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Lianne B Testimonial

Of all the probiotics I've taken, Primal Defense is most definitely the best one for me. I have been ordering it for 15 years from you. I so appreciate your consistent excellent service and prompt delivery. You always answer the phone and answer any questions I may have. That's a rare occurence in this day and age.

Debby L Testimonial

I've been ordering Garden of Life products from you recently. I take Primal Defense, FYI, RM-10 and Perfect Foods. I've had such good success with normalizing my bowels since I've been taking these products, most effective I believe is the Primal Defense.

Maryann B Testimonial

I have been taking Primal Defense faithfully since I started taking it that February or March of this year.

I still take 3 pills nightly. If I forget to take them, I do notice a change in my bowel system, then I will up a pill or two until I feel it is good to go back to taking the 3 a night. So I am still a firm believer that Primal Defense is still helping me out tremendously.

I had a Brain Tumor Surgery in September 2004. I am doing well, just having complications from the Tumor Removal. The area of where my Brain Tumor was has caused some nerve damage. MRI's that I have every 6 months are still good, no return of Tumor. Otherwise, I am doing well.

Just thought I would give you more of an update this time and to let you know that I list the "Primal Defense" on my list of medications that I take, that doctors always request, each time I go to my Neurologist, and other Specialists, and my Primary Doctor, as one of my medications that I take, and add the "why" as: for Colon Health. I am never questioned about it or told not to be taking it. Which I would probably ignore since I know it is helping me.

Have a great day,
Maryann B.

Colleen Testimonial

My naturopathic Dr. suggested that I take Primal Defense for problems with constipation. It is the only thing that has helped me. I have had constipation problems all my life and have tried many things but most of them just made others things worse and did not help with the constipation. I am so happy to have found this product. Thank you for checking.


Mar K Testimonial

i want to share my testimonials. i started taking (primal defense) about 8 months ago. i was diagnosed with an inflammation of the bowel, in 2001, and was given rowasa suppositories. they never helped, in fact the bleeding, and mucous, got worse. after three years of bleeding and running to the bathroom without warning, i started searching the web, when i ran across primal defense website. i decided to give it a try, and it has literally changed my life! i have no fear of any episodes, and go about my life normally. i only take one at bedtime and it does the trick! im so happy and greatful i found this wonderful product. i still see occasional blood, which i feel will diminish with time, but the mucous which was a huge problem, is completely gone now! i also am 58 years old and have so much energy, its amazing what i accomplish every day! i have the regular first thing in the morning bowel movement and feel completely safe the rest of the day. i highly rcommend this to any one suffering with bowel problems. one a day works for me! i plan to stay with this as long as it takes, and then some.

Natalie H Testimonial

An emergency appendectomy followed by complications left me with Crohn's disease, and I can't describe the relief that came into my life when I found crohns.net, Jordan Rubin's book "Patient Heal Thyself," and Garden of Life supplements. I went from being unable to digest anything, bedridden, in constant pain and unable to stray more than 20 feet from the bathroom, to being pain-free able to function normally. Primal Defense, FYI, and Omega-Zyme are the bedrock foundation of my recovery. I also use Perfect Food and Goatein regularly. I can't express how grateful I am for being able to feel normal again with the help of these supplements.
Thank you for being there for me and others like me.
Many Blessings,
Natalie H

Derric R - Tucson, Arizona - Testimonial

My name is Derric , I live in Tucson Arizona. I was diagnosed with Crohns almost 5 years ago. I am now 39 and live a normal life. Really! I had chronic diarrhea and had to at times run to the bathroom in pain during times of flair ups. I told the doctor I worked with that I did not want to be on any type of medication if It could be helped. I liked to do things in a more natural way. Well I woke up from the procedure at home. (How my wife got me home I have no Idea) I was taking Prednisone and Asocial (how ever you spell it). I was not happy about that, especially the Prednisone. To keep my wife happy I stayed on both. I found that my skin was starting to yellow. My joints ached terribly, even my eyes were yellowing. My personality was totally different, I became someone I was not.

I called a friend in California who runs a health food store my friend was not in. So joking I asked her assistant I needed to talk to someone that has a cure for Crohns. She gave me a doctors phone number. I called him and he told me about him self and advised me to get in contact with Pamela at www.crohns.net . I did and did as she recommended. I started getting better almost instantly.

I went back for my follow up visit with the doctor. I told him how fantastic I was doing and that I felt normal again. He took credit for it by telling me that the drugs today are fantastic. I asked him to review my chart and see if there was a note from his assistant telling him that I was no longer on the drugs. He at that time told me I was a liar and that I had not contacted his assistant. I was served by a registered letter that I would never be seen by him or his office again and that I was going to kill myself by not being on the medication.

Does Primal Defense work? As you can see by my story It changed my life.

I now lead a normal life, I still am very shy about dairy products. But that is about it. I do have a beer and wine occasionally. My strength is fantastic and in fact I'm starting to get fat. I have three boys, 12 14 and 16. Each one of them play competitive soccer, I am one of their coaches.

One thing that also helps "is" no matter how you feel, tell yourself you are feeling great! I wrote on a peace of paper every day "I am healthy" fifteen times! Please add to your testimonials
Derric R

Anthony Coiro - Toronto, Canada - Testimonial

I would sincerely like to take this opportunity and time to give you my testimonials and convey my personal experience with the usage of the product-Primal Defense'" HSO- Immune Formula. To this date, words alone cannot express enough how immensely pleased and satisfied I am with achieving some positive benefits and significant improvements in my health. In December of 1996, after complaints of finding traces of blood in my formed stools, I was diagnosed with proctitis, an inflammatory bowel disease primarily confined to the sigmoid of the lower rectum. Subsequently, as the year and months progressed my symptoms grew worse-left side bloating and pain of the left side, inflammation, rectal bleeding, blood mucus, uncontrollable bowel movements, up to five to seven times per day and weight loss. Obviously the condition had been deteriorating over time and the last colonoscopy had revealed that there was inflammation, sores, and ulceration now along the entire descending colon along the left side of the large intestine. The doctor's prognosis was ulcerative colitis.

In the course of the last four years I have seen no fewer than four gastro-enterologist specialists and consulted with numerous alternative health care providers ranging from holistic doctors, Traditional Chinese doctors, homeopathic doctors, certified herbalists, naturopaths, Tibetan doctors and so forth. I had been prescribed and experimented with all known traditional herbs, supplements, and endless remedies documented to aid and/or alleviate and treat bowel diseases, but to no avail.

Then in late April with hope dwindling, I was encouraged to try the Primal Defense HSO Immune Formula. I was reluctant at first, but after reading some literature and one specific booklet called Beyond Probiotics, I resigned myself to giving it a go. 1 followed the protocol out-lined in the booklet and after several weeks I started to notice some positive benefits in my condition. Going forward, the improvement gradually continued to a point where today I can report that I have no pain or discomfort on the left side, no bloating, no visible sign of blood or mucus from the rectum or in the stools, one to two formed bowel movements a day, and my weight has increased by seventeen pounds.

I have to thank the Lord God Jesus for that encounter with Jerry who introduced me to the Primal Defense product, for it was truly a blessing that has had a profound impact not only on my health but also on my life.
Yours truly

Pete C - Testimonial

I want to give you something to add to your testimonials and some feedback on probiotics. I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis at the age of 23. Fifteen years ago my excellent doctors and specialists told me there was no cure for me. I had a 20 cm ulcer that has remained almost the same for 15 years. I was told to take sulfasalazine to reduce inflammation. I avoided my doctors for fifteen years because they all wanted was to give me a colonoscopy. I had only 10 doctors visits since and I figured why waste my time. I had all the symptoms: bloody stools, diarrhea, bloating and gas, joint and backs pains, mucus in the stools, loss of hearing, headaches, acne, acid indigestion, tested positive for Lactose intolerance at Dartmouth Hitchcock Hospital, felt tired and weak, body swelling, fluid in the sinuses and sometimes many trips to the bathroom. A month ago I experience my first acid reflux in the middle of the night that burned my voice box.

I woke up choking on acid and I started to get really concerned about my health again. I started on Zantac and I felt terrible. After two weeks on Zantac, I consumed some Yoplait Yogurt and noticed a decrease in the number of trips to the restroom. I knew about the bacteria in yogurt and concluded this is what my body needed. I searched for a deal for the new enteric coated sulfasalazine on the internet but I had no luck and called Costco pharmacy. While surfing the internet I found a web sight on probiotics. I was only somewhat interested on the subject so I book marked the web page. A few days later I discovered Crohns.net and ordered Primal Defense and other probiotics.

Almost over night all my gas and indigestion disappeared. My stomach is now happy and so am I. Primal Defense works much better than Zantac and all the other antacids on the market. Market Primal Defense next to antacids at the drug stores and it's the end of an industry.

Five days later my bloody stools disappeared and now bowel movements are almost normal. Fluid drained from my ears and I can hear much better. My headaches are gone and this means no more pain killers for me. Acne had cleared up and facial hair growth has slowed down. I have lost five pounds of toxic waste and body fluid. My energy is back and I feel like I am on steroids. I no longer take sulfasalazine and cancelled my prescription at Costco. I believe that sulfalazine caused many of my health problems because of the small amount of antibiotics in the drug. Over time my good bacteria was destroyed by the medicine that was supposed to make me feel better. My father was filled solid with the worst case of Candida yeast ever seen at the medical center in Vermont and I plan to introduce him to probiotices. My father once had a diet of home made yogurt, feta cheese, lamb, oregano, garlic, olive oil and fresh vegetables. I think we both need to change our diets and reduce sugar intake and junk food. I cannot wait until my next colonoscopy!


Treated a patient (Maria Strang) infected with Lyme Disease with soil organisms. After ten days of taking 10 capsules of Primal Defense, she had her strength and vitality completely restored. Murray also treated Manfred Rechsheim, a twenty-eight year-old construction worker. He suffered from red hot, open, bleeding sores all over his body and on his face. He felt emotionally depressed, had been fired from his job for absences caused by the skin lesions, and offered a long history of taking therapies. Operating on the theory that the skin is a reflection of the state of health of the gastrointestinal tract, she gave him Primal Defense. "He took twenty capsules a day for six weeks until the skin lesions were entirely gone," says Dr. Murray. "They just disappeared. Frankly, I was amazed at the result. Today he takes five a day as a preventive measure, with his skin remaining smooth, clear, and flawless."

Leslie Dann - Testimonial

I found you on the internet while searching remedies for Crohn's disease and chronic yeast infections. Since taking Primal Defense as suggested for many months now I am symptom free for both conditions. I have completely stopped taking Asacol as prescribed by my doctor for Crohn's. I can't help being convinced that the two conditions are related and doctors just can't "see" it.

Fani A,Cyprus

I'd like to let you know that I am very well. After a few days of taking Clear Energy, I felt I had Hercules energy and had grown nails!!! Yes my nails would always break easily. Also, for years I have been trying to overcome heart palpitations and a mixed state of "nervousness-anxiety-mental exhaustion-hyperactive". After a few days of Clear Energy, I felt normal. I tried meditation, all sorts of pills to "relax", etc.. but nothing worked. Obviously, my nervous system lacked some essential vitamins, and so it was not working properly. Since a flare up in December, I was very weak, and my nervous system not functioning well, as I felt "cloudy" mentally, and would have days where I just felt really bad, physically and mentally. A friend of mine will bring me some more of the miracle cure from Minnesota. I also am hoping to conceive soon and am sure Garden of Life products and Primal Defense will help tremendously.
Thanks again

Vicki Westlund, N.C., Charlotte, North Carolina

I am a nutritional counselor and here is my testimonial. I who work with autistic children. I became interested in the alternative health field when I began searching for answers for my own autistic child. Autism by definition can cover a broad range of issues/symptoms, anything from lack of communication and speech, to ritualistic behaviors. When I work with parents of autistic children, I request that they NOT tell teachers, therapists and relatives, but to allow the outside world to tell US what they are seeing. Some of the results I've been seeing with my autistic population are as follows: better eye contact, less hyperactivity, more language, better cognitive ability, more focus.

I have also noted that the children that were experiencing bowel difficulty, in the form of diarrhea, had their problems rectified with only a few doses of the HSOs. In my own son's condition I have documented through specific laboratory results: a reduction/elimination in candida albicans, as well as anaerobic bacteria markers. I have also seen a reduction/elimination in heavy metal leads, as well as an increase in trace minerals. The presence of candida albicans, anaerobic bacteria, and heavy metals have been linked as causative factors of autism. I have worked with over 25 autistic children, and have only seen one child who has NOT shown significant improvements using the HSO formula.

Dr. John Moreno, Advanced Medical Clinic, Lake Charles, Louisiana

Dr. Moreno has the largest alternative clinic in SW Louisiana. He uses the HSO formula with every patient. Has seen excellent results with Candida, IBS, Crohn’s Disease, Autism (child and adult), Allergies, Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Ulcers, Reflux disease and Cancer. Dr. Moreno states, "This product is used as my first line of defense in patients with digestive tract problems which I believe is the underlying cause of every disease we treat. I have used this product with several practitioners including four registered nurses who are all doing great on the product, and several GP's in the area are now referring patients to me.

In fact, I have recently had 3 patients with IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) referred by local internists who are now all symptom and disease free (many physicians consider IBS to be an "incurable disease.") I have seen this product work in 80% of my patients, and the only reason the other 20% don’t get well is that they don’t stay with the protocol. If used properly I have seen this product work in nearly every case. I believe that by correcting the underlying problems in the digestive tract, including malabsorption, poor elimination, and an overabundance of unfriendly bacteria, yeast, and parasites the body can heal itself from most any disease. The HSO Formula is the best product I have ever used to accomplish this very thing. When patients ask me how long should I stay on the product, my answer is, "as long as you want to stay healthy.

Dr. Michael Lemmon, Holistic Veterinarian, Seattle, Washington

The HSO Formula is wonderful for pets as well as humans. Dr. Lemmon is a holistic veterinarian who has used the HSO Formula in his practice for nearly a year and is currently conducting clinical studies with his patients. The following are just a few of his cases.

We treated a 10 week old kitten with a persistent fever (103-105 degrees) as well as low energy which began after vaccinations. After various antibiotics, homeopathics and nutritional protocols failed I used HSOs. The persistent fever ended and the kittens energy normalized. Four cats with arthritis have all symptomatically improved. All four have increased energy. A cat came in to us with severe gingivitis and malaise. After trying various homeopathic remedies the cat still was unable to eat, had constant salivation and swollen lymph nodes. HSOs were given to this cat and within three days the cat was eating well, stopped salivating, lymph swelling decreased and gingivitis improved. One cat with ravenous appetite, chronic discharge from eye, pica (chewing on non-food items). After taking HSOs for 1 month there is a significant improvement in symptoms.

One Dog was suffering from skin disorders, lesions that were spreading, and severe diarrhea. Tried antibiotic Flagyl unsuccessfully. After taking HSOs the skin is healing and the diarrhea has stopped. A severe case was a dog with constant Staph infections, depression, low energy, hair loss, itching due to fungal infection. She was given anthistamines, antibiotics, and antidepressants but all were unsuccessful. Since taking HSOs she has regained energy; her personality has become mellow and happy. No more hair loss and her itching has decreased. Hair is re-growing where the fungal infection was taking place.

Elizabeth Spadero, N.D., M.T., Ph.D., Sarasota, Florida

Dr. Spadero has been working with HSOs in her clinic primarily with an elderly clientele for over six months. The following is her report.

"I've worked with many different natural products including whole food supplements, parasite formulas, powders, liquids, capsules of various foods, herbs, vitamins, minerals, etc. What I find unique about the homeostatic soil organism formula is the ability to eliminate the need for many additional supplements. Absorption improves. The HSO product promotes a very powerful retracing process and a noticeable, steady increase in immunity. During this period of re-tracing and building it is helpful to go up a little in the dosage, usually only for a day or two.

My own experience with the product began on November 5, 1997. I felt something from the very first capsule, a soothing and calm in the solar plexus. During the next few weeks I experienced various re-tracing episodes. A pounding headache lasted on and off for a day as I chased it away by increasing the HSOs by one every one to two hours, as needed. Re-tracing with the HSOs is very mild and always short-lived.

The HSO Formula has enhanced the condition of my skin, balanced my appetite, and allowed me to suspend taking multiple supplements for gall bladder and digestion. It relieved me of an on-going twitch in my left eye, and at the end of twelve weeks, I noticed a steadiness and control to my handwriting had returned.

I have elderly clients who tell me they have reached a level of health they had never thought possible. A woman was able to cease taking laxatives for the first time in years. People with allergies are doing better with the least amount of support. It stopped hair loss for one gentleman. A woman in her sixties and another in her fifties both re-traced severe migraine headaches. When the headaches struck they each took an additional capsule every 2 hours; by the end of the day, the headaches were gone and did not return. A woman in her forties with chronic diarrhea had normal movements for the first time.

I have seen these beneficial bacteria assist in the healing of skin blemishes, dizziness, abscess, nausea, chronic fatigue, colds, flu, indigestion, hot flashes, red/raw skin, gum problems, food allergies, yeast and virus related syndromes.

A woman wrote to me after only two weeks. Her medical doctor could not believe the before and after tests of her thyroid. He was sure there had to be a mistake. She said the increase in her health was so dramatic she was sure there was no error.

In twelve weeks a woman in her sixties overcame chronic incontinence. The SBO formula worked just as well for two elderly dogs with incontinence.

Clients have expressed renewed feelings of strength, stamina, endurance and well being They feel safe with the HSO Formula. They seem to have a natural sense of the gradual healing and strengthening that is taking place. Despite brief episodes of re-tracing, there are minimal complaints and greater compliance and satisfaction. Clients are pleased with the simplicity, authenticity, quality and purity of the product. When they realize they can maintain and improve their health on less supplementation they are so relieved and feel so free. They discover for themselves that they are getting a true natural solution to their problems, one that produces gradual but lasting long-term results."

Phyllis R., Teacher, Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

Phyllis's story is a common one in America today. As a teenager she would move her bowels 3 times per month. Since starting the HSO formula she has been able to overcome a lifelong problem of constipation.

She has also been plagued with fibrocystic breast disease for all of her adult life. Although not cancerous they were still a major concern, as breast cancer runs in her family. After 2 months on beneficial bacteria the cysts in her breasts completely disappeared.

Phyllis was also experiencing problems with concentration and short term memory, thinking she had adult ADD (how many people are being diagnosed with that today?) After taking the HSOs her memory has improved dramatically.

Another common report is a cessation of pre-mature menopausal symptoms. Phyllis's menstrual cycle flow increased and became regular. Lastly she reports her immune system has also improved. Before the HSOs she would seem to have one cold after another, always catching the latest flu bug for several weeks at a time. Since she has been taking the HSOs she says she hasn't had one cold or flu, even in the worst flu season we've had in years!

Dr. Shaun Dyler, Naturopathic Physician, Portland, Oregon

"I have only been using this product for six weeks and have seen excellent results with blood sugar control in patients with hypoglycemia. My patients report an overall increase in energy and well being. I have observed profound cleansing reactions with my patients, which is the first step to recovery. I have one patient who has been suffering with interstitial cystitis. Her progress had come to a stand still, until the introduction of the HSOs. Now, after using the product for only 1 month she is almost pain free for the first time. Both myself and my wife have noticed an increase in digestive capabilities, being better able to tolerate natural sugars such as fruits."

Manu C., Professional Tennis Coach, New York

Manu was diagnosed with Lyme Disease and subsequently had several courses of antibiotic drugs. Lyme Disease is one of the fastest growing problems in the US and is thought to be an underlying cause of many other illnesses including Chronic Fatigue.

Mr. C had symptoms of shooting pains and swelling of joints, the extreme pain causing sleepless nights. He was medically treated for Lyme disease with large doses of antibiotics. He tells of his ordeal. "I would have one good day, and three bad. My whole body was extremely stiff, and it was impossible to continue working as a tennis pro. I became extremely depressed. I began searching for alternative treatments including multiple vitamins and minerals, antioxidants, herbs and homeopathics, but no improvement occurred. Then I started on the HSOs and within three months my symptoms are almost gone. My skin and hair quality has improved, and people tell me I look ten years younger. I can finally sleep pain free all night. I also recommended HSOs to my son who suffers from a rare skin disorder which causes a discoloration of his skin when exposed to the sun. He has had this condition since childhood, and was treated by several dermatologists, with no improvement. He began taking the HSOs, and has since had no skin discoloration."

Mr. John Macunovich, Craniosacral Therapist, Los Angeles, California

Mr. Macunovich's story is an interesting one as he has always taken exceptional care of his health, going beyond what most people would do to keep himself healthy.

"This product was recommended to me by Dr. Bernard Jensen. I have suffered from chronic candidiasis for over 20 years. I have been using the tissue and bowel cleanse developed by Dr. Jensen twice a year for the last 20 years. By the time I started the cleanse I was up to 12 capsules (of HSOs) per day. I began eliminating old waste material the second day of the cleanse. During my previous cleanses it would take up to four days to begin eliminating this putrefaction. During the course of my fast my energy level actually increased each day, when in the past it would decrease. When I did introduce foods my energy still increased, while during previous fasts upon introduction of foods my energy would drop. In the subsequent weeks I began to retrace some symptoms I had years before including a minor digestive flare up which lasted a few days. Since that flare up I've continued to eliminate old waste material, and my candida symptoms are now totally gone. I have also been experiencing deep sound sleep which I haven't known for some time.

Recently I recommended this product to my mother who has always been constipated, and as soon as she began taking this product she moved her bowels 2 to 3 times every day, and began eliminating old waste material. She had also suffered from severe environmental allergies which required medication. These allergies have been greatly improved and no longer require medication. I have never seen a product bring people to a detoxification or healing crisis as quickly and efficiently as this one."

Barbara B, San Diego, California

The combination of using Primal Defense and Perfect Food has made an incredible difference to my state of health, both physically and psychologically. My digestion has improved dramatically, bowel movements are normal for the first time in a very long time. My memory is improving and I think more clearly now. The brain fog has lifted. I will continue to use these two products daily.

Marshall Mandell, M.D., Bradento, Florida

My practice always was to look for causes, aggravating and perpetuating factors in chronic physical and mental illnesses as well as problem allergy cases. Most so-called psych illness is a reversible form of brain allergy-cerebral malfunction. I did not cover-suppress symptoms, I found out why my patients were ill by first reproducing their symptoms with various provactive tests - - or clearing the illnesses on a spring water fast in a chemically clean environment. In treatment, my patients eliminated, avoided or reduced contact with the demonstrated offenders in their diets and environment. Mine was a simple logical approach of finding what made the patients sick, determining the contributing factors and addressing them directly. Immunotherapy for airborne particles like dust mites, molds and pollens. This is enough for a start.

Elaine Miller, London, England

I would like to thank Pam for introducing me to Primal Defense. I have had Crohns since '85 and took the long path to realizing that what we eat does matter, how we think does matter and that with patience the right combination will come along! Primal Defense has been great!!! After an operation in '90 and constant use of prednisone for over 10 years .......I have at last got down to 1 mg and am hoping to cut it out completely very soon - a great achievement after years of trying to cut down and never succeeding. So again, I have to thank Pam for putting me onto Primal Defense and encouraging me from a distance. Well Done for this Great web site!

Shanna Snow, La Jolla, California

In March of 1999 I developed Chronic Urticaria (severe hives and angioedemia lasting for 6 months or longer) and was at the end of my rope by July; my social, physical, and emotional well-being had been severely compromised. Since I started the Primal Defense along side the "Breaking the Vicious Cycle" diet under the care of Pamela Nathan, the hives have almost entirely disappeared, and I feel like a new person. I have my life back, and I sincerely give credit to the Primal Defense and diet for my recovery.

Rose Menlowe Age 79

Two years ago, I was diagnosed with cancer. The visible tumors were surgically removed and I underwent no further conventional treatment. My grandson (Jordan Rubin) formulated a special blend of herbs and probiotics for me to take (RM-10 ). He told me that if I took this blend my immune system and digestion should significantly improve. Whatever it was he gave me, boy did it work! I have been using RM-10 for about 18 months. I've never felt better in my life. I experience more energy than I ever remember having. I have a general feeling of well being that I have never experienced. As a side note, I have been constipated all of my adult life. I have always required the use of laxatives, which didn't always help. After a few months on the RM-10 I've eliminated the use of my laxatives and have almost perfect elimination. According to my last check up, I am cancer-free.

Peter Rothschild

Dr. Peter R. Rothschild, head of the immunology Department at the Peoples University of the Americas. RM-10 is an extremely effective preparation because the formula is an immune regulator. This implies that RM-10 invigorates the immune response when the system is under active and equalizes the functions of its component when the system is overactive. To the best of my knowledge RM-10 cannot be compared to anything being marketed at present. RM-10 is effective in all degenerative autoimmune conditions and as a preventive treatment as well.

There are simply no preparations-neither allopathic nor naturopathic-that can compare to RM-10. My team is very enthusiastic about the product. Few people know how sweet life can be when the pain is gone. You know pain. We all know pain. But some of us know chronic pain altogether too well. For chronic pain patients, it becomes a prison, a shadow of depression upon our days. Instead of life lived in happiness, we become trapped with pain, and life becomes unbearable. Perhaps, as we now suspect, RM-10 from Garden of Life may release many of us from the painful chains of disease and deliver us back to health.

Jeff Salz Adventurer | Motivational Speaker, Testimonial

So, Cousin Pam...
I'm relishing my seeming rebirth of energy and vitality.
Climbing. Eating lighter. Lot's o' water.
And a ton of supplements

But running low on my Garden of Life:
Male Vitamin Formula. Oh my god, I can't run out
of male vitamin code formula. Not now. Not me.

So I rush to the internet and Google.
Garden of Life:
Male Vitamin Code Formula.

A site comes up. Looks cool. Reasonable price.
I enter two bottles in my shopping cart and
hit the check out button.

only then do I notice it is Crohns.net
I hit the About Us button
there YOU are!

what are the odds?
two cousins!
a chance meeting in cyberspace!


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