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Dr Ohhira Probiotics OMX from Essential Formulas Testimonials

Daniel D

I wanted to provide you with some information you may or may not know... I came close to death a few years back and it was noted I had Polycystic Kidney Disease, which requires a Kidney transplant or death... Of course Dialysis was out of the question, as it only prolongs the pain and suffering you go through just to see if someone will donate a Kidney to you and then it is not a sure thing it will take... My sweet and lovely wife Marie asked to be checked to see if she could become a match, of course the doctors said there was one in a million that she would... She insisted and they started to check her out which lasted for months doing the tests, and all along I was getting weaker and sicker... To make a long story short, my wife matched 100% across the board and so she became the living donor for me and I now proudly tell people to never give up hope... My wife ended up saving me from certain death and she did not hesitate one second to say 'I Love You and I want you to live'...

I needed to tell you this little story with additional information as to why Marie and I are taking OMX... With a Kidney transplant you have to watch what you eat, drink, etc... We both are very SENSITIVE to MSG in any shape or form. I have for a very long time had IBS or that is what they call it, I call it stomach upset in the worst form... Of course also with a Kidney transplant I DO NOT have an immune system due to the Kidney transplant... My wife and I started doing many hours of research on Migraines, IBS, etc, etc... We found your website by accident and noticed your product was the best on the market and it DID NOT have other junk in it as all of the others do, so we decided to give it a try... It cleared up my stomach problems right away, so I can say after years of stomach upset it is finally gone... Thank You for that.

Jeffrey D

...Since I have been taking probiotics I have noticed my Gerd is nearly gone away. I will always take probiotics as my routine forever!!. I Had my appendix removed in 2006 after it ruptured in the middle of a well known colon cleanse kit on TV I was taking. I wish I had known about probiotics a long time ago...

Liam C - Australia

I hope you are well. I'd just like to tell you that I had some blood tests recently and all results were up i.e. iron levels, haemoglobin, platelets etc. My specialist was very impressed and asked what I had been taking over the last 6 months. I said I would bring in the various supplements for him to look at on my next visit. I am convinced that the OMX has had the most affect on my blood and in reducing inflammation. although I still have a long way to go, I feel like I have taken a very big first step. Anyway, I would like to place an order for another 8 boxes of Dr Ohhira's OMX Probiotic.

Lazlow H - Hungary

I just wanted to drop you a line to tell you that my life has changed since using your OMX product. i no longer have the inflammation of my colon and rectum. I thought that I would suffer with Ulcerative colitis symptoms for ever. I never imagined that I would get rid of the chronic symtoms. Who is Dr Ohhira? Please will you send me more information about him. I wonder why he is not better known. Thank you for your help.

Jorge K - Sweden

Did you know that there are only few companies who will send to Sweden? I am thankful that you do. OMX has helped me more than any of the supplements you have sent me. The fungal infection that I had in my mouth cleared up quickly once you told me to chew those soft pills to open them up in my mouth. I had been struggling with the problem for a long time. I was very surprised when it worked.

Katya P - Cyprus

After 3 orders from your country, my symptoms of diarrhea and constipation has cleared up. I only have problems with little bit of pain in the abdomen when I eat bad things. I am very happy that I listened to your advice to take OMX probiotics. It was very expensive so I was very nervous. Now I am happy because it worked the way you said it would. Please send me 12 more boxes. I will start to cut down on the number of pills that I take every day. I will email you again when I need to ask more questions. Thank you for your help.

Elaine J - New York

Thank you for sending the OMX probiotics pills so quickly. I was very nervous to be without them. I did not remember that it was a holiday so I am happy that you made the special effort to get it to me in a rush. I want to tell you that now that I am feeling so much better, I have stopped taking all the vitamins for my digestion. All I take is 3 OMX probiotics every day and my bowel movements come every day without a problem.

Maria Manson - Alameda, CA

I just wanted to write you to thank you for advertising this OMX probiotics pill that has helped me so much. I have been taking it since September 2002. I take one a day and my Irritable Bowel Syndrome has nearly disappeared. Although I did have a very bad attack this wkd, I know I caused it by eating the wrong things. This was the first bad attack I have had where I had to go to the hospital since taking this OMX probiotics pill.

I order OMX probiotics every month and now my fiance is taking them to help with his ulcer. What is the best time to take OMX probiotic? I generally take it on an empty stomach between meals. Also, every year I suffer with bronchitis and sinusitis so I plan to order the Colostrum next.

I believe the antibiotics I took for bronchitis also had something to do with my recent attack. My fiance also started having problems with an ulcer after taking cipro for bronchitis. This Probiotic OMX pill is what I call my miracle pill from God. After many severe attacks of lying in bed by myself suffering and just praying for some help, God answered my prayer.
Thank you for your help!

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