Aquaflora are safe, natural homeopathic remedies that are able to restore optimal health and reduce symptoms of homeopathic overgrowth.

These products are unique, specialized homeopathic formulas. They are made to relieve the symptoms of the overgrowth of Candida and at the same time restore digestive probiotics and enzymes. The name Aquaflora refers both to water i.e. aqua and then flora, the collection of beneficial bacteria, fungi and other microorganisms that usually occur in our human bodies and they keep Candida albicans under control y outnumbering the yeast pathogens


What is Candida? It's a yeast-like fungus that is normally found in the gut, the nasal and also the oral cavities. When candida organisms are in balance, they don't create any problems. On the other hand, when there is an overgrowth, they may negatively affect people's health.

Candida symptoms vary a lot. Can be acne, nail or skin fungus, fatigue, bloating, cravings and any type of yeast infections.

It's important to understand that many common lifestyle choices can trigger Candida overgrowth. These include stress, a diet that is high in simple sugars and refined carbohydrates, continuous use of antibiotics, alcohol, steroids, heavy metal toxicity, and birth control pills.