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Goatein - Amino Acid Profile

Pure Goat's Milk Protein from Garden of Life

Alanine 2.8% Lysine* 6.4%
Arginine 2.9% Methionine* 2.9%
Apartic Acid 6.0% Phenyalanine* 4.4%
Cystine/Cysteine .5% Proline 12.5%
Glutamic Acid 21.2% Serine* 5.4%
Glycine 1.4% Threonine 4.8%
Histidine 2.6% Tryptophan* 1.0%
Isoleucine* 4.8% Tyrosine 3.9%
Leucine* 9.4% Valine* 7.1%

* Essential Amino Acid
Goatein from Garden of Life contains amino acids in their peptide and free form. The amino acids in Goatein are in their L configuration, completely assimilable by the body. This makes it an extremely important supplement for premature babies, people with compromised digestion, the elderly, and those suffering from malnutrition and muscle wasting. Dietary peptides have been shown to suppress abnormal immune cell activity and minimize the damaging side effects of radiation and chemotherapy. The amino acid L tryptophane can be effective in cases of insomnia and depression. Glutamine, an important amino acid for building lean body mass and immune health, is not effectively absorbed when taken in combination with other amino adds due to competitive absorption.

However, when the glutamine is bonded with a peptide, as it is in Goatein, it's absorbed many hundreds of times better. The glutamine contained in Goatein aids in the body's ability to repair itself after intense workouts or injury.

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