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Bringing Nutrition to Life with Garden of Life's Poten-Zyme Process

Garden of Life's Mission is Empowering Extraordinary Health

To fulfill their mission Garden of Life formulates natural, effective, and body-ready, whole food nutritional products that promote good health.

Their commitment to health goes beyond offering some of the most effective products in the world. They want to build relationships with people, helping them transform their lives to attain extraordinary health.

By combining the best of nature and science, the Garden of Life brand offers a path to healthy living with premium products that are supported by education and innovation.

The Evolution of Nutritional Supplements

Nutritional supplements have come a long way since vitamins and minerals were first identified from natural sources at the beginning of the 20th century. The original nutritional supplements were nutrient-rich foods such as brewer's yeast, cod liver oil, wheat grass tablets and wheat germ. Then, as advanced industrial chemistry was applied to farming industries starting in the 1950s, a new generation of vitamins emerged. These products contained vitamin levels that were hundreds and even thousands of times greater than what the body could get from food. Next, minerals chelated, or bound with amino acids surfaced in the 1970s. "Whole food" based supplements such as spirulina were first marketed in the late 1980s.

Living Nutrients from Garden of Life emerged in the early 2000s. They were developed using Garden of Life's proprietary Poten-Zyme fermentation process to incorporate vitamins and minerals in a form more like whole nutrient-rich foods, but with optimal potencies that are body ready. Because Living Nutrients are fermented whole foods rather than synthetics, the body recognizes them as food which leads to better absorption.

1950s - Synthetics/Isolates

  • Example: dl-alpha tocopherol (Vitamin E)
  • Source: Coal tar
  • Issues: Synthetic
  • Advantages: Cheap
  • Example: USP Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C)
  • Source: Corn
  • Issues: Highly Processed
  • Advantages: Cheap

1970s - Chelates

  • Example: Calcium
  • Source: Minerals bound to amino acids
  • Issues: Expensive; Only Available for minerals
  • Advantages: Better absorption

1980s - "Food Based"

  • Example: Spirulina
  • Source: Vitamins & minerals from whole foods
  • Issues: Very low potency; Often mixed with isolates
  • Advantages: Natural food source unless mixed with isolates

2000s - Living Nutrients

  • Example: Living Nutrients
  • Source: Natural Poten-Zyme fermentation process
  • Issues: More expensive than cheaper forms
  • Advantages: Natural body-ready form; Broad complement of nutritional cofactors; Mega benefit without mega dose; Easier on the stomach; Better safety

The Power of Garden of Life's Fermentation Process

The foundation of Garden of Life's Poten-Zyme process is probiotic fermentation. Fermentation has been an important part of healthful food preparation in the U.S. and the world for centuries. It is a natural process that uses probiotic bacteria and beneficial yeasts to produce easily digestible supplements high in nutritional value. The natural fermentation process that began with grains and dairy led to the development of some of our most popular foods today including beer, wine, cheese and yogurt. Fermentation is a natural part of the digestive process. In fact, a healthy body contains more probiotic micro-organisms in the digestive tract than total cells in the body. Garden of Life's symbiotic relationship with probiotic micro-organisms is critical to good health and vitality.

Fermented foods contain several billion beneficial organisms or good bacteria. These beneficial organisms produce numerous enzymes that help promote the growth of healthy flora throughout the gastrointestinal tract. Friendly bacteria, known as Lactobacilli proliferate in fermented foods. These friendly bacteria help support your body's immune system, aid in digestion and increase nutrient levels.

Garden of Life pioneered the Poten-Zyme process to bring you the benefits of fermentation in a convenient and concentrated form, creating a new generation of body-friendly, highly absorbable nutritional supplements that provide mega benefit without the mega dose.

Garden of Life's Exclusive Poten-Zyme Process

At Garden of Life, we believe that proper nutrition is essential to overall good health and that the most complete source of nutrition comes from whole foods. That's why we created the proprietary Poten-Zyme process. This advanced fermentation process uses living probiotic organisms and their enzymes to transform nutrients into bioactive forms that your body can easily assimilate. The resulting Living Nutrients are complexes of vitamins and minerals that have been potentiated by our process and converted to a more body friendly form. Living Nutrients contain the necessary cofactors required for proper absorption and utilization, including enzymes, amino acids, antioxidants, probiotics, probiotics and organic acids.

Whole food supplements have high nutritional value because they contain natural bioactive compounds called phytonutrients which are well documented for their role in optimizing overall health. It is estimated that there may be more than 100 different phtonutrients in a single serving of vegetables.

How Does Garden of Life's Exclusive Poten-Zyme Process Work?

There are two important phases to our exclusive Poten-Zyme process.

In the first phase, a select variety of probiotic microorganisms, also known as live cultures, are introduced into a base vitamin and mineral blend. Under exacting time and temperature conditions, these bioactive probiotic cultures begin to breakdown the cell walls of whole foods and nutrients making them more body ready and easier to digest.

In addition, the vitamins, minerals and other nutrients bind to the cell walls of probiotic cultures, converting them into a food form that is easily recognized by the body.

The second phase of the Poten-Zyme process completes the conversion to Living Nutrients through the introduction of a second set of live probiotic cultures, including Lactobacillus plantarum, which are normally found in the human gut. Lactobacillus produces lactic acid and acts as a chelating agent to complete the assimilation of nutrients into a food form. Our selection of unique probiotic strains results in a low pH once the fermentation process is complete. During the final phase of fermentation, yeast is eliminated and the vitamins and minerals are converted into a body-friendly food form.

The end result of Garden of Life's proprietary Poten-Zyme process sis predigested nutrients in a "living" food-form that are gentle on your stomach and easily absorbed by your body.

This Poten-Zyme process is exclusive to Garden of Life and distinguishes our formulas from other supplements available in the market today.

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