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Customer Testimonials

I want to say a big 'thank you' for ALL the help you have given me. I never realized that there were alternatives to treating Crohns disease other than what my doctor told me. I must admit, it wasn't easy to change my diet like that and then swallow all those pills! But it was worth it. Now, its 10 months later and I fell like a new person. Thanks for all the phone support and emails. I could never have done it with out you.
Jaime S

Who would have thought that taking those probiotics in therapeutic amounts would make such a difference to my BMs. I would see the ads on TV and just ignore them, really. But the ones that you have are really good. My BMs are normal now - no more diarrhea! Just wanted you to know.
Karen Z

I wonder why the doctors say that Crones is incurable. My crones is under control now. All I did was follow the instructions that you gave me. It was challenging, but it worked so I'm happy I persevered. Thank you Crohns.net. I wish my doctor would listen to me.
Kenny G

Your prices are good. Your girls on the phone are great. Your delivery is quick and efficient. What more can a man want. Thanks a lot.
Paul D

I much prefer to be shopping on line at your website than any of the big shopping websites for supplements. I like the way you give loads of information about each poduct. I have learned so much from reading information on your site. And what I really wanted to tell you is that my IBS is all better now. Thanks to YOU
Berry F

Thank you for the interesting monthly news in your e-zine. I am looking forward to hearing from you in the future. This is a valuable and honorable thing you do, helping people to help themselves take charge of their health, their very lives is truly miracle work. You have given me hope with my crohns where there was none. The info you provide has really turned my thinking around and I have brought some products that have effectively shutdown the crohns' disease. I am currently enjoying the longest crohns free period in my life. Knowledge is power.
Thank you.
Simon T

My name is Derric , I live in Tucson Arizona. I was diagnosed with Crohns almost 5 years ago. I am now 39 and live a normal life. Really! I had chronic diarrhea and had to at times run to the bathroom in pain during times of flair ups. I told the doctor I worked with that I did not want to be on any type of medication if it could be helped. I liked to do things in a more natural way. Well I woke up from the procedure at home. (How my wife got me home I have no idea) I was taking Prednisone and Asocial (how ever you spell it). I was not happy about that, especially the Prednisone. To keep my wife happy I stayed on both. I found that my skin was starting to yellow. My joints ached terribly, even my eyes were yellowing. My personality was totally different, I became someone I was not. I called a friend in California who runs a health food store my friend was not in. So joking I asked her assistant I needed to talk to someone that has a cure for Crohns. She gave me a doctors phone number. I called him and he told me about himself and advised me to get in contact with Pamela at www.crohns.net. I did and did as she recommended. I started getting better almost instantly. I went back for my follow up visit with the doctor. I told him how fantastic I was doing and that I felt normal again. He took credit for it by telling me that the drugs today are fantastic. I asked him to review my chart and see if there was a note from his assistant telling him that I was no longer on the drugs. He at that time told me I was a liar and that I had not contacted his assistant. I was served by a registered letter that I would never be seen by him or his office again and that I was going to kill myself by not being on the medication.
Derric R

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