What kind of prebiotic is best?

The best prebiotic is partially hydrolyzed guar gum (PHGG).
This supplement is basically like eating guar beans and getting a ton of soluble fiber that your good bacteria love.

The process of hydrolyzation makes PHGG slightly more expensive, but far easier for your good bacteria to feed on, because the guar gum is already partially broken down with water.
That’s why PHGG is more effective than inulin and FOS.

Allergen Statement

Taiyo International, Inc. hereby certifies that the above ingredient is natural and does not contain, nor produced with or sourced from any of the following ingredients


Alcohol Excipients / Carriers Sesame seeds or oil and products thereof
Animal Products Fish and products thereof Sodium
Artificial Color Gluten Soybeans / oil and products thereof
Artificial Flavor Milk and products thereof
(including lactose)
Artificial Sweetener MSG Sulfites
Canola Mustard and products thereof Sugar
Celery and products thereof Peanuts or peanut oil and products thereof Sunflower Oil
Cereals containing gluten
(wheat, rye, barley, oats, spelt or their hybridized strains)
Potato Tartrazine
Corn Products Preservatives Tree nuts / oil and nut products thereof
Crustacean and products thereof (Shellfish) Red/sugar beets Wheat Products
Dairy Products Rice Yeast
Egg and products thereof Safflower Oil