Excellent anti-fungal agent, completely killing Candida albicas in concentrations as minimal as 0.25mg/ml -free of chemicals and pesticides.

Oreganol Oil P73 .45 Fl Oz by North American Herb & Spice

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Oreganol Oil P73 .45 Fl Oz by North American Herb & Spice

Oreganol Oil P73 .45 Fl Oz by North American Herb & Spice

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Retail: $37.99
Our Price: $31.20
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Oreganol Oil P73 .45 Fl Oz by North American Herb & Spice

is a true wild oregano oil P73, a blend of edible species of wild oregano grown on natural mineral rich soils.

This is the true wild oregano oil P73, a blend of edible species of wild oregano grown on natural mineral rich soils. This oil is unique to the way it is grown.
The oil is produced by old-fashioned cold pressing and steam distillation; no chemicals are used to extract it.

No pesticides used. It is alcohol free and safe for human consumption.

Oreganol P73 can be used either internally or topically.

Safe for everyday use.

Oregano oil also has antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-fungal properties.
Oregano oil can be effective in treating staph infections.
Oregano oil can be used to treat parasites, alleviate sinus infections and colds, and treat fungus.
Oregano oil has been shown to aid in the removal of Candida Albicans, and yeast overgrowth in the gut.

Always dilute oregano oil in a carrier oil such as Jojoba, coconut or olive oil when taking internally or applying topically.

Suggested Use

Take a drop or two under the tongue or add a few drops in juice or water.
Use on the skin when diluted in a carrier oil or inhale the fumes. It is pungent and aromatic. You will experience a warm sensation when taken directly into the mouth, this is normal. Warmth dissipates rapidly.

Oreganol P73 Has a Direct Killing Effect and Ability to Stop Replication of the Human Coronavirus In Vitro

Coronaviruses are so named because the organisms exhibit a halo-like appearance when viewed under the microscope.Coronaviruses are the second leading cause of colds and influenza, the first leading cause being attributed to rhinoviruses.

The coronavirus is associated with symptoms ranging from fever, headache, chills and sneezing to sore throat, cough and nasal discharge. The coronavirus can also cause pneumonia and other respiratory symptoms.The corona virus is linked to symptoms associated with SARS (Severe acute respiratory syndrome). The organism believed to be responsible for the SARS outbreak (first discovered in November 2002) is a novel form of the coronavirus.

Recent In Vitro research conducted by Microbiotest, Inc. demonstrated that Oreganol P73 has a potent direct killing effect against the human coronavirus, as well as having the ability to halt virus replication in host cells infected with the human coronavirus.

Oreganol P73 had a direct killing effect on the coronovirus by reducing the viral count from 5,500,000 copies per ml to 150 copies of virus per ml, over a period of twenty minutes.

When virus infected host cells were mixed with Oreganol P73, the Oreganol P73 (0.1% solution) was also able to stop the replication of the human coronavirus in infected host cells (In Vitro).

In summary, this study demonstrated the ability of Oreganol P73 to not only directly kill the human coronavirus (In Vitro), but was able to halt human coronavirus replication in infected host cells (In Vitro).

More Benefits of Oregano Oil

Diagnosing and Treating Candida

Product Reviews

(5.00) 3 raters

Yes this product was successful in removing my warts. - Anonymous

I started using oreganol for honestly my warts, thankfully they went away, and i took it as directed for my constipation and stomach problems and this. - Anonymous

who would have thought that a herb like oregano would have such great healing properties. - Anonymous

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Usage Guide for Wild Oregano Oil


  • Upper Respiratory tract conditions: Take 2 or 3 drops sublingually three times a day. Also take 3 to 5 drops twice a day in juice or water.
  • Lower long or pneumatic conditions: Take 3 to 5 drops sublingually three times a day. Take also 3 to 5 drops three times a day in juice or water. Also, at night rub a few drops onto the chest and on the soles of the feet.
  • Asthma: Take 3 to 5 drops twice a day under the tongue. Also take 2 or 3 Oregamax wild oregano capsules a day.
  • Inhalant allergies: Take 2 to 3 drops as often as necessary sublingually. Also take 2 Oregamax capsules twice a day.
  • Low blood pressure: Take 2 or 3 capsules twice a day sublingually. Also, take 3 Oregamax capsules twice a day
  • Stomach disorders: Take 2-5 drops twice a day in juice or water. Also, take 3 Oregamax caps twice a day.
  • Irritable bowel syndrome: Take 2 or 3 drops twice a day sublingually plus 3 to 5 drops twice a day in juice or water. Take 3 Oregamax caps twice a day.
  • Diarrhea/constipation: Take 5 drops three times a day in juice or water. Also take 3 drops under the tongue twice or more often daily.
  • Bladder disorders: Take 5 drops three times a day in juice or water plus 2 drops 3 times a day sublingually.
  • Psoriasis/Eczema: Take 10 or more drops three times a day in juice or water. For tough conditions use Extra Strength, 20 or more drops three times a day. (You can fill a gelatin capsule and take three times a day; this is the same dosage.)


  • Toothaches/oral lesions: Apply directly to involved region as often as needed.
  • Athlete's foot/ ringworm: Apply directly to involved areas twice a day.
  • Seborrhea: Apply to involved areas gently. Take also internally, 5 drops twice a day.
  • Sunburn: Rub on involved region.
  • Rash or hives: Rub on involved region twice or more daily.
  • Psoriasis or eczema: Use internally primarily for adults. In children, apply small amount to the lesions once or twice a day.
  • Warts: Saturate a cotton ball and apply to wart with paper tape. Repeat twice daily. Also, take the oil internally, 5 or more drops twice a day

Note: Use only the edible type of oil of oregano emulsified in olive oil. Product not designed to cure any medical conditions.

North American Herb & Spice was the first company to introduce edible oil of oregano to the North American market. They are the oregano experts! This is the result of extensive research and the personal experiences of the company's founders.

To be edible, this essential oil must be made only from wild, mountain-grown Mediterranean oregano, free of all chemicals and pesticides. It also must be emulsified in carrier oil such as extra virgin olive oil; which we use in our oil of oregano. The only oregano we use is the real, 100% wild Mediterranean oregano, guaranteed to be handpicked in pristine and untarnished remote mountains. A conservation program was implemented to limit excessive picking, which preserves and protects the plants and land. Their oil is produced by old-fashioned steam distillation, using deep spring water also known for its high mineral content. They do not use chemicals or solvents in our extraction process.

Beware of cheaper grades of oregano oil; the name oregano describes over 60 different types of plants, often having no other similarities with true oregano except taste (like Thymus Capitus from Spain or Mexican Sage). It is the chemical profile that is critical. Oreganol has the ideal profile, which is P73. Oreganol P73 is a specific blend of several high-grade medicinal wild oregano's. This P73 oregano has a high percentage of calcium, magnesium, and zinc; that are absorbed from the mineral-rich soil that it grows in.

Polyphenol content is a good indicator of high quality oregano oil, carvacrol being the most publicized. But carvacrol is not the only indicator of high quality oregano, as the plant produces over 50 known-to-date substances which may work synergistically. A low thymol content plays an enormous role in high quality oregano oil and is often ignored as a factor. Often high carvacrol levels are accompanied by higher thymol levels. To provide our customers with the highest quality oregano oil available, NAHS has blended several species of oregano creating a delicate, synergistic balance of over 50 phytochemicals. While most, if not all, of our competitors will distract potential customers with claims of High Carvacrol, NAHS meticulously takes into account thymol content, as well as other factors, to ensure that customers receive the purest, highest quality oregano oil available.

Unless the maker can certify in writing that the oregano herb or oil is derived from pure, wild, edible oregano, avoid consuming it. To ensure that you have the best quality oregano oil, be sure to look for P73 on the label.