Acidophilus and Bifidus Formula
with Prebiotics FOS Fructo-oligosaccharides.

Probiotics Spectraprobiotics 90 caps Integrative Therapeutics

Retail: $30.50
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Probiotics Spectraprobiotics 90 caps Integrative Therapeutics

Probiotics Spectraprobiotics 90 caps Integrative Therapeutics

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Retail: $30.50
Our Price: $24.71
Brand: Integrative therapeutics
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Product Details

Spectra Probiotics with Cofactors 90 Capsules

Integrative Therapeutics

  • Spectra Probiotics provides eight specially selected strains of friendly bacteria or microflora of acidophilus and bifidus.
  • Each capsule contains billions of friendly bacteria or probiotics in a unique protein matrix coating which protects each of the individual bacteria from harsh stomach acids and digestive juices.
  • The coating of Spectraprobiotics caplets also makes refrigeration unnecessary (although still recommended for optimal shelf life).
  • Independent laboratory tests confirm a high level of viability of the friendly bacteria probiotics without refrigeration.

In a base of NAG and FOS Fructooligosaccharides.

The formulation is not absolutely dairy free. This is because the source of the dairy is the probiotic blend. The probiotic bacteria are grown on a non-fat milk medium. When the probiotics are harvested, the milk proteins are removed and the bacteria are isolated. Therefore, we had not labeled the media on previous label versions. However, the new allergen labeling regulations require that we label all top 8 allergens used in the processing of the product, even when they are not present in the final product.


Lactobacilli probiotics are Gram-positive, non-spore forming rods (coccobacilli).They have complex nutritional requirements and are fermentative and anaerobic. They are found in a variety of habitats where rich, carbohydrate-containing substrates are available; such as human and animal mucosal membranes, on plants or material of plant origin, sewage and fermenting food.


Bifidobacteria probiotics makes up a major part of the normal intestinal friendly microflora in humans throughout life.They appear in the stools a few days after birth and increase in number thereafter.The number of bifidobacteria friendly probiotics in the colon of adults is 108 - 1011 CFU/gram, but this number decreases with age.Demographic differences have been found to affect the number and species of bifidobacteria probiotics.Bifidobacteria friendly probiotics are nonmotile, nonsporulating Gram-positive rods with varying appearance.Most strains are strictly anaerobic.B. longum probiotic may be considered as the most common species of bifidobacteria. They are found both in infant and adult feces.

Product Reviews

(4.67) 3 raters

This is a formula I have used for years and it always helps keep my digestion in good shape. -

This probiotic has helped me manage my ulcerative colitis symptoms beautifully. -

This is an excellent prodbiotic - I really like that I don't have to put it in the refrigerator. -

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