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Essential Fatty Acids for Atopic Dermatitis

Effectively Diagnosing and Treating Candida

Shape Up For Life

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Essential Fatty Acids for Atopic Dermatitis

Hempseed oil has been used as food and medicine in China for at least 3,000 years. Hempseed oil contains 54% linoleic acid, 22% alpha-linolenic acid, and 4% gamma-linolenic acid. The results of the present study by Callaway J, et al published in J Dermatolog Treat indicate that hempseed oil may be beneficial in the treatment of atopic dermatitis. Improvements were statistically significant compared with baseline.

Sixteen patients (mean age, 38.1 years) with atopic dermatitis were randomly given, in single-blind fashion, 30 ml/day of hempseed oil or placebo (olive oil) for eight weeks. After a four-week washout period, each patient received the alternate treatment for an additional eight weeks. Improvements were seen in the hemp seed oil group in skin dryness (p < 0.03 compared with baseline, p = 0.064 compared with placebo), itchiness (p < 0.03 compared with baseline, p = 0.087 compared with placebo), and use of topical medication (p < 0.03 compared with baseline, p = 0.118 compared with placebo).

Callaway says that many studies have investigated the effects of various edible oils in the treatment of atopic dermatitis. Sunflower oil has been beneficial in a few studies, evening primrose oil has been helpful in some studies. Other studies suggest that fish oil (a source of long-chain omega-3 fatty acids) is also beneficial. Anecdotal reports indicate that flaxseed oil (a major source of another omega-3 fatty acid, alpha-linolenic acid) is effective as well.

Effectively Diagnosing and Treating Candida

Excerpt from article by Jacob Teitelbaum, MD
Townsend Letter for Doctors and Patients

Dr. Teitelbaum says that a number of very effective methods can be used to take care of a yeast problem. Some involve dietary changes and supplements, others prescription medications. Combining both approaches may be more effective than anyone method alone. Those include:

  1. Diet
  2. Probiotics
  3. Other Natural Remedies


Shape Up For Life

Fill in these numbers and give yourself a picture of your current health. Track your progress by rechecking your numbers monthly.

My Weight:_________
Why it's important: Being overweight increases your risk of diabetes, cancer, arthritis and more.
How to measure it: Place your scale on a flat surface and weigh yourself at the same time every day.
What to aim for: Studies show that losing just 10 to 20 pounds can improve your overall health.

My Blood Pressure:_________
Why it's important: High blood pressure increases your risk of heart attack, stroke and kidney damage.
How to measure it: Many local drugstores and supermarkets now offer free blood-pressure checks.
What to aim for: A reading of less than 140/90.

My BMI (Body Mass Index):__________
Why it's important: Your BMI gives a rough estimate of the percentage of body fat you have.
How to measure it: Multiply your body weight by 703.1 and divided that by your height in inches. Divide by your height in inches a second time to get your BMI.
What to aim for: A BMI between 18.5 and 24.9.

My Body Measurements:
Waist___________ Hips__________ Arms____________ Thighs__________
Why it's important: As you begin to exercise, the scale might not change, but your measurements will-muscle takes up less room than fat.
How to measure: It's best to have someone help you with a cloth tape measure. Do it unclothed.
What to aim for: A waist measurement smaller than your hip measurement.

My Resting Heart Rate:__________
Why it's important: When you're out of shape, your heart has to beat faster to get nutrients and oxygen to the cells in your body. The lower the rate, the more efficient your heart is.
How to measure it: Find your pulse and count the number of beats for one minute.
What to aim for: Your resting heart rate should go down as you get increasingly fit. An average heart rate is about 72 beats per minute.

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In Good Health.
Pamela Nathan

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