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Garden of Life Fungal Defense - 84 caps

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Garden of Life Fungal Defense - 84 caps

Garden of Life Fungal Defense - 84 caps

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Retail: $44.99
Our Price: $25.01
Brand: Garden of Life
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Product Details

Fungal Defense is specially formulated with botanicals, enzymes and fermented whole foods to help maintain a balanced flora and healthy gut environment.

Fungal Defense Supplement Facts

Suggested Use:

Adults take 1 caplet 3 times per day for the first two days. After two days, increase usage to 2 caplets 3 times per day for the next 13 days. Best if take on an empty stomach with 8 ounces of purified water.
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    The Yeast/Fungus Link
    It is now believed that yeast overgrowth causing yeast infection in the body often referred to as Candidiasis, is actually caused by a systemic fungal yeast infection.Understanding this fungal link is the key to restoring proper system-widebalance.

    Normally, fungi live in a healthy balance with other microorganismsincluding bacteria and yeasts; however, certain conditions can cause fungi to multiply, weakening the immune system and causing infection. Because fungi travel through the bloodstream to many parts of the body, varying symptoms may manifest including:

    • vaginitis
    • oral thrush
    • food allergies
    • bowel disorders
    • ear and sinus irritation
    • intense itching
    • jock itch
    • athletes foot
    • gastrointestinal problems
    • canker sores
    • ringworm
    • environmental sensitivities

    What Is Candida?

    Candida Albicans is a single celled fungal yeast. Among the most prolific organisms on the planet, it is impossible to keep it out of your body. In a healthy person, it does little harm because its population is keptin check by beneficial microorganisms (probiotics) which are, however,easily destroyed by antibiotics, many prescription medications, birth control pills, poor diet, and daily stress. This can then cause th eCandida yeast to grow out of control, producing chemicals that are toxicto the body. Yeast overgrowth is thought to affect over 40 million Americans,both men and women, and is especially prevalent in hyperactive childrenand those with ADD and ADHD.

    Product Reviews

    (5.00) 3 raters

    This product was a miracle for me! Diagnosed with Candida and after taking Fungal Defense I am much better!. - Lizz

    This is the best anti fungal formula I have used. - Anonymous

    I have taken Fungal Defense for three months now for reoccurring yeast infections and so far they have cleared up and yet to come back I'm glad I star. - Anonymous

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Does everyone have Candida in their digestive system?
Yes, they do. However, in healthy people, candida albicans does little harm because it's kept in check by beneficial microorganisms, or probiotics. These "good" or friendly bacteria, however, can be easily destroyed by antibiotics, prescription medications, birth control pills, poor diet and daily stress, allowing candida yeast to grow out of control. Thought to affect more than 40 million Americans, candida albicans can cause uncomfortable symptoms such as vaginitis, bowel disorders, ear and sinus irritation, intense itching, canker sores and ringworm.
What are Garden of Life's HSO blends and why do I need them to fight fungal infections?
Garden of Life's Homeostatic Soil Organism blends (HSOs) are highly stable, beneficial probiotic microorganisms. Impervious to stomach acids, they crowd out pathogens and aggressively consume yeasts, fungi and bad bacteria in the intestines.

Healthy people usually have a balance of approximately 85% good and 15% harmful organisms in the intestinal tract. Most of us, however, have the opposite ratio as a result of daily exposure to our environment, and even certain habits considered healthy. Taking antibiotics, drinking chlorinated water and using antibacterial soap, for example, often kill the good bacteria essential for health.

The HSOs in Garden of Life's Fungal Defense supplement help restore the system-wide balance of good and bad bacteria to boost the immune system.

How can I prevent Candida from recurring?
The powerful ingredients in Garden of Life products Fungal Defense are specifically targeted to destroy yeast and other fungi to restore a balanced, healthy internal environment. To prevent reinfection and maintain a properly balanced system, it is necessary to reduce or, in some cases, completely eliminate sweets; carbohydrates such as bread, pasta, muffins and glutenous grains; alcohol; vinegar; fruits and aged cheeses from your diet. Sugars and carbohydrates in particular feed yeast, which thrives in sugary environments and causes cravings for those foods to increase.
Should I use the Garden of Life products - Fungal Defense and Primal Defense supplements together?
No. Begin with a 14-day Fungal Defense program as directed on the Garden of Life product label before starting to use Primal Defense products.
What makes Garden of Life's Fungal Defense formula better than other anti-fungal formulas?
Garden of Life's Fungal Defense is the only anti-fungal formula on the market containing Homeostatic Soil Organism compounds (HSOs)� they are among nature's most powerful weapons against candida, viruses and fungi. Garden of Life's Poten-Zyme fermentation process makes their Fungal Defense supplement easy to digest and assures more complete absorption of valuable nutrients.