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Doctor's Data GI Pathogen Profile

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Doctor's Data GI Pathogen Profile

Doctor's Data GI Pathogen Profile

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Retail: $479.00
Our Price: $470.00
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Doctor's Data GI Pathogen Profile - One Day Turnaround!!

The GI Pathogen Profile, is a FDA-cleared molecular test, which uses the FilmArray multiplex PCR system to identify 22 specific viruses, parasites, and bacteria with up to 98.5% overall sensitivity and 99.3% overall specificity.

  • Most results can be provided within one business day of receiving a sample
  • Diagnose & treat faster
  • Can be used as a stand alone test or it can be added to the Comprehensive Stool Analysis, which tests for the presence of viral infections or to differentiate between possible strains of E. coli.

This test is useful for

  1. Chronic or acute diarrhea
  2. Bloody stool
  3. Travelers diarrhea
  4. Abdominal pain
  5. Fever & vomiting
  6. Immuno-compromised patients
  7. Geriatric patients
  8. Chronic disease patients (heart disease, aortic grafts, diabetes, chronic renal disease)
  9. Observed cluster or suspected outbreak of diarrheal illness

When doing this test- with a one day turnaround, Please make sure to schedule the pick up on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday.

Doctor's Data GI Pathogen Profile, multiplex PCR Sample Report

Doctor's Data GI Pathogen Profile multiplex PCR Collection Instruction

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(5.00) 1 rater

This test was so helpful because it was able to identify the problem organisms in 24 hours - never seen that before. -

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