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Jordan Rubin Answers Common Questions About Primal Defense Probiotic (HSO's), Perfect Food, and Goatein

In 1994, at age 19, Jordan Rubin, a healthy, active teenager, was stricken with a devastating illness. He was diagnosed with Crohn's Disease, a sometimes fatal "wasting disease" characterized by long-term inflammation of the bowel. Today, he leads a healthy, normal life.

Many people have wanted to know more about how Jordan Rubin achieved this amazing recovery.

Jordan Rubin is a Certified Nutritional Consultant, Certified Personal Fitness Instructor, and a Nutritional Specialist. He is a member of the American Association of Nutritional Consultants, the National Academy of Sports Medicine, and he has received advanced training in clinical nutrition at the Designs for Health Institute. He has appeared and authored articles in many national health publications, including Townsend Letter, Healthy and Natural, Total Health, Health Counselor, and Health Supplement Retailer.Jordan has appeared on over 60 radio broadcasts nationwide, and has hosted two ongoing health radio programs. He has lectured to both physicians and lay people alike on the benefits of whole food nutrition and gastrointestinal health. Jordan Rubin is also a regular contributor to the magazine Mind and Muscle Power.

Many people have had questions about how Jordan Rubin achieved his amazing recovery. Here are some of those questions together with his answers.

Q1. Can you tell us about Primal Defense from Garden of Life?

A. Primal Defense is a combination of beneficial microorganisms from both soil and plant sources. It is designed to replenish and fortify the body's gastrointestinal tract. I believe that the gastrointestinal tract, the small and large intestine, of an individual is literally the foundation to any successful dietary program. If the health of the intestinal tract is at all impaired, people will not function properly. It is an absolute necessity. We don't get enough of the beneficial microbes on a daily basis, and they are crucial for several functions in health.

Q2. Are there a lot of microorganisms in the intestinal tract?

A. Absolutely. It is interesting to note that there are between 2-4 pounds of bacteria in one's intestinal tract. Scientists estimate that there are more bacterial cells in your gastrointestinal tract than the entire number of cells in the rest of your body.

Q3. Is there a certain ratio that one should have in one's intestinal tract as far as good to bad, or bad to good, as far as microorganisms go?

A. Yes!. This is something that people don't realize. When we think of bacteria, we automatically think of harmful bacteria such as E. coli, salmonella, some of these other bacterium that cause food poisoning. But, in our intestinal tract, there are two types of bacteria; there is beneficial bacteria and pathogenic or harmful bacteria. The ratio of beneficial to harmful bacteria is perhaps the most crucial element in our health today. Researchers estimate that the average intestinal tract of a healthy individual should be approximately 85% beneficial and 15% pathogenic. While that 15% pathogenic is still in your body, it is benign when it is in the presence of the 85% beneficial bacteria. The real problem here is that the average individual, consuming the standard American diet, has the exact opposite ratio, which is 15% beneficial and 85% pathogenic.

Q4. If the bacteria balance is off, what types of illnesses or symptoms might be associated with having the wrong kind of bacterial balance in one's intestines?

A. Well, the first and foremost clue are digestive upsets. They can be anywhere from minor problems such as gas, bloating, indigestion, constipation, irritable bowel syndrome, to being a contributing factor in major autoimmune diseases, including multiple sclerosis. ALS, which is Lou Gehrig's disease, asthma, arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease, such as Crohn's disease, ulcerative colitis, and even things such as Alzheimer's disease and Parkinson's disease. Basically what I am trying to say here is that every disease includes an altered intestinal flora.

Q5. What are some of the reasons why one would have a ratio of bad bacteria to good bacteria that is out of balance?

A. First of all, the consumption of alcohol, caffeinated beverages, foods that have pesticides, herbicides, and antibiotic residues, overconsumption of sugar and other refined carbohydrates, stress (anyone who has kids automatically falls in that category), and a lack of consumption of living fresh foods grown in nutrient rich soil.

Q6. What are homeostatic soil organisms (HSO's)?

A. Homeostatic soil organisms are beneficial bacteria that live in our soil. They are responsible to provide nutrients to the plants and they act as the plants' immune system against invaders. So, they basically keep the plant healthy and they help digest things for the plant that they can't digest themselves. Interestingly enough, they have the same exact benefit to the body. The reason we call them homeostatic soil organisms is because they act to bring the body back into balance, or homeostasis. They do the very same thing in the human gastrointestinal tract that they do in the soil for plants. They dramatically increase nutrient absorption and they keep the intestinal tract free of parasites, yeast, mold, other fungi, pathogenic bacteria and even viruses.

Q6. If I have my own organic garden in the back yard can I get plenty of HSO's from my fresh produce?

A. You are partially right; however, with today's soil conditions, with the surrounding soils and the fact that the minerals are so depleted, there is very little chance that even if you had your own garden you would be able get large enough amounts of these products. However, if you living 100 years ago and you reached in your garden and grabbed a root vegetable, dusted it off and consumed it, you would be getting billions of these homeostatic soil organisms. But, today there really is no possible way for someone to consume adequate amounts.

Q7. Are the only organisms in Primal Defense homeostatic soil organisms, or is it more of a combination of those and some other beneficial microorganisms?

A. Well, while there is beneficial bacteria in the soil and it is extremely important, once a plant takes root and the nutrients are developed there are several other forms of bacteria that become part of the plant. These include both transient and resident organisms. Some of the popular ones such as Acidophilus, Lactobacillus Bulgaricus, Bifidum, some of these other ones we have heard of, are found in plants. They are also found in dairy products from cows that consume these plants. Primal Defense is a combination of beneficial microbes from the soil and from plant life. It's important to get the full spectrum of beneficial bacteria as well as beneficial yeasts. Now, I know people are out there saying "Beneficial yeast? Yeast is bad." Well, just the same way that there is good and bad bacteria, there is good and bad yeast. In fact, one of the yeast components of our product Saccaromyces bulardi has been extensively studied by the World Health Organization and found important in the treatment of infantile diarrhea, the treatment of Candidiasis, which is the common yeast infection, as well as radically improving the digestion of carbohydrates.

Q8. What could we expect beneficial bacteria to do inside of our body?

A. The beneficial bacteria immediately take up residence and start to crowd out or get rid of the pathogenic organisms that we mentioned earlier, such as bacteria, yeast, fungi, mold and viruses. Once they do that, the body can start to immediately absorb nutrients at a much higher and more efficient pace. Once you absorb your nutrients more, any number of things can happen. The immediate thing people notice is an improvement in digestion, an improvement in sleep is often accompanied with that, as well as an improved energy level. A lot of people experience more mental clarity, and not the mental and physical fatigue they are used to. Allergies often arrest themselves after a period of time, as well as some major disease states that can be, at the very least, improved. You have heard the saying, "You are what you eat." Well, I believe that the true accurate statement is "You are what you assimilate." You can eat the best foods, but if you are not digesting them, they are no good to you. So, while people start to ingest Primal Defense, even though their diet is virtually the same, they will notice increased benefits, such as your energy level improvement. That is simply because Primal Defense helps you utilize the nutrients and discard the waste. It is really as simple as that. You can look at it as an internal sanitation system. If your intestinal tract does not absorb nutrients and eliminate waste properly, you are going to be clogged up. This can result in all the symptoms that we mentioned earlier. There is also benefit of this product for those who are healthy and want to remain that way. Two people go out to eat, one person gets food poisoning the other one doesn't. They ate the same food. The only difference was the health of their internal terrain or their beneficial bacteria, which literally acts as the body's first line of defense.

Q9. What is the difference then between the beneficial microorganisms, so called probiotics, that are in the Primal Defense product and the traditional probiotics ?

A. Well, first of all, these microorganisms are tougher. I know that sounds like the obvious statement, but here is why. We have consumed food for thousands of years in its whole intact form. Beneficial bacteria were part of what we called the whole food matrix. Many or most of the other probiotics on the market are grown on one type of a substrate which is their food source. Then they are allowed to go into the body which basically protects against bacteria and oftentimes they are destroyed. The beneficial bacteria in Primal Defense are designed to be resistant to many things that destroy the other probiotics on the market, such as heat, cold, chlorine, fluorene, ascorbic acid, stomach acids, and even extremes of pH. Another interesting thing, when you are buying a probiotic, if it's in the refrigerated section and needs to be refrigerated, that means that they will be partially destroyed at room temperature. If you talk to anyone who knows their anatomy, you are going to realize that in the body it is designed to destroy these types of things with rapid pH changes and temperature changes. Our product is shelf stable for a minimum of two years and does not need refrigeration, which makes it ideal for traveling.

Q10. Is there a difference between the way the probiotics in Primal Defense are delivered to the individual versus the way they are delivered in other probiotic products?

A. Absolutely, and the key is the whole food matrix. We consumed food for thousands of years. We have never consumed an isolate before 60 years or so. When you take this product, it's food. It comes in the form of food, the bacteria are hearty, they get there to do the job, they do not require refrigeration, and there really is nothing like it on the market. I would say when you are buying a probiotic, again, if it needs refrigeration, it probably isn't going to make it to where it needs to go. Probiotics, just like food, are great if you take them by mouth, but if they don't get to the gastrointestinal tract, they do you absolutely no good.

Q11. I've heard that it is extremely important to make sure that you have a high CFU (colony-forming units)count on your probiotics to make sure that a product is really viable. How do you test Primal Defense?

A. That has been the standard way to test probiotics, and the reason they had to be in billions of colony forming units, is because they weren't strong enough to get to the gut when they needed to. Kind of like the baby sea turtles. They can have a thousand eggs and they hatch into turtles, but only 3% make it to the water and survive. The same thing is true of those other probiotics. Whereas, the probiotics in their food form in Primal Defense are not measured in CFU, simply because they are much stronger and they don't need to be in the billions of numbers. A great way to measure our probiotic product Primal Defense versus the other products on the market is simple. Beneficial bacteria is designed to ferment food. A really good test is to take a glass of milk, about 6 oz of milk, take any other probiotic on the market, put three capsules or so in the milk, then do that with Primal Defense. If in 24-48 hours you have something that looks like yogurt, your probiotic is active and it will most likely colonize in the intestinal tract. Primal Defense, will do just that. It has the ability to, what we call on-ferment. Again, you are looking at viability in the numbers you have, not large numbers. Large CFU count as well as refrigeration are two keys to identifying a probiotic that is probably not going to do you much good.

Q12: Why is Perfect Food advertised as the best super green food on the planet?

A. Perfect Food is designed to supply the individual with five to ten servings of nutrient dense vegetables. It is the only super green food on the market that can make that claim and deliver. Perfect Food contains over 60 certified organic or chemical free foods from a variety of sources. Perfect Food is the only super green food that is designed to deliver the nutrient value in 10 servings of vegetables without the use of any isolated nutrients, herbs or fillers.

Q13. How come you don't add any vitamins or minerals to your product?

A. The answer to that is simple. If your food is nutrient rich in itself, you don't need to add any other isolates. Remember, we are deficient in food nutrients. We have basically been suffering from a lack of, as I mentioned earlier, beneficial bacteria and now green foods in our diet. It has been proven that approximately 95% of the individuals on this planet do not consume the daily three to five recommended servings of green leafy vegetables. Again, I know I didn't. Perfect Food is designed to supply you with the nutrients in green foods that you simply cannot get from any other food group.

Q14. Why do the other super foods add these isolated nutrients? And what about the recommended daily requirements of vitamins and minerals in the diet?

A. This is the same situation when we talked about isolated probiotics before. The nutrients found in whole foods are in smaller quantities but much better absorbed by the human. Now, you can take in one hand 1000 mg of ascorbic acid, which they call vitamin C, or you could take in your other hand an orange. Now, there are several differences between the two. An orange if thrown on the ground the seed will plant and it will reproduce itself. It will regrow. It has life-giving nutrients. If you throw some vitamin C tablets out the window you are not going to get a vitamin bush, I can tell you that. The difference between the ascorbic acid vitamin C tablets and the orange is that the orange, in addition to the vitamin C molecule, contains a complement of cofactors. When the body recognizes a food it is intact with proteins, enzymes, minerals, vitamins, and other cofactors that have not even been identified. When your body sees a single molecule such as a vitamin C, it has a difficult time absorbing it and utilizing it.

Perfect Food contains only completely absorbable highly concentrated whole food. Now, while you look at the label and see that there are not mega dosages of these isolated nutrients, the absorbability of each of nutrient is extremely high. Remember, the key is not what you consume, it's what you assimilate. Whole food nutrients have and always will be the preferred source of vitamins and minerals. It's the way we've always done it and it's the way we should be doing it now.

If you look at 100 years ago, when people did not have vitamin and mineral isolates, we were healthier. People would have you believe the other way around, but that is not true at all. In fact, a heart attack was not even a common problem prior to 1910. In 1910 they started isolating nutrients and fractionating foods and doing things that basically lowered the nutrient content. What the manufacturers did was add back the nutrients in the form of isolated vitamins. Since that day the heart attack has become the number one killer of Americans.

My philosophy is this. We look to a time in previous history when the diseases were either completely absent or low in our society and we try to implement things that those people did to stay disease free.

Q15. What's the difference between Perfect Food and a vitamin and mineral supplement?

A. The main way to evaluate your nutritional supplement is: Does it sustain life? Can you live off of it? Now people actually have lived on Perfect Food for a number of days or weeks. You cannot do that with a multivitamin, multimineral because it simply does not provide you with the adequate cofactors, such as proteins, fats, carbohydrates, enzymes, and other living factors within the food structure. I also want to mention that Perfect Food contains all of these foods in powder form. All of the green vegetables, seeds and grains, are dried at low temperatures to ensure enzymatic activity, and they are combined with beneficial bacteria and enzymes to further enhance that. So, when we say you are getting the nutrient value in 10 servings of vegetables, we have compared it to the nutrient value in those vegetables.

Q16. Why should I take Perfect Food instead of one of the other green food supplements?

A. That's a good question. While taking a green super food is definitely better than not taking one at all, Perfect Food has many distinct advantages over any super food that has ever been developed. I know the health food store shelves are filled with green foods. But when you purchase a green food there are several criteria that need to be met in order for it to be a valuable product in my opinion.

Every other super green food has isolated or synthetic nutrients added. While, again, vitamin and mineral isolates can have major benefit to the body, when you buy a super green food you are buying it for its vegetable benefit. The isolated nutrients have no living value to them.

The green food you buy should contain no herbs. Now, again, I know this is radical, because the health store industry was partially built on herbs. Herbs are great when you used properly for the duration of time that they were designed for. Many of the other green foods have small amounts of a number of nutrients for labeling purposes that really have no therapeutic effect in the body. They are too small to work on the therapeutic level that they need to be, and also by taking some herbs every day, not only can they be harmful, but they can also not allow you to obtain the benefits you need when you actually need those herbs; that's number two.

When you buy a super green food you are buying it for a vegetable and nutrient content. Many other green foods on the market contain nutrients or ingredients such as lecithin, apple fiber, sweeteners and other fibers. Well, those are fine, taken on their own. They are not green, and they are not a food. They are all by-products of the food processing industry. If you will notice in Perfect Food there are no filler ingredients. Every product in Perfect Food is a whole food capable of sustaining life. When you look at some of the other super foods on the market, up to 30% to even 40% of the product is made up of those aforementioned fillers.

Q17. Is Perfect Food really 50% green?

A. That is correct. That is the highest percentage of green foods out of any other product. But, we do add several other nutrient categories, such as grains, seeds, and other nutrients that we are also deficient in.

Q18. What is the whole food matrix that you refer to in your literature?

A. The whole food matrix forms one of the basis of our product. The whole food matrix is an extract of rice bran, which happens to be the most nutrient dense food on the planet. This extract of rice bran has the fiber completely removed and provides you with 90 antioxidant complexes. Vitamin E in several forms, including its tocotrienol form which is very exciting based upon the research that points to tocotrienol lowering cholesterol, and even being implicated in the prevention of certain cancers. The whole food matrix also contains up to 26% fatty acids, which form the building block of cells.

Q19. You use seeds. Why do we need these seeds?

A. Well, seeds are, again, one of the essences of life. A seed has the capability of turning into a mature plant and is literally a storehouse of nutrients. The seeds in the Perfect Food not only are a source of very available proteins, essential fatty acids, but also are a good source of fiber to regulate and control elimination of waste in the body.

Q20. What is the perfect living food enzyme blend you refer to?

A. Every nation or culture that has people regularly living past 100 years old consumes fermented foods in their diet. These fermented foods supply enzymes and other nutrients in the amount of three to six times their non-fermented counterparts.

Q21. Is it true that fermented foods are essentially predigested and therefore 100 percent absorbable?

A. Yes, even with the best of digestive tracts, many people are getting as little as 10% of the nutrition in the foods they eat. These predigested lactofermented foods are 100% absorbable and ready to rebuild tissue, detoxify the body, and nourish at the cellular level. Perfect Food is ideal for those on restrictive diets, whether low carbohydrate, high carbohydrate low fat, or calorie restriction. Perfect Food contains the nutritional value of 10 servings of vegetables, all in 35 calories.

Q22. What vegetables are contained in Perfect Food?

A. One of the most important benefits of consuming Perfect Food on a daily basis is the inclusion of over 60 whole food nutrients. We, as Americans, daily consume somewhere around 13 different foods over and over and over again. Cultures throughout the world have consumed fruits, vegetables, grains and animal foods on a seasonal basis. They consumed upwards of 100 different species of fruits and vegetables. I want to give an example. The perfect vegeblend contained in Perfect Food contains many vegetables that we do not get on a daily basis. Some of these include carrot, tomato, beet, broccoli, cauliflower, kale, cabbage, brussels sprouts, parsley, spinach, asparagus, cucumber, celery, onion, green bell pepper, garlic and ginger. Now, if any of you are consuming those 17 vegetables on a daily basis. First of all, let me commend you. Second of all, let me tell you, if you don't get a chance to consume those in your daily diet, you may need to take a super green food. And, if you do, Perfect Food is the super food of choice.

Perfect Food supplies the user with 10 servings of nutrient dense vegetables. Anyone who does not consume their daily serving, especially of leafy green vegetables, needs to consume a product like Perfect Food. The Surgeon General has said that five to seven servings of fruits and vegetables can be implicated in the prevention of cancers. It is the only statement made by the Surgeon General that relates to a food of that magnitude. It is so simple and it is so easy to consume two tablespoons or nine capsules of Perfect Food every day as your insurance policy against disease. Fruits and vegetables do so many things that you cannot replace by taking a pill. You cannot replace them by consuming any other food, and the very fact that we travel and live a busy lifestyle is reason enough to consume Perfect Food .

Q23: Why is Goatein the highest quality and most natural protein powder on the market?

A. First of all, this is the only protein powder available that comes from goats' milk. All the other protein powders on the market come from either a bovine source or cow's milk, or a vegetarian source such as soy protein. While those are decent sources of protein, there are many reasons why Goatein is superior. First of all, if you know anything about animals, a goat produces milk that is very similar to human milk. When a kid or a baby goat is born, it weighs between 9-15 pounds. Therefore, the milk that a goat produces is tailored to the digestive tract of an animal the size of 9-15 pounds. When a baby calf is born, they weigh upwards of 250 pounds. The chemicals in the milk, such as the fat and protein, are tailored to fit an animal the size of 250 pounds. Not to mention the fact that many individuals suffer from allergies and sensitivities to cows' milk products.

Q32. Is it true that the molecules in the cows' milk are actually bigger than the molecules in the goats' milk ?

A. That's true, and once again, that is in order to fit the digestive tract of a 250 pound calf.

Q33. Why should people even consider goats' milk instead of cows' milk?

A. Goats' milk is actually consumed by 65% of the world. Many countries, in fact, don't have any domesticated cattle. Goats' milk was consumed since biblical times and is in many countries the primary source of protein in their diets.

Q24. Does Goatein contain antibiotics, pesticides or growth hormone?

A. When you consume Goatein , you can be sure that there are no hormones, antibiotics, or pesticides, that are in the product. The food that the goats are fed is organic, and the goats that are milked are certified goats.

There has been a lot of "negative press" on the inclusion of bovine growth hormone in dairy cattle. The reason they include bovine growth hormone is to dramatically increase milk production. We mentioned something earlier about the size of the molecules of goats' milk vs. cows' milk. Another interesting thing; a goat can produce only two quarts of milk in a day, whereas a cow can sometimes produce 12 gallons, and that has increased from an average of 7-9 gallons hundreds of years ago. The reason they did this was through the inclusion of these bovine growth hormones which literally enable the mammary glands to secrete more milk. However, there has been proof that they are absorbed in the dairy products in which they are given to the cows as feed, or injected.

Q25. Who should take Goatein and why should they take it?

A. Goatein is ideal for anybody using protein powder. But, specifically, those who need more protein in their diet and those who have problems digesting the other protein sources on the market. Particularly those that have allergies or sensitivities to cows' milk protein. The majority of them can tolerate Goats' milk. Same thing with soy. If people have a problem digesting, utilizing, or are allergic to soy, the majority of those people can consume Goatein with only positive benefits.

Q26. What does that mean that Goatein is minimally processed?

A: Every protein powder on the market, whether it is from a vegetable or an animal source, goes through many, many processing steps. Goatein is the most natural protein you can buy, because it is the least processed. Not only that, the drying process ensures its original composition; leaving intact, the cofactors we spoke about and beneficial microorganisms.

Q27. What is the importance of the high concentrate of amino acids in Goatein?

A. Amino acids are literally the building blocks of life. The word protein comes from the Latin term proteus, which mean of primary importance. Protein is crucial for the rebuilding of tissues, brain cells, skin cells, hair, nails and the entire nervous system. Protein deficiency results in many problems, including hair loss, lower immune function, hormone imbalances, blood sugar problems, the list goes on and on. We are hearing a lot today by many of the foremost nutritionists in the country. It is important to consume more protein. A lot of people don't like meat or don't want to eat meat, and this product is ideal for those people. It is high in protein, low in carbohydrate, low in calories, fat free and goes great not only in smoothies, but can be mixed in cereal or in infant feedings and for the elderly.

Q28. Why should athletes take Goatein instead of some of the more commonly consumed protein powders?

A. It is crucially important for athletes to maintain an anabolic state. Anabolic means rebuilding of tissue, whereas catabolic means the tearing down of tissue. The last thing an athlete wants to do is consume something that may contain residues of female-like hormones. If athletes knew that protein they were consuming was from cows that were fed these female growth hormones, I think there would be a big shock in this industry. Without exception, almost every protein powder on the market, unless it is specifies growth hormone free, does contain these hormones. The reason being is that most of these whey protein producers produce somewhere up to a million pounds of this protein a day. They collect from dairies all over the world and they are not sure exactly which dairy the milk comes from. It is more of a conglomerate. Goatein is produced from a small farm in small batches, where we are guaranteed control over the feed of the goats and what goes into the goat by way of medicines. No goat that is ever medicated is allowed to be milked for production of Goatein.

Q29: Please recap and give the benefits of the products:

Primal Defense, Perfect Food, and Goatein?

A. Primal Defense is paramount for those who want to maintain a healthy digestive tract and healthy immune system. Primal Defense helps you absorb your food better. It helps you maintain better energy levels. It helps you maintain proper elimination. It literally serves as your second immune system, the invisible army that protects you from outside influences, such as parasites, yeast, mold, pathogenic bacteria and viruses. It is literally your best defense.

Perfect Food supplies the user with 10 servings of nutrient dense vegetables. Anyone who does not consume their daily serving, especially of leafy green vegetables, needs to consume a product like Perfect Food. The Surgeon General has said that five to seven servings of fruits and vegetables can be implicated in the prevention of cancers. It is the only statement made by the Surgeon General that relates to a food of that magnitude. It is so simple and it is so easy to consume two tablespoons or nine capsules of Perfect Food every day as your insurance policy against disease. Fruits and vegetables do so many things that you cannot replace by taking a pill. You cannot replace them by consuming any other food, and the very fact that we travel and live a busy lifestyle is reason enough to consume Perfect Food.

Goatein is by far the most natural, most digestible protein you can buy. Anybody who lives and breathes needs to include biologically available sources of protein in their diet. Unless you have your own goat or you consume the cleanest of diets, it is important to consume a protein like Goatein.

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