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RM 10: The Newest Breakthrough in Immune System Enhancement - Part 2

Townsend Newsletter for Doctors & Patients, The Examiner of Medical Alternatives
June 2002, #227, Pg 148-152

Students and health professionals interested in knowing more about cellular and molecular biology, pharmacology, toxicology, naturopathic medicine, veterinary medicine, herbal medicine, health sciences and natural products chemistry should be aware of a book called 'Natural Compounds in Cancer Therapy', authored by an expert in medicinal botanicals, John Boik. It was published by Oregaon Medical Press of Princeton, Minnesota.

Mr Boik's book is a primary resource that Jordan Rubin, NMD, CNC, the dynamic founder and research director of Garden of Life, Inc., used when he was formulating the ingredients for an easy-to-take caplet to save his grandmother, Rose Menlowe, from dying of metastatic cancer. Rose was affected by spreading malignancy in her ovaries, colon, lymphatic system, and appendix. Rose Menlowe, recovered. She was athletic and healthy, and definitely a cancer survivor for many years. She credited her recovery to the daily ingestion of RM-10, her grandson's formula.

Laboratory and Clinical Studies Investigate RM-10

From July 20, 2001 to August 15, 2001, pharmaceutical and nutritional in vitro laboratory investigations were conducted on Dr. Jordan Rubin's ethanol/DMSO-dissolved powdered extract of RM-10. During that time, two scientists with Bio-Inova Life Science International of Montreal, Quebec, Canada, study director Pierre Braquet, PhD, DSc, and study monitor Georges V. Halpern, MD, PhD, DSc, concluded that the Garden of Life RM 10 product has a marked beneficial effect on the body's immune system. In brief, RM-10 brings about lymphocyte proliferation, lymphkine and monokine release, mixed lymphocyte reactions and greater activity among natural killer cells, tumor necrosis factor, interleukin-1, interleukin-6, macrophage functionality, and a remarkable anti-proliferation effect on K562 myelogenous leukemia cancer cells.

At the same time the Bio-Inova studies were being conducted, two other far different types of clinical investigation were beginning as well. These human clinical trials involved a diversity of health problems as exhibited by 20 patients in each of the two groups. Conducted by a doctor of osteopathy (DO) and a doctor of Oriental medicine (OMD), the two clinical trials must be considered significant by any health professional who uses nutrition as a treatment adjunct for patients with cancer or other acute and chronic degenrative illnesses, including autoimmune diseases.

The two clinical studies turned up that Jordan Rubin's RM 10 offers a true multi-faceted treatment approach for immune system disorders such as cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, unremitting fatigue, Type II diabetes, food allergies, cardiac arrhythmias, candidiasis, Crohn's disease, irritable bowel syndrome and more. RM-10, a nutritional supplement sold over the counter and without prescription, utilizes an immune-supporting group of 10 organically grown medicinal mushrooms, which have been fermented and bacterially potentiated, by means of a proprietary method called Poten-Zyme.

The 10 mushrooms are synergistically balanced with Aloe Vera plus the Peruvian herb, Cat's Claw. This added herb is comprised of the specific chemotype, Uncaria tomentosa rich in pentacyclic oxindole alkaloids. The three forms of immune-supporting nutrients - medicinal mushrooms, aloe vera and cat's claw, combined into one nutritional supplement, bring biological response modification against illnesses in general and those particular diseases which had been investigated during the two clinical studies described below.

The Clinical Study Conducted by Stuart Zoll, OMD

Having accepted an invitation to lecture in September 2001, board certified and licensed acupuncture physcian Stuart Zoll, OMP, AP, Dipl Ac, PA, director of the Center for Preventative Medicine of Boca Raton, Florida, spoke to a hepatitis C support group at his city's local hospital. This American who has adapted methods of healing from China, discussed how he applies Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM for relieving symptoms of the debilitating liver illness.

A doctor of Oriental medicine known as one of the first North American health professionals to study and practice acupuncture in the United States, Dr. Stuart Zoll is also an expert in administering Chinese herbal medicine, homeopathy, and the German Science of Electro-Acupuncture evaluation. He has discovered that mong his most reliable food supplements for boosting and ill person's immune system is the nutritionally packed caplet, RM-10. It contains those same ten medicinal mushrooms most often prescribed by therapists who use TCM healing methods.

With RM-10 in mind, therefore, at his hepatitis C support group lecture Dr. Zoll told the audience of his interest in conducting a clinical study using the TCM-like product. Immediately from his audience, ten chronic hepatitis C patients volunteered to participate in such a study. To these volunteers, Dr. Zoll added another ten patients who had various other health problems such as a 14-year-old boy with brain cancer; another cancer patient, the 66-year-old man with protrate involvement, a young woman with a health history of chronic bronchitis, allergies and excessive weight gain; two women afflicted with multiple sclerosis; a female fibromyalgia patient; a 54-year-old man designated as having the TCM diagnosis of "stagnant blood" and two patients with chronic asthma.

Dr. Zoll carried forth his clinical study from early October 2001 to the beginning of January 2002. Some of his patients' responses were excellent. Eight people out of the ten hepatitis C cases, found that their energy levels were significantly improved, and they were better able to handle stress. Digestion became better for them too. Two of the hepatitis C patients dropped out of his study for reasons unrelated to the product. But overall, hepatitis C responds positively to RM-10.

"The 14-year-old boy with the brain tumor had been treated with an aggressive program of chemotherapy, and his blood counts had dropped precipitously. But when I added RM-10 to his treatment regimen, the boy's blood counts remained stable," affirms Dr.Zoll. "Using RM-10 as an adjunctive nutrient, the young man's platelet count improved too while completing a course of chemotherapy. His most recent MRI of the brain showed no further growth of the tumors. In fact, the boy's oncologist even remarked that some of his patient's tumors looked like they had shrunk.

"The boy's progress causes me to believe that RM-10 although not a solo treatment for brain cancer, has real value as a complementary therapy for anyone who is undergoing chemotherapy. It may assist in stabilizing blood counts, especially for maintaining platelet levels," Dr. Zoll says. "the product also sees to lessen symptoms of nausea and fatigue. This happened for my prostrate cancer patient. I had referred this 66-year-old man to go off PCSpes, which was then lowering his PSA (prostrate specific antigen), and he substituted RM-10. The patient's PSA began elevating again, but his fatigue went away. He was put back on PC Spes and his PSA lowered.

"My rheumatoid arthritis patient had a 15% improvement in her pain," states Dr. Zoll, "and her inflammation reduced.

"The woman with bronchitis, allergies and weight gain has declared without hesitancy: 'RM-10 is wonderful!' That's because her bronchial inflammation improved dramatically and she dropped 15 pounds without really trying at all." Dr. Zoll, says. "Plus, the patient's allergies were no longer a problem for her."

"Both of my MS patients noticed definite improvements in their overall sense of well being which was manifested by their elevation of energy, increased ability to handle stess, less coldness of the limbs, and better blood circulation in the feet," confirms Dr. Zoll. "I re-ran diagnostic examinations as follow-ups and found significant physical improvements.

"The most amazing improvement I noted from among my test patients, however, was in one of the asthmatics, a 55-year-old man seemingly intent on killing himself with poor health habits. He smoked one-and-a-half packs of cigarettes daily, drank no less than 10 cups of coffee a day, and ate fast foods almost exclusively," describes Dr. Zoll. "he was willing to take RM-10 but not ready to make any changes in his poor lifestyle. Against my better judgement I enrolled him in this RM-10 clinical study. Surprisingly, I have seen a significant betterment of all his asthmatic symptoms. Definitely the man shows more energy, is able to handle stress more easily, his formerly elevated cholestrol lowered to normal, and he feels that aches and pains of the joints are lessened or disappeared. He currently sleeps well whereas he had suffered from insomnia before taking the product and his asthma has gotten a lot better, so much so that the man has begun an exercise program.

"My conclusion is that RM 10 when taken at the manufacturer's recommended therapeutic dosage, provides excellent adjunctive support to bring an ailing body back to homeostasis. As revealed by ongoing labratory and clinical investigations, it works well for a variety of health problems," says Dr. Zoll. "RM-10 does not present any adverse side-effects that I have observed and certain aspects of wellbeing absolutely improve for patients overall.

"In summary, each patient who takes these ten medicinal mushrooms with their adjunctive ingredients [cat's claw, aloe vera and Poten-Zyme] sleeps better, feels more energy, feels lesser aches and pains, comes down with fewer colds, improves in digestive ability,sees allergies go away, has asthma symptoms almost disappear, finds a greater hormonal balance and feels a general sense of increased wellbeing." states Dr. Stuart Zoll. "RM-10 does it all."

Lawrence Dorman Completes a 20-patient RM-10 Study

Working from his Independence, Missouri preventative medicine clinic, nutritional and metabolic therapy specialist, Lawrence Dorman, DO, has completed a 20-patient clinical study of RM-10. The people Dr. Dorman treated had failed to respond to any other type of medical procedure for their diverse health problems. But now, such discouraging circumstances are altogether changed for the better. A direct quote from Dr. Lawrence Dorman probably summarizes his clinical study results best of all:

"RM-10 is one of the most phenomenal healing agents I have ever used. It is up there with the greatest of all product," says Dr. Dorman. " I had worked with some of these patients for years and had never before gotten such results - not with anything."

Dr. Lawrence Dorman, who is a founder of the American Academy of Anti-Aging medicine (A4M) and active member of the American College for Advancement in Medicine (ACAM), finally hot on the correct nutritional therapy for his "non-responders". By adminstering RM-10 to them in therapeutic doses for two months of concentrated care, these really sick people have overcome longstanding and serious difficulties. Their conditions included several hypercholesteremia, scleroderma, myositis, angina pectoris, chronic joint pain, rheumatoid arthritis, loss of voice, chronic fatigue syndrome, psoriasis, fever, sore throat, and more. The Dorman clinical experience with 20 patients is reported here as a series of patient case histories.

Case Histories of "Non-Responders" who Responded

Patient A:
This 51-year-old homemaker had been crippled with disabling rheumatoid arthritis since her early 20s. "When first seeing the woman, my impression was that her joint deformity and severe pain were pitiable to behold," reports Dr. Dorman. However, after receiving RM-10 for only one week as part of her nutritional program, she did experience a 50% decrease in pain and showed greater flexibility of all joints, especially her hands. After the full trial run of two month's ingestion of RM-10, the patient, who still exhibited deformed joints felt no pain for prolonged periods and was able to resume sewing and knitting once again. This woman continues taking the medicinal mushroom product to ensure her rheumatic symptoms never return again."

Patient B:
A female, age 61, had been the victim of polymyalgia rheumatica, a syndrome in the elderly characterized by proximal joint and muscle pain, an elevated erythrocyte sedimentation rate, and a self-limiting course; it is frequently associated with giant cell arteritis, which did not occur in this particular patient. Dr. Dorman reports that after he had worked with the woman for eight months prior to his inclusion of her in his RM-10 clinical study, the polymyalgia rheumatica showed little or no improvement.

The patient's pain had been occurring mostly as an achiness and stiffness beginning in the neck, shoulders and hips. Then it migrated to other joints, muscles, or arterial regions. Her inflammation seemed to lead into the pain and stiffness. Then his prescribing the RM-10 brought about remarkably advantageous changes for the woman. Her walking ease and distance improved by 80% and joint pain steadily diminished while she followed the RM-10 protocol for the stipulated 60-day trial. How she refuses to discontinue using the product.

Patient C:
A 60-year old female patient with chronic angina pectoris was suffering as well with connective tissue disease and an autoimmune condition. The connective tissue disabilities were characterized by symptoms of four major illnesses; scleroderma, myositis, systemic lupus erythematosus and rheumatoid arthritis. Sporadically and periodically, all of these troublesome discomforts occurred together, which were disabling to the point that the patient could not work at her job as the business manager of an active medical office. Rm-10 improved everything for this woman, for it brought about complete cessation of her angina and marked progress in her autoimmune condition.

Such a beneficial physiological change took place in just the first month of the business-manager's two-month treatment program. In a sense, rather than stimulating her immune system, the product "down-regulated" it back to more normal functioning. As is known, autoimmune diseases as manifested in Dr. Dorman's patient are conditions characterized by specific humoral or cell-mediated immune responses against constituents of the body's own tissues as by self-antigens or autoantigens. Although their pathogeneses are unclear, this woman's systemic lupus erythematosus and rheumatoid arthritis were classified as autoimmune diseases, and they benefited immensely by her taking RM-10 in therapeutic doses.

Patient D:
A fourth woman, also 51-years old, consulted Dr. Dorman for relief of both osteoarthritis and irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). She had been one of those longtime non-responders to any treatment recommended by an army of previous doctors. By this time, Dr. Dorman was beginning to become a believer in RM-10 so he immediately started her on his medicinal mushroom clinical trial protocol. In fact, he was correct to do so because the patient's IBS disappeared completely and a "gradual improvement" has appeared in her symptoms of osteoarthritis.

Patient E:
Marked by chronic intermittent myalgia manifested as muscle pain and soreness, allergies, unremitting fatigue, fever, and sore throat, this patient, an unhappily married female, 31 years old, complained to him that she could not accomplish anything with her life. Not only was her domestic difficulty wearing her out but, she repeated, 'Every time I start to feel physically well at least a little, one or more of my conditions [symptoms] just knocks me down again.' Within eight weeks of Dr. Dorman placing this woman on the therapeutic dosage of RM-10 as part of her regular nutritional program, she reported that the symptoms no longer came upon her. They simply did not return and she has since remained well.

Patient F:
Arriving for consultation with Dr. Dorman, this 47-year-old woman described her loss of voice which had begun six months before, Examination showed that her vocal cords were thin and hoarseness was present to the point that she spoke in a whisper. She suffered from insomnia too.

By prescribing RM-10 for her, the osteopathic physician observed that the patient's symptoms began to disappear with her use of nine caplets per day, But three weeks later when she had reduced the dosage on her own because of the cost, the whispering voice again reappeared. The solution became obvious and restoration of the therapeutic dosage caused her voice to return in full measure. She also experienced better sleep.

Patient G:
A public school teacher, age 57, showed up with the double problem of Type II diabetes and chronic fatigue syndrome. She was begun on Dr. Dorman's usual two -month protocol of RM-10. After only four weeks, however, "her chronic fatigue syndrome was virtually gone," says Dr. Dorman. He added that the patient's diabetes was better controlled as well.

Patient H:
Next, a 60 year old male with elevated serum cholesterol and pathological triglyceride readings came in to see the ACAM physician. The patient was also beleaguered by psoriatic skin lesions. Within 10 days of starting on Dr. Dorman's RM-10 protocol the man's skin lesions had improved by 60%. Better yet, at the end of four weeks of using the protocol his cholesterol had dropped by 15% and triglycerides by 20%.

Patient I:
Nothing had helped the symptomatic complaints of the 37 year old woman with colitis, gastritis and food allergies. But RM-10 brought her what Dr. Dorman identifies as "marked improvement" of all three health problems. The beneficial change in her was significant.

Patient J:
A female patient, age 72, was coping with cardiac arrythmias for a very long time. But then she experienced complete cessation of symptoms within two weeks of using RM-10.

Patient K:
A man, age 74, who had been affected by indigestion and angina upon exertion, consulted Dr. Dorman. At the osteopath's urging, this patient began to use the RM-10 in accordance with the appropriate therapeutic protocol. His indigestion disappeared completely within seven days, and his angina improved significantly.

Patient L: An obese female, 57 years old, suffered from bilateral knee pain and candidiasis, which would appear to be unrelated. Yet, RM-10 allowed her to experience rapid improvement in her systemic yeast infection and modest improvement in knee pain.

Patient M:
A 46-year-old female patient with severe Crohn's disease that had brought discomfort for most of her adult life did respond to appropriate therapeutic doses of RM-10. After only two weeks on the nutritional supplement her symptom-reduction was more than 90% with decreased abdominal pain, fewer bowel movements, and less mucous and blood in her stool.

Patient N:
Affected by the yeast syndrome and allergies a waitress, age 52, was prescribed Dr. Dorman's protocol of RM-10. Four weeks later none of her difficulties remained and her dramatic change has continued until this day.

Patient O:
A 19-year-old man consulted Dr. Dorman for treatment of non-descript allergies (Producing generalized discomforts) which had been part of his life since early childhood. He also had a seizure disorder. The holistic physician entered this patient into the RM-10 clinical trial and looked for results. They soon appeared, since by the end of three weeks marked improvement had occurred with the allergy symptoms. In another two weeks the young man's allergies were gone completely. He has experienced no additional seizures since starting the protocol but elimination of the condition may still be regarded as inconclusive.

Patient P:
An obese female, age 81, was troubled by chronic tendonitis and fluid retention. From her use of RM-10 caplets the tendonitis disappeared within four weeks and the fluid retention improved by 90%. She remained in the clinical trial to the end. Amazingly she had lost some small amount of weight too and this is the reason she continues to take the caplets.

Patient Q:
RM-10 was the effective treatment for a 40-year-old man with a 10-year history of constipation. On the Dorman clinic's medical history form, the patient reported having only one bowel movement per week. But these increased to three per week after four weeks of faithfully using the combination of 10 medicinal mushrooms and their adjunctive ingredients. His report now is that, "I feel much better."

Patient R:
After four weeks of taking RM-10, a laundress, age 47, experienced good improvement in her psoriasis. The benefits showed themselves after only four weeks of taking the product.

Patient S:
A 76-year-old woman complaining of unrelenting insomnia and a 30-year history of multiple treatment failures for neuropathy of her feet reported that life is better for her. The insomnia was gone within two weeks of starting on RM-10 so that she can now face the stress of daily living. Unfortunately, no improvement appeared for her neuropathy.

Patient T:
This middle-aged auto mechanic of 38 presented with a history of nausea and vomiting from an unknown cause. The symptoms had been with him for four years. Then Dr. Dorman recommended the patient join the ongoing RM-10 clinical study. Thus, six weeks after starting on the protocol, the man's vomitting ceased and colon pain decreased. Additionally, his abdomen was less tender when palpatated.

Results of the Zoll and Dorman clinical studies clearly indicate that the prescribing of RM-10 has value as an adjunctive means of successfully treating longstanding degenerative health problems.

The Therapeutic Dosage of RM-10

The Therapeutic Dosage of RM-10

Over time and practice, prescribing information has evolved from clinicians who utilize RM-10 for the treatment of numerous acute and chronic health problems. Evaluation of the doctor's prescribing information provides the following therapeutic dosage of the RM-10 formula:
  • Take three caplets 30 minutes before each meal for a total of nine capsules per day for 10 days.
  • Follow this dosage with five caplets per day in divided doses for 80 days.
  • After completion of this 90-day protocol, resume a maintenance dosage of two caplets twice per day.


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