Homeopathic adaptogenic stress formula - effective & safe.

HVS Detoxosode Formula - Special Order Only - Call Us

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HVS Detoxosode Formula - Special Order Only - Call Us

HVS Detoxosode Formula - Special Order Only - Call Us

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HVS Homeopathic Detoxosode Formulas

Homeopathic Special Order only and Consultation
Call, or email, to place your order
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HVS Detoxosode Formula - a gentle way to detoxify your body.

HVS Detoxosode Formula is a homeopathic formulation. The formula combination is pure water-based.

Each formulation is prepared with five potencies in a pure water base, an innovation by HVS founder, Dr Allen Kratz, PharmD. He explored the depths of both conventional and complementary medicine in his lifetime. He was a pharmacy professor when he became the first pharmacist to serve on the Editorial Board of The Merck Manual.

His interest in complementary medicine was piqued in the 1970's and he quickly became fond of the principles of homeopathy. He became a renowned author, contributor and columnist in the areas of complementary medicine, pharmacy and homeopathy.

HVS began manufacturing its highly regarded, professional-line homeopathic formulations in 1979 under the company name HoBoN, an acronym for Homeovitic Bio Nutritionals.

In 1996, HoBoN and its memorable smiley face logo underwent an image change. HoBoN became HVS Laboratories; HVS stands for HomeoViticS or Homeopathics Vitalized by Succussion.

Besides ingredient enhancements with the accumulation of proved homeopathic ingredients and ingredient additions to the Homoeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States, the original formulation line-up has remained unchanged for over twenty years and counting; a testament to the pioneering fortitude of Dr. Kratz.

Effective, safe and simple!

Recommended Dosage:
1 capful two times per day - 1 4 oz bottle lasts 2 weeks

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(5.00) 3 raters

I'm very sensitive to environmental toxins. -

this stuff is incredible....used it for years....still do.......it is some awesome stuff......make sure you know how much and when to use it........my. -

HVS formulas are terrific. -

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