If Primal Defense is the number one selling probiotic, why did Garden of Life create Primal Defense ULTRA?

Garden of Life is always seeking to develop new and improved products. Research on probiotic nutrients has advanced since the original formulation of Primal Defense, which has supported the health of numerous consumers. They keep abreast of this research and felt that there was an opportunity for an improved Primal Defense. While they believe that Primal Defense ULTRA is a superior product, and it is what Jordan Rubin now uses; they will continue to make Primal Defense available.

Did you know that Jordan Rubin was 19 years old when he was struck with Crohns disease, the abnormal inflammation of the small and large intestine that causes the gut wall to thicken, making it unable to absorb nutrients? Jordan Rubin was a healthy and robust teen until that time. He went from 180 pounds all the way down to 104. He was almost starving to death because his body was unable to retain and absorb the nutrients essential for life. Jordan Rubin tried everything from conventional medicine to alternative medicine. He spent thousands of futile dollars during that time. He describes how he felt trapped in a prison of his own body. It was then that he discovered that some of the best remedies in nature for health come from the earth.

Jordan says that if you feed your gut what it needs to be healthy, your brain is able to function better, stronger and smarter. That is something he discovered with his near-fatal bout with Crohns. It left him delirious at one point. However, once he started feeding his body the good bacteria (probiotics) and enzymes needed, he began to recover. This is the foundation behind Garden of Life's digestive aid products.