May 2012
Pamela Nathan

Probiotic Protein Shows Colon Benefits in Laboratory Rodents

Many people take supplements or have probiotic-enriched yogurt in order to help improve digestion. While controversy has surrounded the efficacy of such products, a recent study published in the Journal of Clinical Investigation recognized one specific probiotic protein that promoted good colon health in laboratory rodents.

The study's results showed that the protein p40 was helpful in treating colitis, a condition marked by inflammation in the colon. The researchers explained that the molecule promotes intestinal epithelial cell growth and function, and also helps reduce inflammatory responses that sometimes kill healthy cells. Read more

The Sunshine Vitamin

Calciferol also known as Vitamin D, is called "the sunshine vitamin" since your body uses a combination of cholesterol and sunshine to make it. So if you live in a sunny city and drink lots of milk... you've got it made!

10 facts you need to know about Vitamin D:

1. Vitamin D is necessary for strong teeth and bones.
2. Calcium cannot be effectively absorbed by the body without sufficient vitamin D.
3. Vitamin D helps to promote a healthy heart and nervous system.
4. Thirty minutes of sunshine is all it takes for the body to manufacture Vitamin D for light skinned people.
5. Darker skinned people need up to 3 hours of sunlight to achieve the same level of vitamin D production (due to the difference in skin pigmentation).
6. Rickets, which result in bent legs, can occur in children whose bones are too soft from a lack of vitamin D.
7. In adults a deficiency of vitamin D causes a loss of minerals in the bones and contributes to osteoporosis.
8. A lack of vitamin D is also linked to the development of hearing problems.
9. Sunscreen with a high SPF factor can interfere with the body's manufacture of vitamin D.
10.Vitamin D has shown promise in the treatment of psoriasis.

The Recommended Dietary Allowance of Vitamin D, for men and women alike is 400 iu. Very high levels of vitamin D can be toxic but there is no consistent agreement on when this level is reached. Read more

Broccoli & Blueberries May Boost Gut Health

As per a recent study, it has been revealed that broccoli and blueberries may prove to be effective in individuals suffering from a variety of digestive issues.

The study which was carried out with the intent of probing on means for making improvements in gut health among humans, consisted of 15,000 individuals in New Zealand who were suffering from inflammatory bowel disorders and Crohn's disease.

The study clinically asses the manner in which humans suffering from IBD and other digestive issues can reap advantages of a diet excessively rich in broccoli and blueberries, as stated by the Plant and Food Research scientist, Dr. Gunaranjan Paturi. Read more

Did You Know...

  • Pets can Transmit Dangerous Bacteria
    The bacteria staphylococcus aureus was detected in oral swabs taken from cats & dogs. 2% of cats in the study carried the bacteria and 10% of dogs. It can be transmitted to humans if pets come in contact with food prepared for animals & also can be transmitted via direct contact. These bacteria can cause food poisoning and skin infections.
    - To prevent an outbreak of food poisoning: Wash hands after touching pets & before preparing food. Keep animals off kitchen counters.
  • Oral Steroids may Lead to Vitamin D Deficiency
    These anti-inflammatory medicines, such as prednisone & dexamethasone, often are prescribed for asthma, certain types of arthritis & auto immune diseases such as lupus & multiple sclerosis.
    - If you take steroids: Have your doctor check your vitamin D level regularly. Vitamin D deficiency can lead to softening of bones, muscle pain & other health problems.
  • Bacteria on Melon
    Wash a melons rind with running water before cutting into the fruit- to prevent the knife from transferring surface bacteria to the flesh inside. Unlike most fruits, melon is not acidic, so bacteria thrive when the fruit is cut & not kept cold.
    - Refrigerate melon within two to four hours of cutting it. If you buy precut melon be sure it is refrigerated.
  • Exfoliating Helps Prevent Skin Cancer
    We hear from dermatologist Neal Shultz, MD. Exfoliants that contain glycolic acid have been shown to reduce the number of actinic keratoses-skin lesions that can develop into squamous cell cancer.
    - Best: Creams and gels with up to 20% glycolic acid.

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