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Taste the World's First Healthy Coffee with Ganoderma!

GanoLife is one of the healthiest coffees in the world. The taste alone will tell you how good it is. GanoLife, owners of one of the world's largest Organic Ganoderma Plantation have introduced the only water-soluble Ganoderma blended with your favorite hot beverages.

Now is your chance to try this amazing product that has been enjoyed in 16 other countries for nearly a decade - turning our favorite drinks - coffee, tea, and hot chocolate - into life and health giving beverages. With all of these beverages your body will respond with an energized "buzz" or natural high with no caffeine "crash" afterwards.

Each of the coffees is derived from top quality Brazilian coffee beans in a special Indonesian blend that has great flavor but contains very, small amounts of caffeine.

GanoLife coffees contain an average of about 1 mg of caffeine per ounce, compared to instant coffee that averages about 12 mg per ounce. The coffees are naturally processed - no chemicals are used.

The coffee has been carefully pre-brewed by a unique method that allows the fresh brewed flavor to be retained. Also, the healthy rejuvenating qualities of the water-soluble Ganoderma are kept intact and Ganoderma effectively neutralizes the acidity in the coffee.

There are several choices, the GanoLife Classic being the 'purest' with only coffee and Ganoderma. A rich blend of nutrition and pleasant aroma come together with a taste you will fall in love with - a genuine black coffee made from their famous Brazilian coffee beans and Ganoderma extract. GanoLife perks you up in the short term but also helps carry you through the most challenging day. What has come out of it is a brew that is best of both worlds of rich flavor and boundless nutritional benefit, whose qualities have to be experienced to be truly appreciated. You can even flavor GanoLife coffee to your own personal taste.



The Benefits of The Reishi Mushroom

as featured in the best selling book 'Prescriptions for Dietary Wellness' by Phyllis A. Balch

The following excerpt on Reishi Mushrooms (Ganoderma lucidum) is found in Chatper 21:"Immortal Mushrooms".

This fungus is a hard, woodlike mushroom that contains more than 90 percent indigestible fiber. Reishi (RAY-she) is also called varnished conk, phantom mushroom, and ten-thousand-year mushroom. In China it is called ling zhi, which means "spirit plant".

Reishi usually grows on oak trees and Japanese plum trees. Reishi (Ganoderma lucidum) contains carbohydrates, fiber, amino acids, protein, steroids, triterpense, lipids, alkaloids, polysaccharides, glucoside, volatile oil, vitamin B2 (riboflavin), and ascorbic acid. It also contains the minerals; calcium, zinc, magnesium, copper, and germanium.

Additionally, reishi contains ganoderic acid, which is a free-radical scavenger, giving reishi antioxidant powers. The polysaccharides in reishi mushrooms appear to activate a type of white blood cell known as a macrophage. These cells filter the blood, destroying cancer cells, viruses, bacteria, and other large particulate material. Macrophages also signal other white blood cells to seek out and destroy tumor cells.

Reishi is the most commonly used medicinal mushroom because of its proven health benefits. Clinical studies on humans for more than twenty years have shown that reishi reduces the side effects from radiation and chemotherapy, boosts overall health, promotes longevity, speeds recovery from illness, detoxifies and regenerates the liver, improves circulation and stamina, increases blood flow, reduces platelet aggregation, enhances the immune system, and reduces inflammation in the joints.

Reishi is now used to treat an assortment of disorders, including cancer, myasthenia gravis, migraines, Candida infections, Epstein-Barr virus, anxiety, depression, insomnia, chronic fatigue syndrome, hepatitis, neuralgia, rheumatism, duodenal ulcers, heart disease, high blood pressure, bronchitis, neurasthenia, dizziness, insomnia, rhinitis, retinal pigmentary degeneration, muscular dystrophy, osteogenic, hyperplasia, Alzheimers disease, high cholesterol, hyperlipidemia, diabetes, high-altitude sickness, and symptoms associated with anorexia. Reishi's ability to block the release of histamines makes it a useful treatment for bronchial asthma and other allergic diseases. In the majority of the clinical studies, reishi was taken along with vitamin C to increase the absorption of the mushroom's polysaccharides.

Ganoderma's ability to help the body function more effectively and efficiently has been documented in hundreds of clinical studies.