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Superiority of Probiotic OMX Capsules

Dr. Lawrence Wong Clinical Nutritionist from Brisbane, Australia says it is unfortunate that modern medicine does not pay much attention to the many benefits of taking probiotics. He says that this is also despite the fact that about 100 years ago Dr. Elie Metchnikoff, of the Pasteur Institute in Paris, and a Nobel Prize recipient, firmly advocated the use of probiotics for their beneficial effects. He believes we now have enough knowledge to justify the taking of probiotics on a daily basis for health promotion, disease prevention and therapy.

He goes on to say that since the work of Dr. Metchnikoff, many outstanding researchers have contributed to this growing pool of probiotic knowledge. One such person whose contribution is now widely recognized is DR. IICHIROH OHHIRA. Dr. Ohhira first encountered lactic acid bacteria about 20 years ago while working in Malaysia. This led him to his doctoral dissertation: "Distribution and Biochemical Properties of Lactic Acid Bacteria from Traditional Fermented Foods in Southeast Asia". Using this research knowledge he formulated a very superior probiotic extract which he also encapsulated and now known to us as Probiotics OMX.

Dr. Wong talks about the four things to look for when choosing probiotic products:

  • Methods of prepara
  • tion
  • Contents of product
  • Packaging of product
  • Health/therapeutic benefits

He explains the short comings of LIQUID PREPARATIONS such as yogurts which cannot be considered superior products. Unless you make your own yogurt using the right starter cultures and consume it almost immediately, you cannot rely on commercial preparations for health benefits. They often contain additives, preservatives, flavorings and other ingredients that may be allergenic. The contents may be contaminated, and damaged by centrifugation and pasteurization.

He explains that bacteria in liquid preparations have a very short shelf life and when taken in are damaged by stomach acid. They are not suitable for transport and storage. He reminds us that after centrifugation, antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, anticholesterol and other beneficial factors in the fermentation medium are separated and discarded.

He considers FREEZE-DRIED POWDER that can be purchased as tablets or capsules. Centrifugation removes many beneficial factors in the fermentation medium. Freeze drying damages bacterial cell wall, thus he does not think that they represent a superior product. When the powder is added to water it must be consumed immediately as the bacteria tend to damage quickly. Exposure to air and humidity can also damage the powder. While you can transport the powder refrigeration is necessary. The powder may contain chemical additives.

Why is Probiotic Unique?

Dr. Wong explains: The preparation of Probiotic is most uniquely carried out. According to Dr. Ohhira, 92 kinds of natural ingredients are used, taken from natural plants from a non-polluted environment. The final product has undergone 5 years of natural fermentation process. The product contains 18 amino acids, 9 vitamins, 5 minerals and 12 types of friendly bacteria of proven benefits to human health.

Research carried out by Dr. Ohhira shows that his lactic acid bacteria has proteolytic activity 6.6 times stronger than ordinary bacteria. The packaging of the fermented extracts is most uniquely done. Unlike the liquid preparations and powder, Probiotic OMX extract is in the form of a vegetable paste packaged in a soft capsule also of vegetable matter. Those of vegetarian leaning will find this preparation most beneficial. Note some unique features of Probiotic OMX - No freeze drying and no centrifugation, 100% organic being totally of vegetable origin, and no added chemical additives. When you travel you can easily carry the capsules with you without refrigeration, as long as you keep them from the sun and heat.

The bacteria are viable and taken in an empty stomach with a glass of filtered water, the capsules are delivered to the intestines, therefore bypassing the acidic stomach. Encapsulated this way contamination is almost impossible.

Is Probiotic OMX Beneficial?

Dr. Ohhira has carried out study at Okayama University on 1250 people with different ailments and shows that Dr Ohhira's Probiotics OMX capsules have wide range therapeutic benefits. He reported antibacterial activity against Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, and its beneficial effects on athletes.

Probiotic OMX is effective against H. pylori, the causative agent of stomach ulcer.

Probiotic OMX is also effective against E. Coli 0157, which causes food poisoning. Many people like you have benefited from taking Probiotic OMX regularly.

Dr. Wong tells how he was introduced to Dr. Ohhira's probiotics twelve plus in 1995 while working as a gastroenterology scientist. He says "In my present work as a clinical nutritionist, I always aim to optimize people's health. The place to start with is the digestive system. Most people do not realize that they have a less than healthy digestive system. I have seen and helped many people with different digestive problems using probiotic therapy. I do not claim that other systems of the body are less important and that are no other effective therapies. I affirm that a good digestive system is foundation to your health and that taking Probiotic OMX daily plays an important role.

If you have digestive disorders, you need to take therapeutic dose of at least 10 to 15 or more capsules per day to deliver major benefits. This you should do for at least four weeks and observations taken. Because taking Probiotic OMX capsules can help to resolve toxic bowel, taking it long term will promote antiaging. For health maintenance I recommend 2 to 5 capsules per day."

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