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Excerpts from "Patient Heal Thyself" by Jordan Rubin
from Garden of Life

Dr. Brasco is a board-certified gastroenterologist. Here's what he says about the value of HSOs in his own practice and why he thinks they are so essential to our health and well-being:

Eating vegetables directly out of the soil as part of food was good for primitive man. The organisms living in that soil caused primal man to thrive. But today it's different! Given the paranoia that modern men and women in western society feel against ingesting soil of any kind, these ancient soil-based organisms no longer are part of our food supply.

Yes, times do change! It used to be that a pioneering farmer working his fields, the so-called 'sod-buster,' who became hungry simply dug into the ground, pulled up some carrots, brushed off the dirt, and chomped away on vegetables containing the residual dirt and all. The farmer kept his gastrointestinal tract functioning well by ingesting these extracurricular homeostatic soil organisms.

But that's not the way it is anymore. So fastidious are residents of Western industrialized nations that too much cleanliness has become somewhat detrimental to one's gastrointestinal tract. We have to eat dirt once in a while.


Dr. Joseph Brasco says Primal Defense is for Everyone

"I believe that Primal Defense is applicable as a food supplement for everyone, whether a person is sick of not," notes Dr. Brasco. "The probiotic microorganisms found in this formula are proven to be helpful for the enhancement of health and prolongation of life. Such proof has been shown ever since mankind inhabited the Earth.

Primitive man absorbed the product's soil-based organisms from the environment in different ways; for instance, he buried meat and other food in the ground as a form of preservation. Such meat would combine with soil-based bacteria and be eaten to become a part of the human physiology, thus changing into what science now identifies as body-based organisms. Such friendly microorganisms, having established themselves in the human gut, create an environment for optimizing human nutrition.

"Where Primal Defense kicks in is that its microorganisms are unlike other probiotics or beneficial gut bacteria. Rather they are quite unique. Their homeostatic soil organisms maintain intrepid health for modern men and women the way primitive man experience it. Where people specifically find advantage in using Primal Defense is in situations involving chronic disease of gut origin.

Since my expertise lies in the area of gastrointestinal disorders, this product is a primary therapy that I utilize on a routine basis. Certainly with my seeing patients suffering from inflammatory bowel disease, it is one of the main tools I employ for treatment. I use this probiotic, which combines predigested plant nutrients from cereal grass juices and micro algaes in a formulation that is ever being improved, exactly as the manufacturer dictates.

I give everyone a trial on Primal Defense. My standard procedure is to work up a patient to his or her optimal dosage and then maintain that does as long as it's effective. So, I use it both preventively and therapeutically because the product's homeostatic soil organisms have definitely been part of the human diet for many thousands of years. Only, the HSOs have been lost as a result of our modern food processing methods. People with arthritis, chronic constipation, Crohn's disease, colitis, and other gut-linked systemic conditions improve by supplementing with the Primal Defense whole food ingredients.

"Allow me to offer an illustrating case history. About sixteen months ago, Marion Frome, an eighteen-year-old manicurist from a nearby Illinois town, consulted me for the treatment of Crohn's disease. She arrived after many forms of therapy had failed her. It was only after I prescribed Primal Defense that her diarrhea came under control, abdominal cramping stopped, malabsorption corrected itself, and fistulae around her anus healed. She had an exceeding positive response, and my perception has been that this is standard procedure for Primal Defense. My medical associate has had similar experiences with the product, too."


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