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Maryanne Ibarra from Aloe Complete,
pure Aloe Vera concentrate

Maryanne Ibarra the owner of Aloe Complete, Inc, is a nurse and naturopath with over 25 years in the Natural Foods/Alternative Healing Industry. Maryanne Ibarra gained much of that experience as the Director of Nutrition and Education services for two Health Food Supermarket chains in the San Diego, California area.

One of her many responsibilities was the performance of "due diligence" (the facilitation of a product's genesis from concept to finished product), which resulted in Store Brand versions of many Nutritional Supplements. This was an invaluable starting point for the development of a considerable network of growers, chemists, suppliers and others.

During the late 1980's Maryanne Ibarra discovered, from first-hand experience, the amazing benefits of the internal consumption of aloe vera. She also found that high-quality, unadulterated aloe vera products were rather hard to find. Through exhaustive research she discovered what makes an aloe vera juice product superior and learned the best technique for insuring the quality, purity, stability and potency of well-tolerated, yet efficacious, aloe vera whole leaf concentrate. She was determined to make such a product and has done so in the range of Aloe Complete concentrate in three delicious flavors.

Aloe Complete is used extensively by people with diverse symptoms of inflammation, from joint pain to chronic digestive inflammation with conditions like crohns disease, IBD, IBS, Ulcerative Colitis, constipation, and diarrhea.

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