100% Vegetarian Digestive Enzyme

Vegiezymes Digestive Plant Enzymes Vegetarian 120 caps

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Vegiezymes Digestive Plant Enzymes Vegetarian 120 caps

Vegiezymes Digestive Plant Enzymes Vegetarian 120 caps

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Retail: $39.95
Our Price: $34.00
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Product Details

Vegiezymes 120 caps

Vegie Zyme contains:
An acid stable balanced enzyme mix from a controlled ferment of plants for optimum activity in human digestion.

Amylase Enzymes 130 mg
Protease Enzymes 130mg
Lipase Enzymes 15mg
Cellulase Enzymes 5mg

VEGIEZYMES RECOMMENDED USE: (120 capsules per bottle)
One to two capsules with meals or as directed by your health care professional.

Why take Enzymes?

Enzymes are the indispensable catalysts of all metabolism.

The functions of all living tissue depends on enzymes to make things happen.

They are the most difficult of all metabolic factors to obtain from our food.

Every organ, gland, tissue and cell of the body need enzymes to function.

We produce enzymes in our body but this production over a lifetime is limited in number.

Each enzyme is expended after its completed work.

Since we live as long as our body generates enough enzymes to operate its metabolic machine, we need outside enzyme sources from foods and supplements to keep up our reserves so as to protect our continued health and longevity.

Being destroyed by heat and chemicals such as caffeine, alcohol and drugs, the enzymes found naturally in raw foods are not available in adequate levels from cooked or processed foods which compose over 90% of our diets.

Many doctors, therefore, consider enzyme deficiency to be our number one nutritional problem.

Why Vegiezymes?

When selecting the quality vegetable enzymes for Vegiezymes, the following factors were considered:

  1. temperature of maximum activity,
  2. variety of foods acted upon,
  3. measured activity level, and
  4. effective pH range.
The enzymes in VegieZymes are of 100% vegetable source.

Vegiezymes provide the optimum in the above criteria, and have an effective pH range of 2.4 to 9.8.

They also contain varying amounts of maltase, oxidase, peroxidase, invertase and phosphatase as naturally associated with the above enzymes.

These enzymes contain EDS Enzyme Delivery System, a blend of enzymes & co-factors to improve nutrient digestion.

Vegie zymes are also hypoallergenic, contains NO chemicals, preservatives, or milk products.

Product Reviews

(5.00) 5 raters

one of the bests vegetarian enzyme formulas i've used. -

I have Irritable Bowel Syndrome and so I was recommended this product from a health professional. -

Now that I have reached 60 I need extra enzymes and I find this particular formula very effective. -

I love these vegetarian enzymes - they are so gentle on my stomach but effective never the less. -

I was always bloated after eating anything, so i started to take vegiezyme with my meals and I fell much much better, great product and very cheap for. -

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