Nutrition & Immune Support

Nutrition and Immune Support

Your immune system is your body’s natural defense against threats that can attack you through a host of infectious agents like bacteria and viruses. It also protects you against errors that occur genetically in the way cells replicate that can cause tumors and even cancer.

The system is extremely complicated but the antibodies and antitoxins in your immune system recognize these foreign bodies and attack them using leukocytes or white blood cells. Since virtually every disease from colds, viruses and flus to severe and chronic diseases are caused by some level of immune dysfunction, it is important to recognize the source of this dysfunction and to return your body to immune health.

Dysfunction may originally be caused by poor nutrition, deficiencies of essential vitamins, minerals and fats, infections, toxins, trauma or even stress. However simply correcting the problem may not be sufficient to re-create a pathway to health. Many natural immune modulators and supplements have been developed to help nurse your body back to a healthy and robust immune system.

Dr Pam recommends:

  1. Garden of Life RM10 Immune Support is an immune system food that supports overall energy and health It has amazing immune enhancing effects on the body as well as anti-tumor, anti-viral, and blood sugar lowering properties.
  2. Colostrum Broad Spectrum Formula from Pro Symbiotics is lab tested to contain antibodies for at least 19 pathogens including viruses, yeast and bacteria.
  3. Perfect Pass Immune Powder restores balance to your immune system by stimulating an underactive immune system or calming an overactive one. Safe and effective for all ages, it delivers the right response at the right time.
  4. Garden of Life RM10 includes natural compounds that maintain normal joint function. It's clinically proven to reduce the inflammation associated with arthritis, Crohn's Disease, colitis and other inflammatory conditions.
  5. Perfect Pass Prebiotic acts like a fertilizer and feeds your probiotics. This strengthens your immune system by encouraging the growth and diversity of your microbiome.
  6. Prime One Stress Relief & Immune Support is an exclusive formula that protects revitalizes and balances the body. Adaptogens can help boost immune resistance, access additional stamina, speed recovery from physical activity, protect vital organs from stress, increase physical and mental work capacity, and inhibit free-radical oxidation.
  7. Serrapeptase is a proteolytic enzyme that is effective against all types of inflammation, eases pain and swelling and has no gastro-intestinal side effects.

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