Nature's Acid Relief Formula by Jordan Rubin from Garden of Life

Garden of Life Acid Defense 360g Powder

Garden of Life Acid Defense 360g Powder

Garden of Life Acid Defense 360g Powder

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Product Details

Acid Defense 360g Powder Garden of Life

Garden of Life's Acid Defense supplement is a natural, alkalinizing formula designed to support digestive health.

  • Garden of Life's Acid Defense helps to naturally reduce occasional heartburn and acid indigestion
  • Soothes the stomach and digestive tract
  • Helps restore natural alkaline pH absorption and delivery
  • Contains naturally occurring alkalinizing minerals from goat's milk whey

Acid Defense Ingredients:
One Serving (12 grams) Supplies:

Mineral Matrix™ 10,050mg
Blend of alkalinizing minerals, enzymes and probiotics from goat's milk
Beet Juice Concentrate* (33:1) 600mg
Carrot Juice Concentrate* (33:1) 600mg
Barley Grass Juice Concentrate* (33:1) 600mg
Stomach Soothe N Zimes Blend 150mg:

  • Amylase 9,000 DU
  • Glucoamylase 20 AGU
  • Lipase 400 FCCLU
  • Alpha Galactosidase 150 GaIU
  • Malt Diastase 950 DP
  • Cellulase 800 CU
  • Sucrase 675 SU
  • Lactase 650 ALU

Suggested Use of Acid Defense:
Take 1 heaping tablespoon mixed with 8oz of water or juice before bed or when symptoms occur.

*Note:The organic beet, carrot, and barley juice concentrates do not contain gluten, soy, or GMO ingredients. They are a 33 to 1 densely concentrated ratio, which means that it takes 33 pounds of raw vegetables to make 1 pound of concentrated powder.

On those occasions when you experience temporary heartburn, acid indigestion or upper GI distress, like symptoms of Gastro Esophageal Reflux Disease (GERD), Acid Defense's super-alkalinizing ingredients help rapidly restore your body's proper pH and provide reinforcement for alkaline reserves.

Product Reviews

(5.00) 3 raters

I drink this down every night, without fail - the results are very good indeed. - Anonymous

Has really helped with my indigestion. - Anonymous

Since I tried Acid Defense for my heartburn and indigestion no more suffering... - Anonymous

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