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What Our Customers Have To Say About Us

Thank you so much for your quick, quick service and "human" contact! Flattening one box to fit in was great! Do you know how many companies ship small amounts in oversized boxes and cost more in the shipping??! Thank you for your consideration of us :-) We will be back, I know, when we need this again; and I'm going to just check other things on your site as I was very busy that day and didn't get to look around.

-Danelle B.

Dear Pamela,

I wanted to say a quick thank you for the effort put into packaging my VSL#3 probiotics. As they are perishable, I was worried whether they would survive the long journey over to Australia. But they had been so thoroughly package, wrapped in foil with ice packs, then double wrapped, that they were still cool when they arrived a week later. So thank you very much for this.

Buying VSL#3 from your website (even with shipping costs), is half the cost of buying it in Australia, making it affordable. I have severe Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and after only 2 days of being on VSL#3, the chronic constipation stopped and I finally had regular bowl movements which is a great. So thanks for being such an affordable and helpful site.

Best wishes

-Nat K.


I just want to commend you for great customer service - this is my second VSL order from you and both times it has arrived very quickly and still cool - I plan to continue.

-Tom H.


It is my husband who is using VSL#3 for ulcerative colitis and it is truly a miracle. He is experiencing very few intestinal bouts and much relief as a result of it.

He has also recently been prescribed Low Dose Naltrexone in conjunction with the VSL#3 and has pretty much returned to normal digestive functioning.

Joyce T.

WOW! It was just delivered! Very speedy!!

Thank you!
Judy S.

I have had a J pouch since 1990, and since I live in a small town in southeast Alaska we are not up to date here with the different conditions and treatments to maintain a healthy pouch as well as quality of life. I think I have been suffering unnecessarily for many years with reoccurrences of pouchitis, and as I have learned, I never really got rid of the cuffitis.

I have taken at least 9 courses of antibiotics in the last year and possibly as many as 12 as I haven't been keeping close track. Because of this I recently typed "pouchitis" into a google search and found the pouchitis forum. This has been a big help for me and this is where I learned of VSL3. I decided to give it a try and was pleased with the results, although I really haven't figured out what kind of doses I need or what time of day would be the best for taking, but I noticed a immediate relief…as well as my frequency and strong urge to go to the bathroom lessened. I did not keep track of how many packets I had been using and didn't order the second batch soon enough and ended up with a reoccurrence of pouchitis because of this.

Since I have been to my doctor here, and he prescribed me VSL#3 DS…I am expecting any day to receive a three month supply of one packet per day, which I hope will work for me as per the study where 85% remained pouchitis free for a year, which I found on the forum.

I am hopeful that this is the miracle I have been hoping for to help me to live with this pouch. My lifestyle has changed from that of being a healthy, active outdoors guy who weighed 170 lbs prior to a bout of Ulcerative Colitis that wouldn't go away and required surgery to survive, to a not real active guy who now weighs 230. I could not be active like I was prior to surgery, because of the pain…and bleeding I have suffered with since the J pouch, and which I thought was just something I had to suffer with! I also have not had many good nights sleep since the J pouch, as I had to get up and go to the bathroom every 1.5-2.0 hours at night to prevent an accident, and when I started using VSL3 I was amazed that I found I could go 4-6 hours without getting up. This has been a Godsend for me and I am hopeful that this will help me to be able to be more active and lose weight and overall improve my health and quality of life.

Byron W

My wife and I married for 7 years before I started to give up on having a baby...doctors told us that we'd have to have some procedures done that would have cost close to 14,000 Dollars. I tried Proceptin...A about 4 months later, My wife was about 16 weeks pregnant...Our son Yazid is 9 months old now...He is a very healthy baby...

Daniel D.

Hi Pamela,

I wanted to provide you with some information you may or may not know... I came close to death a few years back and it was noted I had Polycystic Kidney Disease, which requires a Kidney transplant or death... Of course Dialysis was out of the question, as it only prolongs the pain and suffering you go through just to see if someone will donate a Kidney to you and then it is not a sure thing it will take... My sweet and lovely wife Marie asked to be checked to see if she could become a match, of course the doctors said there was one in a million that she would... She insisted and they started to check her out which lasted for months doing the tests, and all along I was getting weaker and sicker... To make a long story short, my wife matched 100% across the board and so she became the living donor for me and I now proudly tell people to never give up hope... My wife ended up saving me from certain death and she did not hesitate one second to say 'I Love You and I want you to live'...

I needed to tell you this little story with additional information as to why Marie and I are taking OMX... With a Kidney transplant you have to watch what you eat, drink, etc... We both are very SENSITIVE to MSG in any shape or form. I have for a very long time had IBS or that is what they call it, I call it stomach upset in the worst form... Of course also with a Kidney transplant I DO NOT have an immune system due to the Kidney transplant... My wife and I started doing many hours of research on Migraines, IBS, etc, etc... We found your website by accident and noticed your product was the best on the market and it DID NOT have other junk in it as all of the others do, so we decided to give it a try... It cleared up my stomach problems right away, so I can say after years of stomach upset it is finally gone... Thank You for that.

Daniel D.

...Since I have been taking probiotics I have noticed my Gerd is nearly gone away. I will always take probiotics as my routine forever!!. I Had my appendix removed in 2006 after it ruptured in the middle of a well known colon cleanse kit on TV I was taking. I wish I had known about probiotics a long time ago...

Jeffrey D.

Thanks, Pamela...this is my third order with your company and I have always been pleased with my orders and your responses.

It's always good to do business with a company of integrity!

Have a great day.

Frank K.

I'd love to tell you how OMX worked for me. I took 10 pills a day for just short of a month. I must have colonized myself better this time, using the 10 pills a day, than I did by just taking 2 pills a day from the start. Being lactose intolerant.....I usually have horrible gas, bloating, and diarrhea from the tiniest bit of lactose. Since taking the mega-doses of OMX, I have been eating increasingly larger amounts of cheeses and foods containing milk with either no effects, or at the worst, an unnoticeable bit of gas. Some of the things I'm able to eat now would have sent me screaming to the bathroom in past years!

The key, apparently, was to start with the high loading doses. I've taken probiotics for years....but never forked out the money to do a loading month. I'm glad I did. I might have done even better with 3 months of loading doses, but that would have cost me about $700.

Also, in the near future, I hope to be having some corrective surgery. I plan on loading again prior to surgery, in the hopes of staving off any possible staph or MRSA infections....

Besides taking the probiotics for lactose intolerance, my other reasons for taking it are to increase digestion of food and absorption of vitamins, and because of one doctor's report on how many of her pituitary tumor patients had their tumors shrink from taking large amounts of probiotics.....

Cindy A.

Hi Pamela,

Thank you for the recent newsletter on digestion. I recently experienced first hand the importance of digestion and probiotics, as it relates to my grand daughter. Her name is Sammy Jo, and she is 8 months old. Beautiful baby, to be sure, but I have been really worried about her. I have just had the sense that something wasn't right, and that she wasn't well. She has been the most colicky baby I have ever seen. My poor daughter has been stressed to the point of exhaustion.

I recently discovered the world of probiotics myself to help me recover my health after having been on over 30 separate rounds of antibiotics in a 3 year period. My blood count for yeast was 5+++. (Normal is 1-4) I ordered some probiotics for my grand daughter, and within only a few days, she started taking good naps, and the colic went away. Sammy is like a different baby. My daughter and I are delighted. It makes one wonder, what would Sammy's life have been like, without probiotics? Would she have had a life of food allergies, autoimmunes diseases, fatigue, and general ill-health and unhappiness? I think the probiotics is one of the most important things a parent can do for their children period!! I am very thankful that I discovered it!!

Paul T. - Alexandria, MN

Dear Pamela,

You are so kind to intercept my order and exchange the product that I ordered in error before it went out. Thank you!
I have been so impressed with your service and will make sure all my future orders are with you!
Thank you so much!
Garden of life and natural medicine are all new to me and I am thankful to have found a place where I can get good service to help me.

Thank you again!
Chrystal S. - Evans, Georgia.

Hi Pamela

Just a note to say thanks so much for your prompt and professional service. I was astounded to find a delivery man on my doorstep, on Tuesday afternoon, only one week after I placed my 'rush ship' order.

We will certainly make use of your company again.

Thanks again.
Lana O. - Gauteng, South Africa.

I am 23 years old. I would like to say that OM-X is an amazing product! I dealt with high food sensitivities that either left me on extremely strict dietary restrictions or left me suffering because I didn't follow all of the guidelines. I have taken several prescription meds, over the counter meds and herbs. None of them helped much and some of them only made my symptoms worse. After not even taking the full dose of OM-X, for the first time in about 6 months I have been able to eat "normal foods" like everyone else for about a week now. Although it feels like thanksgiving to me I know that I must find a balance and eat healthy for the long run but I truly was under the impression for the longest time that to ever enjoy my favorite foods again (even during the holidays) meant suffering "not so worth it" consequences. For all of you who have suffered with intestinal problems, know that you are not alone. I really believe that this product would help you. Please try it! It may even cure your symtoms! It seems too good to be true, I know-but it's not!

Pamela, I have also ordered the books from Jordan Rubin "Restoring Your Digestive Health" and "Patient Heal Thyself"
I am looking forward to reading them!!!

Sarah J. - Seale, AL

It's really a pleasure making business with you given that problems are rapidly solved and delivery is fast and last but not least your products are great
...Many thanks to all of you and best regards.

Alain T. - Vendrennes, France.


I have a praise to share with you regarding the results of my blood work-up at my annual physical examination. I took him the information he had requested about the prescriptions and over the counter products I was taking including a short description of the probiotic products. He couldn't believe that I was off all antibiotics, steroid inhalers and all other meds except Synthroid, nor that I had gained weight plus all the other improvements I had told you about. He said he was pleased so far but said he would do a complete blood work-up and let me know the results, esp. re. my high liver enzymes, anemia, elevated BUN, etc. I told him that I guaranteed him that my blood work would be perfect. I received the report Saturday, and I had to laugh at the beginning of the letter as follows "As you predicted, you will be pleased with the blood work. It shows you to be on the correct dose of thyroid medicine and shows no significant kidney, liver or electrolyte problems. the cholesterol is well within normal range. The elevated BUN has actually improved. A complete blood count and urinalysis were done and these were normal."

Thanks again for being such a big help to me regarding the products and the amounts that I should be taking. I am actually drinking some of the Ganocafe each morning, and it is not so bad. I have given others the information regarding where they can get these products. I told them what a big help you had been to me.

Eileen L. TN, USA


Thank you for the swift and smooth transaction-and the products that actually perform better than advertised! You have my appreciation and gratitude-and so does your company.

With warm regards,

Dear Ecology Health Center,

i started taking probiotics about 8 months ago. i was diagnosed with an inflammation of the bowel, in 2001, and was given rowasa suppositories. they never helped, in fact the bleeding, and mucous, got worse. after three years of bleeding and running to the bathroom with out warning, i started searching the web, when i ran across a probiotics website. i decided to give it a try, and it has literally changed my life! i have no fear of any episodes, and go about my life normally. im so happy and greatful i found this wonderful product. i still see occasional blood, which i feel will diminish with time, but the mucous which was a huge problem, is completely gone now! i also am 58 years old and have so much energy, its amazing what i accomplish every day! i have the regular first thing in the morning bowel movement and feel completely safe the rest of the day. i highly recommend this to any one suffering with bowel problems. one a day works for me! i plan to stay with this as long as it takes, and then more some.
happy in penna. M

Dear Pamela,

I am glad to tell you, I 've received your parcel safely this afternoon, everything's OK.
I buy all my books from Amazon.com, you can compete with them, for the fastness of delivery.(lol) Ten days from my ordering to my door. Awesome!

Many thanks for the book I had forgotten to ask I am glad I have chosen you at random :-) among so many on the US Web market.

On Cure zone' forums I have heard so many people happy with those two product, now I cross my fingers for the days to come.

All the best,

Pamela, I would like to share my 13 yr. old daughter's experience with "colits,crohns, ibd, we are not sure" and how probiotics saved her from at the very least a surgeons knife!!!! We have been spreading the word to everyone we know who has any digestive problems. To make a long story short she went from 76 lbs to 96 lbs in no time at all and is now doing fine. The point I am making is people need to know the story, and I have thought of writing a book but it really is out of my area of expertise. If you would like to know the details of our experience of a lifetime at the hands of the medical profession we would love to share them. We have gone from 20 trips to the bathroom a day, blood, pain, weight loss, hair loss, and all the rest to a happy, healthy 13 yr. old in 3 months!!!! Thanx for your consideration and we are just looking to help others who are suffering, especially the kids!!!

Joe and Renee G.

Thank you, Pamela. By the way, I really enjoyed going through your website and reading the bulletin board. I admire the fact that you stay in personal touch with your customers. I'll visit again.


Regarding the OMX, I think I gave you a testimonial before so I'll make this short and sweet. It has nearly cured me of my IBS. I still have bloating once in a great while if I'm not careful with my diet. I no longer have the very painful attacks that led me to the hospital and no more migraines that would accompany them. Even after 4 rounds of antibiotics in the last 4 months. This is my miracle pill and I am so thankful for it. It has changed my life!

Maria G.

thanks for the quick feedback. you guys are great.


Thank you very much for your prompt response and professional service. Have a great day.

Stacey C.

I love The Maker's Diet Program and Success Kit. Thanks you for immediate communication when I inquired about it as well as your prompt delivery and making the individual parts available.

Barbara F.

Your site is so informative, I haven't seen one quite like that. I like the way you focus on education. It has helped me tremendously. I was a little nervous to try holistic meidicine before that. Your on going email support is the best. Hope you don't mind me emailing so often.

Tracy T.

My shipment to Australia was received in 10 days. That's fantastic. I admire your commitment to your customers. Keep up the good work.

Vanya Y.

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