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Coconut Oil - Testimonials

Hello my new friends at Crohns.net
It is a pleaure to do business with you. Your friendly staff wonderful. Your quick delivery is hard to beat. And what's more, you introduced me to cooking and baking with coconut oil. To be honest, I thought you were a little crazy when you first spoke about. Then I read Jordan's book and then I tried it. Now I love it and I think that it has helped me to lose some weight which is an added benefit to feeling much stronger since my surgery and enjoying my life more. Thanks a lot.

Dear Crohns.net,
I started using Coconut oil to cook my food after a read Jordna Rubin's recommendation. At first I did not like the smell and taste of it at all. But slowly that changed. Now I love it. And all that I have read about the dangers of trans fats and heating oil, I am so happy that I have found this pure coconut oiL. By the way, thank you for your prompt delivery. i will continue to order from you.

Dear Pam,
Your were right. I started using Coconut oil both to cook with and taking some every day and sure enough I did start to shead pounds slowly. I couldn't believe it. And my energy level has definitely increased so it must have something to do with my thyroid. Thank you for turning me on to it. I think I will always be using it.

To Whom it May Concern at Crohns.net
I think I was blessed to find you on the internet. I appreciate the support you offer. It makes me want to continue to do business with you. Thank you too for telling me about coconut oil. I started cooking with it. I love the chicken soup recipe that includes it. It's yummy and healthy too.

I finally found some coconut oil here in London. I have been using 3 tblsp per day for the past week and I am convinced after banging my head against the wall for the past year trying to lose weight that indeed I have hypothyroidism. My naturopath seems to feel so as well. I have had the blood test but it is not picking it up. The last week I used the coconut oil I had tons more energy and the I lost 2 lbs and 2% body fat. I have struggled terribly for the past year trying to lose 30 lbs. and within one week it's dropping off. Energy is high, bowel movements are more frequent (I'm constipated otherwise), sleep better, more focused, and I don't have those carb cravings. I have read all of Raymond Peat and Bruce Fife's information and it just makes sense. I thought I would try the oil and low and behold I got results.

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