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Prime One Common Questions?

What are adaptogens?

Adaptogens are biologically active substances found in certain herbs and plants that help the body and mind adapt to the changes and stress of life. The adaptogens in Prime One cause a change in the stress reaction. The response is sharper, but the production of adrenaline slows down and there is more left in reserve. You are not as quickly exhausted- and fewer hormones are needed to achieve the same effect.

Will Prime One be as effective if I alter my serving time or amount?

Yes. Because Prime One is all-natural and nontoxic, you take the products whenever you want. Most people take Prime One each morning, some take it just before bedtime while others prefer to divide their servings and take it throughout the day. Each of us is different. If you feel you need more energy in the evening, for work, exercise or other activities, you may increase or decrease the serving size.

What makes Prime One different from other supplements, herbs and vitamins?

Prime One is different in two specific ways.

  1. Adaptogens are completely unique in nature. They are the only natural substances that can help the body protect itself from stress and provide benefits that are impossible to get in any other way.
  2. Prime ONE is a complex combination of adaptogens. From the collection and transportation of the herbs, to the formulation and manufacturing of the product, the process of creating Prime One is not duplicable. No other product or substance on the market possesses this technology, developed over 45 years by Dr. Brekhman and his team of 1200 top researchers.

Should I use Prime One even if I'm in good shape and have little stress?

Yes, absolutely. Everyone has stress, even small children. There is no limit to well-being, and the cumulative benefits of Prime One may manifest in ways that you cannot see or feel. When your immune system is stronger, you are able to resist many potentially damaging conditions. No matter how productive or energetic you might be, you can attain a higher level of physical and mental capability on Prime One.

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