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Sol Spa - San Diego, California - Massage Therapy

To make an appointment for massage therapy or ear coning in the San Diego area, please e-mail Sol Spa.

Solspa Massage Therapy and Body Scrubs

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from Sol Spa massage therapy

Make feeling good a part
Of your every day life
Uplift your spirits
Promote long life
Relieve tight and aching muscles
Let go of stress
Unwind and Indulge
Empty your mind and
Soothe your soul

Each massage is an individual craft. An approach to healing that stems from within. It's not only good for our bodies ... But also our minds, souls, and emotions. It enhances health and vitality and brings balance to life.

Massage Therapy

Therapeutic massage
Relaxation massage
Deep tissue massage
Tui Na Chinese massage
Shiatsu Chinese massage
Traditional Thai massage
Hot rock therapy
Pregnancy massage
Sensory Re-patterning

Body treatments

Body Wraps
Mud wraps
Salt glow
Body Scrubs
Scalp treatments
Ear coning

Massage Therapy

Heals, relaxes, and realigns the body. Invigorates and heals the muscles. Helps hearts rate, blood pressure, breathing, and digestion. Improves circulation, decreases anxiety, stress, and depression. Releases the toxins that gather in tired and overworked muscles.

30 min - $45 | 60 min - $75| 90 min - $110

Hot Rock Therapy Massage

This treatment uses the tools of the earth to balance the human body and calm the spirit. The heated basalt rocks are placed on points of the body to ground and balance. Because the heat is very penetrating and warms the body the rocks are used within the massage to soothe and soften tight muscles.

60 min - $85 | 90min - $120

Thai Massage

Thai Massage is an ancient healing therapy that combines massage and stretching. It is performed in a quiet and meditative atmosphere on the floor. You're fully dressed in loose, comfortable clothing. Slow rhythmic compressions are applied to your body and gentle passive yoga techniques applied to open the joints of the body. it is extremely beneficial in increasing and maintaining flexiblity in muscles and joints. Thai massage also unblocks stagnant energy, massages internal organs, reduces stress, increases energy and balances body, mind and spirit.

90 min - $110 | 120 min - $140

Salt Glow

Invigorating Massage with sea, Epsom, and Dead Sea salts, warming oil and essential oils. Draws out toxins from the body, removes dead skin, strengthens the immune system, and makes you feel soft as a baby's butt.

45 min - $65 | Add a 30 min salt glow to any treatment - $45

Body Scrubs

Invigorating route to soft skin. Intensive exfoliation, cleanses and stimulates. Lavender oatmeal body buff - exfoliates and softens skin. Tai body scrub - honey, sesame seeds, and dried herbs of lavender leaf and mint. Coffee Scrub - invigorating, energizing, detoxifying, absolutely yummy!

45 min - $65 | Add a 30 min body scrub to any treatment - $45

Aloe & Lavender Body Wrap & Scalp massage

Wonderful for replenishing moisture to dry skin. Body is dry brushed to remove dead skin then soft aloe gel is applied to the body. You are then wrapped in a cotton blanket while receiving a melting scalp and head massage.

45 min- $60

Mud Wrap

Dry brushing is used to increase circulation and remove dead skin cells. A warm mud is then applied to the full body and the wrap envelops you in a cocoon. The essential minerals and elements heal, relax, and detoxify your system.

60 min - $95

Aromatherapy massage & body wrap

Personally selected essential oils are applied together with a warm almond oil to moisturize the skin, soothe tired muscles and detoxify your system, while the warmth of the wrap balances your mind.

60 min - $85

The Back and Neck Massage Pack

The ultimate de-stressing back and neck massage. Heated towels are also used to warm and ease tight and aching muscles.

45 min - $65

The Stimulating Hair Conditioning

A penetrating hair conditioning treatment using natural A penetrating hair conditioning treatment using natural oils and creams that stimulate the scalp and hair follicles while softening and strengthening the strands of hair.

20 min - $35 | Add to any treatment $15

Hot Oil Scalp Treatment

Hot and essential oils are used for moisturizing the scalp and hair. Heated towels are then applied to penetrate and warm the scalp and hair.

20 min - $35 | Add to any treatment $15

Ear Coning

This acts as a catalyst to clear out debris accumulated on nerve- endings in our ears which then allow for a clear vibrational flow to the corresponding areas of the body, mind and spirit. Great for allergies and sinusitis, helps migraines.

45 min - $49

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