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Perfect Food - Superfoods for Perfect Health

The Doctors' Prescription for Health Living - Volume 5, Number 12 (2002)

As the Consumer Reports of the nutritional industry, The Doctors' Prescription for Healthy Living believes it is important to lead health-conscious consumers to the very best products. Here's why we recommend Perfect Food from Garden of Life, of Jupiter, Florida, to green food shoppers as a highly recommended value:

Provides recommended daily serving of vegetables in one serving:

One serving of Perfect Food is the equivalent of five to ten servings of vegetables based on intake of marker nutrients such as calcuim, vitamin A, vitamin C and iron.

More greens per serving:

The true nutritional advantage of Perfect Food is the plethora of unknown nutritional health factors available in the fermented "live food" certified organic blend of green grass juices it contains such as kamut, barley, wheat, oat, and alfalfa grasses. Overall, Perfect Food contains 45 nutrient-dense superfoods - foods the body craves. Many consumers often wonder whether, since they are taking a multiple vitamin/mineral formula, they should also consumer green foods. The nutrient-dense enzyme rich "live foods" contained in Perfect Food provide vitamins and minerals as nature intended, with all of the co-factors and synergistic ompounds. The whole foods in Perfect Food contain hundreds and possible thousands of yet to be discovered nutrients that cannot be isolated and put into a vitamin/mineral supplement. Many of these nutrients provide amazing health benefits. With foods and food concentrates containing whole nutritional complexes, the body can choose its needs for assimilation and excrete what it does not need; this is called selective absorption.

The concentrate used in Perfect Food is 33 to 1. That means that it takes 33 pounds of cereal grasses to make one pound of the cereal grass juice powder contained in Perfect Food. What's more, Perfect Food is 86 percent greens by weight. Most competitor formulas contain only 30 percent greens with the rest made up of high amounts of apple fiber, lecithin and maltodextrin, three by-products of the largest industries in the world - apple juice, soy and corn production - or other types of fillers. In the case of lecithin, while it has nutritional therapeutic properties at much higher dosages, it is used as a filler in green foods and is there to help with the mixing and provide a smoother taste. While such compounds do provide some benefit, they are not nearly as beneficial as nutrient-rich greens. The advantage to the manufacturer is that these filler ingredients significantly reduce their costs. But, we believe that considering the cost of green superfoods, inexpensive ingredients used as fillers, such as lecithin, apple fiber, maltodextrin, rice bran and flaxseed meal should not represent more than 10 percent of the product. If you look at competing brands, the aforementioned ingredients typically make up over 30 percent of the product by weight.

Perfect Food is survival food. Cereal grasses are the only foods of all the vegetables that, even if consumed alone, enable animals to continually gain weight, strength and maintain optimal health. Other vegetables, such as spinach, carrots and lettuce, seem to fall short. Grasses are considered to be at or near the base of the terrestrial food chain. The powers of the sun that are trapped in their tissue produce rich amounts of chlorophyll and other green photosynthetic pigments. In days of yore, yellow butter or yellow milk from dairy animals feeding heavily on fresh cereal grasses were prized for their invigorating, rejuvenating properties.

Avoids herbs with potential adverse consequences. Perfect Food is not a dietary supplement. It is a whole food concentrate and provides the green superfoods, vegetables, grains, seeds, enzymes and probiotics. Many herbs are not meant to be consumer on a daily basis. Some green superfood products contain small amounts of various herbs. Even though these herbs may be effective if used in the proven therapeutic dose range, they may not produce any results in these lower amounts that are well below this range. However, some green formulas add herbs with potential complications if taken on a regular basis. For example, Echinacea can be very effective if used for short periods of time, but, if used in small amounts every day, the body may develop resistance or tolerance, and the herb will not be as effective as necessary when needed most - during the times of cold or flu. Immune stimulating herbs such as Echinacea pose another problem when consumed every day since they can over stimulate the immune system of someone suffering from or predisposed to autoimmune disease. Their use may also be contraindicated during pregnancy.

Great value:

Most green foods retail for about $39.99 for a one month supply. Perfect Food at 10.6 ounces retails for $44.95 for a month's supply. If only half the recommended serving were used and the product were used for two months it would still be more potent than virtually any green food sold today.

Improved bioavailability and absorption in Perfect Food:

Perfect Food provides the health secrets of old in a fast food for the future. Perfect Food is the only predigested green drink. This is critical. The nutrient-rich superfoods contained in Perfect Food are pre-digested using an ancient bio-fermentation process. A blend of some 14 beneficial microorganisms (including homeostatic soil organisms) and their enzymes gently break down foods into their most basic elements.

The reason ancient peoples consumed fermented foods is that the bacterial fermentation process neutralizes nutrient inhibitors found in foods such as grains, seeds, and legumes. Some of the longest living and healthiest people in history have relied on fermented foods such as yogurt, kefir, miso, and sauerkraut to supply them with much needed nutrition and aid in digestion.

Unlike other products, the probiotics contained in Perfect Food are created within the foods themselves. In the case of modern green foods, many people - especially those with sensitive digestive systems - may have a tough time obtaining nutrition from these sometimes difficult to digest foods. Fermentation creates and liberates valuable compounds within the foods, including enzymes, antioxidants, beta glucans, phytosterols and other phytonutrients, enhancing the nutritional value of the food while making it much easier to digest. This assures the Perfect Food user more complete absorption and delivery of nutrients at the cellular level. Unlike other products, the probiotics and enzymes contained in Perfect Food are created within the foods themselves. As an example, if you were a pelican you could completely digest spirulina, but, for humans who consume large amounts, the nutrients in spirulina may be lost. Once fermented, the spirulina in Perfect Food changes from dark green to green-orange coloration because the carotenoids (e.g., beta-carotene) in spirulina have been liberated. This same liberating of bound nutrients happens with the cereal grasses in Perfect Food.

A food that promotes Longevity:

In November 1982, medical journalist Dr. Morton Walker reported findings by a scientific expedition, which spent two weeks in Ecuador investigating the centenarians of Vilcabamba. During this period he observed Los Viejos (the old ones) took in from five to fifteen times the mounts of nutrients as are eaten by most North Americans twenty years ago and definitely today. The food and water consumption of these old ones had been monitored and measured diligently then by the expedition's investigators, and Dr. Walker's wife Joan recorded their findings. She was the scientists' secretary who also gathered hair tissue samples from the elderly subjects being examined.

Upon their return to the United States two weeks later, Dr. Walker provided soil, food, water, and the hair tissue samples of Los Viejos for laboratory analysis by Mineralab, Inc., located in Haywayrd, California. The president of Mineralab then was the renowned Garry F. Gordon, M.D., D.O., now of Payson, Arizona and a member of The Doctors' Prescription for Healthy Living advisory board. Based on Dr. Gordon's laboratory findings, Dr. Walker was able to confirm that Los Viejos remained inordinately healthy and long-lived because they usually consumed great quantities of water drawn from pristine mountain streams and at least twelve servings of organically-grown vegetables, fresh-picked fruits, whole grains and various lacto-fermented foods, which had been predigested, by a variety of microorganisms.

As a result of explorations among the Vilacabambans, Dr. Walker subsequently wrote and saw published nine journal and magazine articles plus a small book about their practices. Based on these findings Dr. Gordon now utilizes Perfect Food to clinically supply concentrated nutrition for his patients. It is the perfect food for those who desire to be among the healthiest of the planet's people.

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