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Oral Sprays Vitamins - Testimonials

Jason F - California

I used to get sick all the time. First my nose would start running and then it would go to my chest. I hated taking medicines. i don't like the ones you get over the counter and i also don't like the big pills from the health food store. Then I found the spray vitamins on your website. I started using the Multiple Spray and B Complex every day. I was amazed to see how quickly I got better. Now I also use Slumber Spray for sleeping when I'm stressed or even the one that calms you and they work.

Ronald M. Lawrence, M.D., Ph.D. *

"The Intra-Oral Spray nutrient delivery system is the wave of the future. In my experience as a practicing physician, I find that Spray delivery not only guarantees that the patient gets most of the nutrient delivered faster and more efficiently into the blood stream, but it also avoids gastrointestinal tract problems present with so many oral capsules, tablets, and liquids."

"The Intra-oral Spray method of delivery ensures that you get the full amount of the nutrient. This is especially important not only with older adults, but also many younger people who often fail to absorb the nutrients they ingest."

* Dr. Lawrence is a former member of the National Advisory Council on Aging, National Institutes of Health, former Co-Chairman of the Sports Medicine council of the AAU, and author of 35 medical textbooks, research papers, and the consumer book, 'Goodbye Pain'. Dr Lawrence has appeared on over 300 radio and TV shows, as well as hosting the Ask the Doctor show. In 1976, he was awarded the prestigious Phillip Noel Baker Research Award by U.N.E.S.C.O. at the Montreal Olympics. His other accomplishments as a medical scientist would fill several pages.

Lynn Bolduc, Attorney at Law, L.A., CA (age 35)

Wonderful! I have never taken vitamins consistently in my life until these sprays Multi-Spray. I have more energy, have not gotten sick, and have not had the upset stomach I used to have with pill vitamins.

AJ Orozco, Lab Technician, San Diego,CA (age 28) *

Immediately after taking 3 sprays of B-Complex PLUS Spray, I got a burst of energy, with no shaking or jitters as what usually happens on taking B-12 as an intra-muscular injection. The response was in a matter of seconds, unlike the much longer delay with intra-muscular, and without the shaking and jitters side effects.

* Mr. Orozco was taking blood samples at the time for a spray B-12 test that showed a 20% increase in blood serum levels of B-12 within 15 minutes of spraying the B-Complex PLUS!

Jacqueline Harrison, Ms. Senior America of California 1991 (age 65)

When I was told about B-Complex PLUS Spray a few months ago, I explained that I was anemic and had been dealing with that problem on and off for many years. Always the same dilemma, either not tolerating the iron capsules, or spending a lot of time and money getting B-12 shots.

I started taking the spray B-Complex PLUS and immediately noticed that I no longer wanted to nap at every opportunity. In about 3 months of consistently using B-Complex PLUS as prescribed, I began to see the change in my color and the black circles under my eyes disappeared. No more iron capsules, and no more B-12 shots.

Now, I'm practically running my 15 minute "walk" every morning, go dancing 3 or 4 nights a week (and I am the last one to leave), and am able to handle personal and professional obligations - which include my elderly parents, as well as my duties as Ms. Senior America of California - without feeling stressed. I can't thank B-Complex PLUS enough for giving me back a new life!

Neil Turner, Carlsbad, CA (age 64)

My wife, who is in her early 60's, has been taking multi-vitamin supplements along with me for the last 2 years, mostly in oral-ingestion spray form. She's in excellent health, but had stiffness in her hands on awakening each morning.

I acquired a spray vial of Multi-Spray, a tasty (orange-cream flavor) mixture of all 90 essential nutrients, and asked her to try it, just for the taste of it. 2 days later (after taking 3 sprays, 3 times a day), she volunteered, "Neil, I don't give testimonials, so I'll only say this once. The arthritis pain in my fingers is gone, and I can move them freely again". (By the way, the taste is great, too).

Delighted with the results, I then sent a spray bottle to a 55-year-old friend in San Diego who has been using every kind of nutritional supplement for years. Two days later she called me: "Neil, I have a two story house, and, despite my overall excellent health, I always have pain in my knees when I go up and down stairs. It STOPPED!!" she exclaimed. "Thank you very, very, much".

As for myself, I realize that the occasional wake-up pains I get in my finger joints and my back have ceased! No more MAGIC BULLETS for me. An Multi-Spray SHOTGUN BLAST will do just fine.

Sandi Warner, Carlsbad, CA (Senior Citizen)

In the past, I always got bronchitis during the winter months, and was only able to overcome it with anti-biotics. I started using the 3 pack of Multi-Spray and B-Complex PLUS (Super REVITALIZER). Sprays every day, and have not had a recurring case of bronchitis since, and that was 4 years ago! What a great way to stay healthy.

Agnes Haake, Los Angeles, CA (Seventy-something)

Within a week of beginning the sprays Multi-Spray. I started feeling good again, waking up alert and energetic. I now go bicycling 2 times a week, sometimes 40 miles a day. My fingers often became numb while putting on my makeup, and I would have to stop and get the circulation going. It no longer happens. And I haven't had a cold in a year. Wow!

Dr. Gerhard N. Schrauzer, San Diego, CA (age 60)

I experienced an almost immediate sense of well-being. After a few days of taking the B-Complex PLUS Spray, my mood, mental alertness and memory strikingly improved, especially name recall.

Jamie L, Los Angeles, CA

I have been amazed at how well I sleep since I started using Slumber Spray every night - I just use 12 sprays and that's what it takes to keep me awak ALL night. And it works so fast as well..

Penelope J, Little Rock AK

I have been using Cardio Spray every day for a few months now. I went to see my regular doc and he was surprised how wll I am doing and how my blood wrok looks so good - I bet it was all because of the spray I use every day.

Gary Gordon, San Francisco, CA

I was told by my eye doctor to try and use some vitamins especially lutein after my eye surgery. Then I found the Vision Spray. It was great to have all the vitamins that he recommended in all in one spray. My eyes really feel better every day. And the spray is so easy to take - I keep it in my purse so I can take it any time I remember.

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