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Fungal Defense® FAQs for Improved Formula

Q: Why did Garden of Life change the formula of Fungal Defense®?
A: Fungal Defense® has been reformulated with different ingredients to effectively assist the body in maintaining a healthy gut flora.* Fungal Defense® is designed to be used for 15 days to start the process, prior to commencing Primal Defense' or Primal Defense® ULTRA. Additionally the new caplets are smaller and easier to swallow.

Q: What are the new ingredients in the reformulated Fungal Defense® and why were they added?
A: The new ingredients in Fungal Defense® include Sweet Basil (Ocimum basilicum), Lemongrass (Cymbopogon citratus) and Cinnamon bark (Cinnamon cassia). These traditional herbs and spices were selected to add to the overall effectiveness of the product.

Q: Have any ingredients been taken out of the product?
A: Yes. Fungal Defense® no longer contains probiotics. Garden of Life believe that for optimal effectiveness, probiotics are best introduced after the 15 days suggested use to help maintain a healthy gut flora.

Q: What stayed the same?
A: The Enzyme Blend and the Poten-Zyme Blend have the same ingredients, although the names of the blends have been slightly changed. Olive Leaf and Oregano are still included in the product but are now listed as part of the Herbal blend.

Q: Who will benefit from using Fungal Defense®?
A: Normally fungal cells such as Candida albicans are found at low levels in a healthy digestive tract. Fungal Defense® is designed for adult men and women who wish to maintain a healthy balance of fungal and yeast like organisms in their digestive tract.*

Q: What is the difference between Fungal Defense® and Primal Defense?
A: Fungal Defense® contains select herbal ingredients chosen to help create an environment in the digestive system that is inhospitable to fungal cells.* Primal Defense TM is designed to help maintain a healthy gut flora after using Fungal Defense® for 15 days according to label directions. *

Q: What is the suggested use for Fungal Defense®?
A: The new suggested usage of Fungal Defense is in line with the reformulation and much easier to follow. As part of a 15 day regimen, adults take 1 caplet three times per day for the first two days. After two days increase usage to 2 caplets three times per day for the next 13 days. Best taken on an empty stomach with 8 ounces of purified water.

Q: Are there any contraindications or warnings for Fungal Defense®?
A: As with any dietary supplement consult your healthcare practitioner before using this product, especially if you are pregnant, nursing or under medical supervision. This product is not intended for children.

Q: Is Fungal Defense® suitable for vegetarians and does it contain dairy?
A: Fungal Defense® is 100% vegetarian. This product does not contain dairy and is free of artificial colors and preservatives.

Q: What is the shelf Life of Fungal Defense®?
A: Fungal Defense® has a 3 year shelf life.

Q: Can Fungal Defense® be used more than once a year?
A: No, Garden of Life recommends using Fungal Defense® just one time as a starter product before taking Primal Defense or Primal Defense ULTRA. There is no need to repeat it.

Q: Can you take Fungal Defense® with Primal Defense?
A: No, the label directions for Fungal Defense® suggest that this product should only be taken for 15 days, then discontinue Fungal Defense® and start taking Primal Defense or Primal Defense® ULTRA according to label directions.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is nto intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

As of May 2006.

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