Facts about Prebiotics?

Watch the recent Dr Oz interview with Dr Frank Lipman M.D. who explains how Short Chain Fatty Acids help reduce cravings. Eating prebiotics foods or taking Perfect Pass Prebiotic is the way to achieve this.

  1. Prebiotics alter the composition of organisms that are found in the gut microbiome.
  2. Prebiotics are actually soluble fiber. As with all fiber, it also goes through the small intestine unchanged. It dissolves in water, and is readily fermented in the colon producing beneficial gases and physiologically active byproducts.
  3. A prebiotic is not a probiotic. A probiotic is comprised of bacteria strains. A prebiotic, however, is different. It is food fiber that grows in plants and that's what the good bacteria in the gut thrive on. Yes, they are actually the fuel for the bacteria’s own growth. It is here that some remarkable and wonderful things begin to happen that strengthen digestive function.