Candida Albicans is a type or yeast or fungus microorganism. It usually lives with many other microorganisms in your gut. It is important to understand that antibiotics, anti-inflammatory drugs, a poor diet or alcohol abuse may upset your intestinal balance and so destroy friendly bacteria and this encourages excessive yeast growth and leads to a yeast infection.

Treating overgrowth of candida requires a significant change in diet as this will starve the excess yeast by eliminating the foods they thrive on.

Symptoms of yeast overgrowth include fatigue, allergies, gastrointestinal problems and a weakened immune system. It is often hard to detect chronic candida as the symptoms are similar to those of other health conditions.

Candida Control Cookbook by Gail Burton

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Candida Control Cookbook by Gail Burton

Candida Control Cookbook by Gail Burton

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Candida Cookbook by Gail Burton

This Cookbook has over 150 delicious gourmet recipes ranging from appetizers to desserts plus a complete food chart for Candida sufferers.

The book also provides a medically controlled treatment program which includes lists of problem and permitted foods, a carbohydrate guide, nutritional supplements, updated product and source information and a two- week menu plan.

Candida albicans is a harmless yeast-part of the body's natural flora- but when over-stimulated by all-too-common triggers such as antibiotics birth control pills, steroids or hormones too much sugar chemicals or excessive stress this benign yeast can become a debilitating agent that produces toxins which severely affect the body and suppress the immune system.

Statistics indicate that one in every three persons living in the Western world has some form of Candida. With symptoms as diverse as food allergies; digestive disturbances; eczema; hypoglycemia; PMS; persistent fatigue; joint pain; headaches; poor memory; severe itching; athlete's foot; and chronic ear nose throat and respiratory ailments the disease is difficult to diagnose and treat successfully.

Candida is the organism most commonly associated with mycotic (yeast or fungus) infections.Candida is a yeast-like fungus which reproduces by budding and is generally found in very small amounts in the mouth, skin, intestinal tract, and vagina of normal individuals.Ordinarily, the growth of this fungus is kept in check by the immune system and the beneficial bacteria of the body or flora.

Unfortunately, those with weakened immunity, or who consume too much sugar (which feeds the fungus), and individuals who have taken drugs which kill the beneficial flora like antibiotics, birth control pills, and long- term use of cortisone - may develop an infection or overgrowth of this fungus. This condition is referred to as Candidiasis and the strain of the organism most frequently involved is Candida albicans.

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(5.00) 5 raters

This book has made a life better me! I can now control my Candida diet and I found recipes I really enjoy in this cookbook. - Anonymous

easy way to stay with the restrictions when you have candida. - Anonymous

This book has helped me so much - I found it so hard to stay away from the food that feed the candida and now I don't anymore. - Anonymous

i did the microbiology test from Genova and found I had yeast overgrowth - I bought this book and started on the supplements advised and no. - Anonymous

Amazing Recipes Love this book great author. - Anonymous

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You can find out very easily whether you have a chronic yeast problem by taking a simple and easy to administer, home stool test. The samples are picked up directly from you and sent to the lab and within a couple of weeks you will know if there is an overgrowth of yeast, or perhaps bad bacteria, and if there is, they tell you what natural and medical agents are beneficial to reduce the overload.

William Crook, M.D., the author of The Yeast Connection, reports that many physicians have used caprylic acid successfully to support overcoming yeast and that it works especially well for those patients who have adverse reactions to anti fungal drugs.