet to build good healthy bones.
  • Your energy level will often increase as your body comesinto the healthier alkaline range.

Your body pH is something you must not ignore if you wish to maintain perfect health, regain lost immunity, or maintain proper weight. The farther from perfect balance your pH travels, the more serious health problems may develop and the more difficult it may be to maintain proper weight.

Product Reviews

(4.50) 2 raters

I am very impressed how easy it is for me to keep tabs on how much of my probiotics to take based on the results I see from the testing - its so easy. - Anonymous

I am really pleased with how easy it is to use this product. - Anonymous

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What is the Best pH Level?

The nature of the body is dynamic, therefore there is no magic pH number to achieve. Your body's acidity level may fluctuate from the morning to night, depending on what you eat, drink, even stress levels and other causes. Using the pH test strips is merely an easy way to track your progress, in general way.

We suggest testing the first urine stream in the morning, before eating and targeting 6.4 generally. (Saliva testing and other litmus papers may target different numbers) Those people suffering with baterial overgrowth and other digestive problems tend to run more acid. Increasing probiotics and Green Food are general ways to boost your body's alkaline levels.


  1. Break off about 1 inch of litmus paper and hold one end between thumb and index finger so that you allow the urine stream to flow over the other side.
  2. Compare the color that the litmus paper changes to with the color wheel visible on the side of the plastic litmus paper container.
  3. If the color is more yellow, the urine test is more acidic.
  4. Repeat on a daily basis, just once a day, using first urine stream before eating. Record daily, making note of the changes in your supplement program as well. Maintain the supplement dosage once you find that the pH reading is consistently at 6.4 Remember, this is NOT an ABSOLUTE evaluation, merely a way to get a very general idea al idea of the acid/alkaline balance of your urine on a daily basis.