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Oral Absorption in Spray Vitamins

ORAL ABSORPTION is now the preferred choice of medical experts for the administration of nutrients (and medicine). Tests from Massachusetts General Hospital have shown that when administered in a liquid orally, nutrients or medicines reach a higher blood concentration, more rapidly than when administered by a tablet or even an injection which, with certain medications, take as much as 30 minutes longer.

The mouth is perfectly designed for optimal absorption of spray vitamins. Within seconds, vital nutrients can be absorbed through the mouth lining and delivered via the bloodstream to the various parts of the body for immediate utilization.

The intra-oral method of absorption i.e. used in oral spray vitamins - has been shown to be up to 90% effective, whereas The Physician's Desk Reference shows that vitamins and minerals in a pill form are only 10-20% absorbed by the body.

Sprays are 90% Effective

  • Oral Spray Vitamins supplements are more ECONOMICAL than vitamin pills, capsules or drinks. Cost per dose is far less when you consider absorption, bioavailablity and purity.
  • Spray Vitamin supplements are PURE, as they do not contain fillers, binders or adhesive agents, commonly found in pills or tablets. They contain only pure nutritional ingredients.
  • s supplements are HYGENIC, the anti-microbial containers ensures purity and bioavailability of the ingredients by preventing contamination by touching or oxidation by exposure to the air before being administered.
  • Spray vitamins supplements are CONVENIENT - take them anytime, anywhere in seconds. No water is required. They are the perfect size to carry in a pocket or a purse.
  • Spray vitamins supplements are SAFE for adults, children, the elderly and those suffering with digestive disorders, which may make taking pills or capsules difficult or which hinder the absorption of nutrients in the gastrointestinal tract. Disorders like crohns disease, gastritis, irritable bowel syndrome and diverticulitis are conditions that may be irritated by ingestion of pills or capsules.

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