How does VSL#3 differ from other probiotic products on the market?

VSL3 is a high potency probiotic formula made up of eight different strains of live bacteria that have been carefully cultivated and mixed in a ratio that maximizes the probiotic content. The highest number of bacteria and the unique choice of strains gives VSL3 a dramatic degree of potency.

It has been said that VSL#3 capsules are about 10-100 times* more potent than the average probiotic.
[*Source: AC Nielsen, Dec. 2009. Average bacteria claimed by product manufacturers was between 1 and 10 billion per capsule or tablet]

  1. VSL3 is the probiotic proven effective in controlled clinical trials.
  2. VSL3 contains 8 beneficial strains acting like a 'Living Shield'. When comparing other available products, you should consider the number of strains and the total bacteria.
  3. VSL3 is reasonabley priced when considering the number of lactic acid bacteria you get per dollar.