Olive Leaf Extract, 20% Oleuropein Standardized

O'Leave Olive Leaf Extract 500 mg 200 caps SeraVita

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O'Leave Olive Leaf Extract 500 mg 200 caps SeraVita

O'Leave Olive Leaf Extract 500 mg 200 caps SeraVita

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Retail: $62.95
Our Price: $50.95
Brand: SeraVita
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Product Details

O'Leave By SeraVita Nutraceuticals

O'Leave Ingredients:
Olive leaf Extract, 500 mg 20% Oleuropein Standardized
200 capsules, 500 mg each
Brand: SeraVita Nutraceuticals

Olive leaf tea in specific has been shown to help increase appetite, aid digestion and help with detoxification. In addition to promoting activity and regularity in the gastro intestinal tract, O'Leave olive leaf extract provides an internal cleansing action that helps to eliminate harmful yeasts and bacteria. Toxins include food additives and pesticides and even specific foods that may be causing reactions in the gut.

Olive Leaf Features

  • Anti Viral qualities
  • Anti Fungal qualities
  • Supports the body's immune system

Recommendation is for both dosage for asymptomatic situations and chronic conditions. If you simply wish to boost the immune system, 1 capsule 3 x daily for one week. Reduce the dose to 1 capsule 2x daily after the first week.

For intensive use for chronic conditions: Recommendation is 1 capsule every 2 waking hours. The duration of this dosage is best used under the advice of a health care provider or nutritionist. Often, intensive dosage is continued for EBV Epstein Barr Virus, Borellia Burgdorferi or any cell wall deficient conditions like mycoplasma pneumoniae for 90 days. Reduce to a maintenance dosage after the 90 days.

Please Note: There no evidence of toxicity, drug interactions or side effects have been found in use of Olive Leaf. It appears to be a safe, nutritional supplement which may be taken for long periods of time with no adverse effects.

Product Reviews

(5.00) 4 raters

Have EBV & this product is giving me hope! Love it!. - Anonymous

I started taking O'Leave during the winter in order to avoid catching anything, and I loved it so much I take it during the other seasons as well. - Anonymous

I struggled for years to get my strength back after EBV infection. - Anonymous

I take this product to boost my immune system when I'm traveling to a different country or feel I'm at risk of any viruses. - Anonymous

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SeraVita's Nutracuetical Formulas, developed by Dr Hugh Smith have been in use for over 10 years.

Over the past 30 years Dr. Smith has made observations of living blood from thousands of clients with conditions ranging from asthma, autism, to Parkinsons Disease. His observations have led him to develop protocols and eventually supplements that address many of the conditions he has encountered. It is his ultimate goal to see people live normal healthy lives; drug and disease free.