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Why Perfect Food?

With today's hectic lifestyle it is nearly impossible to consume enough vegetables, especially greens. Study after study has shown that anyone who doesn't consume 5-10 servings of vegetables per day is missing out on nature's ultimate insurance policy. Vegetables provide the body with compounds not found in other foods including: enzymes, minerals, antioxidants and chlorophyll. Vegetables are nature's richest source of carotenoids including beta carotene and lycopene. By taking Perfect Food every day you'll never have to go without your 5-10 servings of veggies.

Why use Perfect Food and not take vitamin and mineral pills instead?

Whole foods contain hundreds and possibly thousands of yet to be discovered nutrients that cannot be isolated. Many of these nutrients provide amazing health benefits. With foods and food concentrates, containing whole nutritional complexes, the body can choose its needs for assimilation and excrete what it does not need; this is called selective absorption. On the other hand, with isolated and/or synthetic vitamins, there is no choice, the body must handle the chemical in some manner and can suffer consequences of bio-chemical imbalances and toxic overdose.
(New Hope for Incurable Diseases, E. Cheraskin & W.M. Ringsdorf Jr., 1971)

Vitamins and minerals are devoid of living nutrients such as enzymes. Have you ever seen anyone plant vitamin pills in the ground and grow a vitamin bush? The nutrient dense enzyme rich "live foods" contained in Perfect Food provide vitamins and minerals as nature intended, with all of the co-factors and synergistic compounds.

When people suffer with conditions like Inflammatory Bowel Disease, IBS, diarrhea, abdominal pain, Ulcerative Colitis, and Crohn's Disease, it is assocaited with chronic intestinal inflammation, i.e. inflammation of the colon and rectum, upper GI digestive tract. This results in malabsorption and chronic vitamin deficiencies. Malnutrition is of great concern. Garden of Life's Perfect Food is a perfect supplement to guard against such complications.

The Zero Gravity Weight Management System

Garden of Life have developed a weight loss program incorporating key products from their range of all natural, whole food nutritional supplements. To provide all the components necessary for healthy weight loss, four complementary products are recommended:
  1. Tea Trio: Health Promoting.
  2. Super Seed: An extraordinary whole food formula that supplies your body with a highly usable, dense, vegetarian source of dietary fiber.
  3. Perfect Food: Supplies your body with every nutrient your body requires to sustain optimal levels of health and is the equivalent of 5-10 servings of fresh vegetables daily.
The Program:
  • Take 1-2 Zero Gravity 30 minutes before each meal
  • Take 1-2 servings per day of Perfect Food
  • Take 1 serving of Super Seed each morning and one each evening.
  • Drink 8 glasses of water daily - add 12 drops of Springs of Life per 8oz of water.
  • It is strongly recommended that a whole food diet be followed. Research has proven that an increase in the consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables, and a significant decrease in refined carbohydrates, (bread, pasta, cereal, sugar) and processed fats (margerine, shortening, refined cooking oils), promotes overall weight management and vibrant health.
  • Include a minimum of 45 minutes of moderate exercise 5 times per week (even walking is OK)
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