Crohn's And Colitis Program

If you are suffering from Inflammatory Bowel Disease like Crohn’s or Colitis, these diseases respond extremely well to a natural approach. Dr. Pam has been treating patients with these diseases for 37 years and this Crohn’s and Colitis program has helped thousands of people in 78 countries around the world.

As you begin this program, remember that you may continue with the medications you are presently taking and add the supplements one by one. As your symptoms improve you may start to reduce your present medications and substitute the natural supplements in their place.

Relief from symptoms associated with Crohns Disease and Colitis, together known as Inflammatory Bowel Disease, may be easily achieved by following 4 simple steps. Take these simple steps to start you on the road to recovery.

  1. Simultaneously, reduce intestinal inflammation,
  2. feed and increase beneficial bacteria known as probiotics in the gut that support adequate digestion,
  3. ensure supportive nutrition with a gluten free SCD diet and
  4. take effective, appropriate supplements like green food and essential fatty acids.

The Crohns & Colitis Program may be used, not only for Crohn's & Ulcerative Colitis sufferers i.e. Inflammatory Bowel Disease IBD, but is equally beneficial for other digestive conditions like Leaky Gut, Irritable Bowel Syndrome IBS and Diverticulitis as well. These natural, drug free supplements work together synergistically to provide a complete solution for digestive problems.

Dr. Pam Recommends:

  1. Genova Lab's CDSA 2.0 stool test  and Doctors Data Test (DDA1000) are home tests that will help you determine whether you have Crohns or Colitis.
  2. Reduce inflammation using natural supplements with no side effects: Serrapeptase , FYI and Aloe Complete (which are not NSAIDS drugs).
  3. Use Perfect Pass Probiotic a spore bacillus probiotic supplement, 1-2 daily designed to encourage supplementation of human strain good bacteria and also clean up bad bacteria. At the same time use 4 gm Perfect Pass Prebiotic 2 x daily that is the natural fertilizer for probiotics and th eone supplement that increases diversity of probiotics.
  4. Take immune modulating probiotics in therapeutic amounts: Dr Ohhira's prize winning Probiotic Professional Formula OMX, Visbiome flavored , VSL#3 unflavored , or Garden of Life's Primal Defense Ultra 216 caps that contains soil based organisms. You cannot overdose.
  5. Take green food supplement daily The probiotics are more effective and will thrive in a digestive tract with a pH that is more 'alkaline' rather than too acidic. Perfect Food capsules or Powder.
  6. Modify your eating and also by modifying your food intake. The book Breaking the Vicious Cycle gives you an easy way to do this.
  7. Think about monitoring your pH on a daily basis with a simple litmus paper test - you want to keep your pH at around 6.5.
  8. Other supplements that are extremely beneficial and recommended are: digestive enzymes like Perfect Pass Digestive Enzymes, or Omegazyme and Perfect Pass Immmune Support Capsules or Powder, Wobenzym, Slippery Elm, Essential Fatty Acids, l-Glutamine (Glutagenics) and Zinlori.
  9. If you need help selecting which supplements are right for you, call toll free 877-240-7528 PST 10-3 to set up a consultation.


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