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"Each person is unique and has experienced life stresses that produced their individual pattern of coping response and health issues. Unlike acute care, chronic health challenges require an integrative blend of multiple approaches and individualized care. It isn't enough to label patients with a disease and just treat that disease. If there were effective medical cures for these diseases they wouldn't be chronic, they would be cured! We have devoted decades of study and clinical research to finding effective strategies for helping each individual body revitalize it's own internal healing powers.”

Tammy Grassi

Customer Satisfaction Specialist

Customer Satisfaction Specialist

Tammy Grassi is our customer satisfaction specialist, she was born in South Africa and takes pride in doing her job well and being a part of the solution. She has a deep interest in healthy living and keeping fit and has been a valuable part of the team since 2009. Outside of work Tammy loves spending quality time with her family, perfecting her healthy cooking and traveling.

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