Garden of Life - Omegazyme ULTRA - Digestive Enzymes is the ultimate digestive enzyme blend.

Garden of Life OmegaZyme Ultra Digestive Enzymes 180 caps

Retail: $90.99
Our Price: $49.05
Garden of Life OmegaZyme Ultra Digestive Enzymes 180 caps

Garden of Life OmegaZyme Ultra Digestive Enzymes 180 caps

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Retail: $90.99
Our Price: $49.05
Brand: Garden of Life
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OmegaZyme Ultra 180 caps

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The ultimate digestive enzyme formula, supporting more complete digestion of food.

Omegazyme ULTRA Supplement Facts
Suggested Use:Take 1-3 capsules with each meal.

Digestive enzymes are essential proteins that help to break down foods and make them easier for the body to digest. Omega-Zyme Ultra from Garden of Life is the only digestive enzymeformula that provides:

  • The ultimate high potency, broad spectrum digestive enzyme formula

  • Increased enzyme activity per serving

  • 21 different digestive enzymes, eachwith a specific function to help process proteins, carbohydrates,fats, and difficult to digest foods

  • All enzymes in Omegazyme Ultra are derived from plants, free of animal pathogens, and suitable for vegetarians

  • Omegazyme ULTRA also delivers a uniqe blend of digestive enzymes with optimized activity across the full spectrum of pH(acid/alkaline) levels that exist throughout the gastrointestinal tract

  • A range of trace minerals to activate enzymes for greater performance

  • Guaranteed enzyme function across the full range of GI tract pH levels

Product Reviews

(5.00) 3 raters

Since taking a OmegaZymes Ultras I am able to swallow my food with no discomfort! I enjoy eating again after a long time. -

I really liek the Garden of Life brand , especially these OmegaZyme Ultras. -

I have had digestive problems since I was real young. -

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