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I love the way that Suzy Cohen has layed out each chapter Suzie Cohen author Drug Muggersof her latest book, 'Drug Muggers'. Firstly, she gives you a very detailed, yet easily understandable, introduction to the topic of discussion for that chapter. Then she outlines the 'drug muggers' of that particular nutritient, necessary for optimal functioning of the human body.

Then she makes suggestions of what to eat in order to increase the availablity of that nutrient, the amount you require to stay healthy, how to install a nutrient 'security system' and finally she makes suggestions as to what nutrients are available commercially, that she regards as superior products.

I was delighted to see that 3 out of the 6 probiotics that she refers to are the same probiotics that top my list.

She suggests Dr Ohhira's Probiotics Twelve Plus, Garden of Life HSO's Primal Defense and Culturelle.

This is what she says:

"When I interviewed Doug Kaufman for this book. he talked about fires, as in the kind that burn down forest. Just go with him on this, as its a fantastic way to look at your gut:"Reforestation is the necessary process of landscape restoration that occurs when fire burns through the natural terrain of a forest. Soon thereafter, in an effort to save not only the terrain of a a forest itself, but the wildlife, forest keepers quickly plant new fledgling indigenous trees and plants. Disease in the forst and the animals will successfully abated by this process."

Why hasn't anyone thought of restoring the terrain of the intestines after a similar fier? Antibiotics are analagous to the forest fire because life-forms (bacteria) are destroyed. Unbeknownst to many physicians, antibiotics are most often poisonous fungal by-products called mycotoxins ... and contend that intestinal dmage cause by anti-biotics come back to haunt a patient long after after the antibiotic therapy has stopped ... I sispect that the serious systemic diseases know to be caused by mycotoxins could be averted if doctors would understnad the importance of mandating PRObiotics with every ANTIbiotics prescribed.

She continues.... "when you need to take an antibiotic, you should supplement with a probiotic to replenish what the drug mugger steals. While I realize that antibiotics destroy the beneficial bacteria - including probiotics supplement - I still recommend that you take a supplelment even while you're on a course of antibiotcs. By doing this, you reseed the gut with healthy flora and can signifiacntly reduce the gastro intestinal side effects of the drug therapy. ... you're running damage control."

She continues ..."Studies conducted on lactobacillus GG (which is another probiotic that we recommend highly i.e. Culturelle ) a special strain of bacterium, showed that the supplement reduced antibiotic induced diarrhea. However, I recommend probiotic supplements every day, not just during antobiotic use...."

she goes to say ... "most people who don't have enough good bcteria inside them experience a lot of gas, bloating or cramps after eating."

What are the Drug Muggers that she lists?

All acid blockers, all antacids, all antibiotics, all antiviral, estrogen containing hormone replacement therapy and oral contraceptives, SERMS (breat cancer meds), sulfonamides in sulfa antibiotics and some diabetic medication and virtually all prescription medicines ..she says the list would take a hundred pages if she were to lists them all!

What foods does she recommend? Kombucha tea and kefir, home made plain yogurt with no fruit additives and sweeteners.

Just so you Know?....continues with explaining how its virtually impossible to overdose on probiotics, but you may be getting too much if you get gas or other instinal symptoms. Discomfort, she says, may be related to die-off reactions of the bad bugs that won't last more than 3 days.

"Not all brands are equal", she says, 'so try to avoid probiotics that are perceived as foreign to your own individual camp of good bacteria, ones that allow your own camp to flourish." She suggests Dr Ohhira's brand as a good choice if this is a concern to you. She goes on to explain how the beneficial bacteria in dr Ohhira's probiotics remain with their original food source to stimulate growth and create the perfect environment for your own beneficial bacteria. She reminds us that they are safe for the entire family, with doage slightly different for kids. She concludes by saying how these probiotics are vegetarian, and never genetiaclly modified. Theya re also free of gluten, soy and dairy.

Primal Defense, she relates, is Jordan Rubin's whole food blend of probiotics. He's the one who wrote 'The Makers Diet'. She tells how the nutrients and beneficial bacteria in this probiotic are obtained from healthy soil, that which is untouched by pesticides, herbicides and other chemicals. She also explains that Primal Defense contains 14 species of hardy, non-dairy organisms that do survive stomach acid and bile. This is a very important aspect of these particular probiotics as many are adversely affected stomach acid.

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