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The Miracle of Potenzyme

by Jordan Rubin, Founder of Garden of Life

There was something more that I learned from my own illness. I realized people used to get much more reliable results from herbal medicines because their digestive tracts, at one time, were far more able to utilize foods and herbs than today. Today, for most of us, our digestive tracts are damaged to greater or lesser degrees due to our overuse of medications and poor dietary habits.

Many herbs and other sources of natural healing agents, such as mushrooms, are fibrous and difficult for the body to break down. We took the fermentation process that helped heal me - what today we call the Poten-Zyme process, with more than 14 species of homeostatic soil organisms and other lactic-acid producing microorganisms-and use it to "unlock" the active ingredients of our whole food concentrates and herbs.

This is important. There are records of traditional herbalism from the Orient and other cultures in the Far East dating back 1,500 years ago, which talked about herbal remedies that were used to treat a variety of ailments. In the past, they provided very predictable, very effective, very potent results. Yet today, we are not getting the same kind of healing response from these herbs. The reason people today aren't being helped is not necessarily due to the lack of healing properties in the herbs themselves-it is the direct result of an ultimate breakdown in the human digestive tract. The nutrients and phytochemicals contained in herbs are not being broken down and utilized properly by the body, primarily because people's guts have been destroyed from the overuse of prescription medications-antibiotics, corticosteroids, and other immune suppressive drugs-as well as chlorinated and fluoridated water, ambient pollutants in our environment, and an overall poor diet coupled with a steady intake of junk foods.

The application of the Poten-Zyme process is a way for the body to utilize all of the phytochemicals and phytonutrients available in these herbs, with very little stress on the digestive tract. This benefit is extremely important to those people undergoing chemotherapy and radiation, or those with AIDS or other immune disorders, who have very little digestive capability.

This enzymatic "pre-digestion" Potenzyme process increases bioavailability and absorption of the medicinal compounds making them "body-ready" for everyone, even those with compromised digestion. In other words, the sickest persons, with the least ability to utilize fibrous herbs, receive a much greater boost from our nutritional formulas, thanks to the fermentation process that the whole food concentrates and herbs undergo, making their healing constituents far more available to the sickened person's body.

This ancient method of bio-fermentation which Garden cf Life calls Potenzyme, incorporates beneficial microorganisms (probiotics) and their enzymes into the foods to gently break them down into their most basic elements. This is not something that any company could easily duplicate. Our fermentation, done in the U.S. Southwest and Australia, is not available anywhere else in the world. Our Potenzyme lactic acid fermentation process uses a "mother" culture that contains microorganisms resistant to many of the agents that kill more fragile probiotic species (such as acidophilus) -including stomach acid, heat, cold, chlorine, fluorine and ascorbic acid. We now have a rare, self-sustaining culture.

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