Genova Lab Estronex Profile Urine

Retail: $369.00
Our Price: $269.00
Genova Lab Estronex Profile Urine

Genova Lab Estronex Profile Urine

Retail: $369.00
Our Price: $269.00
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Estronex Profile from Genova Lab

Estronex 2/16 ratios less than 2.0 have been associated with predicting increased long-term risk for breast, cervical, and other estrogen-sensitive cancers. More importantly, there are specific nutritional interventions which can assist in raising Estronex 2/16 ratios and decreasing long-term risks of cancer.

The Estronex Profile measures six important estrogen metabolites and their ratios to help women, and even men, assess whether he or she is at risk of developing estrogen sensitive cancers.

The 2-hydroxyestrone (2-OHE1) hormone, has been associated with inhibiting cancer growth, while the hormone 16-a-hydroxyestrone (16-a-OHE1), has been associated with promoting cancer growth.
This simple at home test can determine the ratio of these 2 important hormones.

  • 2-hydroxyestrone (2-OHE1)
  • 16-a-hydroxyestrone (16- a-OHE1)
Advantages of the Estronex Profile:
  • An easy-to-collect first-morning urine specimen; no blood draw is necessary!
  • This test is particularly valuable to determine your cancer risk for estrogen sensitive cancers
  • Easy to incorporate into a breast cancer prevention program.
  • Ideal for men to evaluate risk of breast and prostate cancer
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EstronexSM Profile Interpretive Guide
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